2-4=Test Your Intelligence Quotient (I.Q) Here!

bahagianotakdilabel bahagianotakkenalabel labelbahagianotak kartunotakkeluarberjalan kartunsedihlagi

1> How can you go to two countries at the same time?


2>A magician put a black cobra into a box, then he open the box again. The snake lost. Viewer clap the hand but the magician surprised and nervous. Why?


3>One spacecraft can move everywhere except one place. What is the place?


4>Who are pretty women but who indeed pretty?

5>The action of counting something cannot stop. Why?


6>What happen if you write S and its inverted image without stop write?

burn s

7>Why human will not die after they exist?

still alive from grave cartoon

8>It exist but like never exist. Sometimes people like it. Other time dislike it. What is that?


9>If TARZAN indeed exist, what animal can speak with him?


10>Warning: This question is special for malay reader only: “Seorang menteri berbangsa india berkata , ” Jangan hisap dadah” lalu orangramai ketawa. Kenapa?




1=Go to near border, put your leg at the side of border which be the land of that country and  put your another leg to another side of border which be the land of another country at the same time

2=The snake is not lost with magician process but indeed lost because the snake is genie

3=The invisible world.

4=Women who just wake and juncture that time look pretty without put on make up but actually those women are not pretty because the true pretty women are they who  stay at paradise that is who juncture still alive in this world use jilbab (clothes that cover whole physical body inclusive face) which be compulsory thing such Allah (GOD) command and obedient to ALLAH




6=Write number 8

7=Actually human is soul. Soul still alive when they out from physical body

8=Windhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=wyq0MpHZ69E (Grave of prophet Muhammad)

9=Animal that alive juncture prophet Sulaiman still alive

10=Menteri india itu tak dapat sebut perkataan “dadah” dengan betul sebab dia cakap “Jangan hisap dade (dadah)”. Memang pernah ada seorang menteri india yang tak dapat sebut perkataan itu dengan betul!!!

Answer for riddle code 717 is:

First riddle is sun burn the skin

Second riddle is prophet Adam and prophet Isa

Third riddle is storm cause paper move in rotation.

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