-0-0= DPK Blog Administrator System [DBASy]

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Well,well,well, well…., this for make DPK Blog has better quality??? Should I create it in 2012??? This page get number negative zero negative zero (-0-0). This blog, Di Persimpangan Kutub was born at internet begin 5 December 2012.

DBASy 09022016 is mean this DBASY system was start and created on 09 february 2016. This is the first system for DBASy.

DBASy 09022016 [Rename if need. Rename date only for show newer DBASy]:


DBASy            21022016       [rename for newer DBASy if exist]




1] While edit, move your mouse pointer to toolbar toggle

2] Click Text [not visual] if cursor can move down. If you are ready writing in visual method but you only see blank page or blank column, click text method. After that, click visual.

3] At dashboard, move mouse pointer to dashboard icon [look like meter] and choose and click omnisearch for search everything

4] DPK blog had many widget which visitor can see. Do not add more widget although one. This, such many videos and photo at any page or post, can cause internet fail to show complete and nice view for DPK blog. Also the time for show is more late. Too many widget and media can cause visitor feel very bore/ lazy to see and read DPK blog. It also cause you feel difficult to edit anything. Try to has a page or post which contain one image and one video only. Give priority to has only one image without any video except you treat video is necessary.

5]Style for arrange widget:> The top is search box or the first search box under page menu. Post and pages widget, photo widget, link tag/category/other, search boxes alternate by the best you can do, alternately them by same or almost same or try make it with better. Put last search box as nearest widget to last widget [about me widget] or put that last search box which has or have several widget before last widget. Do not put new widget after this about me widget. This about me widget is the warning border so that you will not put new widget more after the last. Arrange any widget base on its value [value of “which need or better to see it first than next base on habit value”]. If virus or attacker attack your blog, you may lost any widget or the widget be damage. So that you remember widget arrangement, list this arrangement at special page. In this blog, the special page is” general search  @ what link? [chosen]”. You can copy page or post with use relevant menu while edit. You can also “tekan ini” and “buka tekan ini”. See menu Alatan. You can visit any website for copy any text there. The method for this is press down left mouse without end your pressure while then you move your mouse pointer to any part of any text you want to copy [blue light may exist & give lighting to any part you want to copy]. After that, end pressure and click right mouse. Choose “copy” menu and click it with press down left mouse. Paste what you want to copy to any place you want by  press down right mouse so that right menu is exist. Choose “paste” menu by press down left mouse. Base on what you manage for mouse in control panel, copy menu might exist when you click left mouse.

6] Make nice and exact tag/category. Try to write in easy english which whole race can understand easily. If this, you may always never need write in malay language. You will feel bore, lazy and tired if need write in two language at the same time. Do not waste your time. Do not forget to put whole you need for make your blog more famous like put add contact form. Put also the stat et cetera widget for show to you and your readers, also like most popular tags, category, post et cetera for give you idea how to increase your blog quality.

7] Avoid other ads from get place at your blog for you will not SURE

whether illicit ad will place itself to your blog.

8] You may not need whole characteristic for build blog for get five star quality. Relax. Make your blog also be place for get general knowledge. Try to end any matter [pages or post or other] base on their value [which one better finish first] such finish DPK dictionary and Malay-English page first. May you need create special page which contain any common words you use to write or edit. You may need finish it first. May you better stop write any new matter for give you more time for filter process for your content, for make correction and better summary. Delete whole you treat as stupid, false, waste column, not important fact et cetera. Try to finish any  content for anti-sabotage link. Do not forget on secret system for build anti-sabotage link. For your reference, you can click this link:


9] This DBASy become your teacher who supervise and remind you but better if you can also put any reminder, whole you need at top page or post. Do not forget to tell visitors about your forgiveness hope if your content is not exact, not update, false, illicit et cetera while you still alive or not, while you get tell it or not. Ask [request] people give forgiveness to you. Remember that you may can write or put any information from any source you have such as book, a paper, CD, DVD, removeable disk et cetera TO YOUR BLOG. This will help you empty your file and cabinet . You never  like to keep unuseful  information such as any information which be recurrence on anything relevant.

10] Arrange your photo collection at your wordpress account. Arrange it by use category name et cetera which suitable. You may create special post category for put whole or many of photos to the post or may create special post category for give manage help about your wordpress account. You also, may compose special post about manage your control panel for your computer or may some of the chosen information you like to write here. If not, put link only as content for DBASy also.





-0]~*~> is mean related link. The sample of style is ~*~>123 which “1” is one link, ‘2’ is other link, such that the ‘3’ is other link but do this if the mouse pointer will show name or/and link information while it touch those number. If not, put any link which has name and information such ~*~> first aid, life health style, (use comma for separate those link).

1]~abc~ is mean “please, index or arrange any big and small title base on dictionary style”. Continuation symbol is %>~ that is as one sample is %>~ “my dream”, namely my dream is a next post or page as continuation for before it.

0] CRR = Continuation Reminder Reference = } . This is any continuation reminder you  need /can show it at the top (or at other suitable place) page or post. Try arrange these continuation reminder base on “see first value”. An example = } ^^DPK 51%:= –> EM_/ . ^ =This article is almost finish. ^^ = This article is already finish.

1A]”–>”  is mean ” Avoid or Block Or Destroy or Do not make porn or sex articles or Do not put porn or sex image or videos to any my new page and post and  throw and destroy any content which contain porn, evil and sex matter OR ANYTHING THAT CAUSE PEOPLE ANGRY BECAUSE HAVE NO justice STATEMENT OR LOGIC OR TRUE FACT  .”

1B] . If you see –>” DPK 51%:=” or DPK 51%:=, this mean is “this post or page or article be the content of DPK Concept”. ALHAMDULILLAH Yang membantu saya menguruskan web saya ini.

2]  My note symbol = N>……..<N(However, may be I have no use this at some column). Indexing….about title & contents. I use :-,>,* & other (may be) for explaining something & for make sign of  information parts. If you (readers) see >>….<<  or N>…..N< and at ….. I write date, this is mean date of new editing or update to make any change or addition, to delete any wrong information or other. May be I will write any statement there (at …..  at >>…..<< & N>….

3] Any page or post which has symbol “E_/” is mean the translation work to English is already finish, “M_/” is mean the malay word or its translation is already finish. “EM_/” or “ME_/” is mean, both of those language are already finish on translation or writing. Exception[=e] which get symbol like “e>E_/” or “e>M_/” or “e>ME_/” or “e>EM_/” is mean the english translation work or/and malay writing or translation to malay is already finish although actually is not. This happen may reason I treat that full translation is not necessary. Exception is mean exception from full translation or from 100% finish. “M_/E><” is mean malay writing is finish but english is not finish yet. “E_/M><” is mean english writing is finish but malay word is not finish yet. So, you understand about symbol like E_/e>M” [= “e>M,E_/” = “E_/e>M><“], “EM><“[=”ME><“] et cetera.

4] this symbol: >I< , this is mean : this content/post/page [not include DPK decoration] is in DPK Clean Zone except in last Declaration of 51%* Existence , the content is not it. Actually, we can treat >I< as content which become “experiment” before it can be real content except it indeed true information and exact. These experiment content process may happen with perfect filter process at the same time.

5] ABOUT SECRET SYSTEM FOR BUILD ANTI-SABOTAGE LINK [You can also put this formula in that link column only]:

*….(=create date of system)=……….(=secret reference for safety system)* =Anti-sabotage link= DPK Clean Zone or as DPK Blog Cleanse Zone (DBCZ) or 51%* or 51*=DBRR (DPK Blog Rescuer Revolution).

Note: If has one star (*….), this is mean this is SDL (Sabotage Detector Link) in UZ (Unsafe Zone) or Ore (Old revolution) or is mean SDL in pre 51%* zone BUT if it has two star (*….*) like the sample above [*….=create date =….*], is mean this SDL is in real/true DBRR/DBCZ. The safety formula for DBCZ (pre 51* or real DBCZ) is still use method such in Declaration on 27 December 2015, that is:

Bi….+….etyme….–> c….anel–>#i@~+full….andant….–>mic…+psw….–>pd….–>hp….nter@scn–>web=pre 51% or real 51%*

6] Do not forget to explain about any post or page that is about like “this post/page become content for…..[=get symbol as %> ] after  …. [=<% ]and its continuation is ….[click this link] [ = %>~]” . Do not forget put related link if exist or need.