List Of Not Finish &/@ not exist – Pen On Iceberg:



Pen On Iceberg:

Tarikh kemaskini/Update Date:

27 December 2015:







1-6=100 Disease + …. Chosen!

1-73= DPK Dictionary

1-74=Malay-English [Chosen]

1-75= English-Malay [Chosen]

1-76= Zikir Tarekat Dan Tatabahasa Arab

1-77= Malay-Arab Dictionary [chosen!]

3-5=[Recovery Page] Blok DPK [Sufi dan DPK]

4-3=Psikologi Dan Kaunseling?/ psychology and counselling




1=100 DPK Objective Question For you -Eerie Scream At Gorge Category [contain poem]

2= Bahaya Informasi Diri & Uji Deria Telinga Anda Di Sini – Lipur-lara waris tamingsari

3=Tergesa-gesa Makmal Koko /Hasty On Cocoa Lab – Tinta Emas 7 Samudera Category

4=Is Malaysia A Cowboy Country?- Last Death Angel Messenger Category

5=What is alua ya dina?- From Alone World

6=Can Us Treat SP1 As S1+? – From Alone World

7= Tujuh kategori di bawah tajuk besar From Pure/Original/Real Islam Source/Seven Categories under big title – From Pure/Original/Real Islam Source

8= Kategori “Hadis Destroy With…”/ “Hadith Of Destroy With…” [is mean Destroy With Hadith]

9= Answer For 100 DPK Objective Question For You – In Your Brain Seek Out [=SEEK OUT ANSWER FOR RIDDLE AT SECRET PLACE]

10= Nur AQLI Transparency As The Mind Of Kill Root Problem – In Your Brain Seek Out Category [seek out answer for riddle at secret place].

REMINDER NOTE: These list are not include any post & page which still not finish in translation work to English or to Malay or both of these. Any page or post which has symbol “E_/” is mean the translation work to English is already finish, “M_/” is mean the malay word or its translation is already finish. “EM_/” or “ME_/” is mean, both of those language are already finish on translation or writing. Exception[=e] which get symbol like “e>E_/” or “e>M_/” or “e>ME_/” or “e>EM_/” is mean the english translation work or/and malay writing or translation to malay is already finish although actually is not. This happen may reason I treat that full translation is not necessary. Exception is mean exception from full translation or from 100% finish. “M_/E><” is mean malay writing is finish but english is not finish yet. “E_/M><” is mean english writing is finish but malay word is not finish yet. So, you understand about symbol like E_/e>M” [= “e>M,E_/” = “E_/e>M><“], “EM><“[=”ME><“] et cetera. SEE ALSO THIS INFORMATION FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: annoucement about pre 51%* or >I<.


—— THE END ———-


3 thoughts on “List Of Not Finish &/@ not exist – Pen On Iceberg:

  1. […] *2(1= Number 2 is a newest RDCI when research again already finish. (1 is mean ” First RESEARCH AGAIN”. 2(1 is not exist if we did not need make research again about any content of that DPK source. Try to list any source relevant with DPK source for research again. […]


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