>Abad = century

>Abadi = ETERNAL

>Abai = neglect [mengabaikan = disregard]

>Abang = elder brother

>Abdi = slave

>Abjad = alphabet

>Abnormal = abnormal, gila, hampir gila, pelik

>Abu = ash

>Acara = event [acara (sukan), peristiwa]

> Ada[wujud] = Exist

>Adat = custom [kebiasaan, kastam, (pl.) cukai]

>Adegan = scene, episode, part of contionuous action in a play or film, part

>Adik = younger brother or sister

>Adil= fair [mengadili = judge]

>Adu , mengadu = complain

>Aduan = complaint

>Aduh = ouch, exclamation of pain

>Aduhai = alas, exclamation of sadness

>Aedes = aedes , type of mosquito that spreads dengue fever

>Afidavit = affidavit; written statement sworn on oath to be true

>Afrika = Africa

>Agak = guess; form an opinion or state without definite knowledge or estimate without measuring ; presume; (U.S) suppose . Teragak – agak =falter [terhuyung-hayang, terhenti-henti]

>Agama = religion

>Agensi = agency; business or office of an agent; means by which something is done

>Agih , mengagihkan= distribute

>Ajaran= teaching

>Akan datang = future

>Alasan = excuse, ground

> Ambil = get [p.t- got, p.p- getting]

>Ampun= forgive [p.t- forgave, p.p- forgiven], pardon

>Anak tiri =stepchild

> Apa saja = Any, Anything, ever

> Arah= Command

> Arahan = Command

>Askar pangkat biasa= rank

>Asuhan= nurture

> Atau = else

>Autentik [tulin, sejati] = Authentic

Ayat = sentence

>Azimat = talisman (pl.-mans); object supposed to bring good luck and protection