Ambulance Phobia!?!?!?

Ever many incident happen: While I was driving my car, an ambulance  in front of me, at opposite direction [right lane] did not make siren sound but when it move nearer in front of my car, sudden it make siren sound. Why? Because afraid to me? My car and me cause the ambulance driver get phobia on me??? My face like a ghost???

Never impossible if the ambulance driver never need to make siren sound but the driver make sound too. Why? They play siren sound as melodious music? For proud their job? Go back to their department hastily for true emergency? Or have no patience be due to hungry and thirsty? Or want to make the ambulance  as a RALLY AMBULANCE?

An ambulance vehicle got an accident

An ambulance vehicle got an accident

why??? May be the driver will get soul disease when the its time exist?? School Driving party never say: “Everyone must obedient to what they learn at school driving except ambulance driver, police, fire brigade , VIP or Very Important Person like king, sultan, minister, politician, mad people, rich person, stuntman, car rally driver, person who in emergency incident and teacher of school driving.”

I ever saw an ambulance vehicle broke in one accident. Ever an ambulance try to collide me while I was driving. The ambulance come from front direction. I also ever saw police car did not obedient to road rule. Always happen police command road user drive their car to  the side of the road because minister or VIP car is moving. Is it fair? No it is not. Because if we get also any emergency incident but we still try to follow  any road rule, why that VIP can neglect road rule???

How can government or us avoid whole of these from happen more? Such as avoid “phobia ambulance”?? Now, let us think better? Do you have any opinion and suggestion??

Oh print ” I am a nice driver. If  my driving  condition is not safe, contact my boss: “…………….[= telephone number] “. Print this at back  and side of the vehicle body?? However, the driver like ambulance driver may say: ” I am in emergency incident that allow me to drive hastily and direct move faster although the traffic light become red.  Put Black box in that ambulance?? But we speak about avoid  accident and phobia ambulance. GPS  party supervise ambulance movement, police car movement, fire brigade vehicle movement, VIP movement, minister movement???  Rich person did not  worry about summon because the total of punishment is still few???

Ambulance move quickly AND HASTILY, bring a person who need treatment soon for save his soul but the ambulance , finally get accident that cause the patient die. Hastily and quickly are factor of that death accident. Other road users will move their vehicle to the side of road when they heard the siren of ambulance so that the ambulance driver can drive faster to hospital or clinic. But if they will not do that, what we are going to do? Law that force them do that?

But how can the ambulance driver ensure the plat number of any vehicle which disturb ambulance movement? The driver must go to hospital quickly , to emergency department for save the patient soul. So, he may not ensure any stubborn driver who did not give “road” to him. Use spy camera which exist at side , back and front of the ambulance body??

Any other plan or suggestion? How about evil driver of ambulance who always drive ambulance as entertainment thing such as a rally car? Like someone phobia to something, cause he drive quickly , seem a mad driver. Improve investigation quality on interview method . Person who wants to be an ambulance driver must answer some question which used for detect the condition on heart: Is he a mad driver who treat any road as rally area????

WHY??? Oh God , please show me why the phobia ambulance exist and happen in front of me while I was driving my car????? Please show me the reason in my true dream which bring true message and show me how to avoid and resolve any bad news which I got from you, OH GOD!!! I WAS VERY AFRAID AND WORRY…… COULD YOU, MY BLOG READERS HELP ME???????


One More Secret : “Awalajabia” in Kitaran Personaliti Theory!!!


For this is a secret, I only can explain it without you understand by perfect. So, sorry about that. “Awalajabia” is anything first time action which cause be our habit such as we make something that we never do but when we do it for first time, it encourage we make it more without force us to do that. This something we like not understand how this process happen? However when we make the research about it, we will not feel strange more because there are many awalajabia happen always in around our lives!!! Awalajabia might bad habit but also might good habit. Awalajabia is short form from “Awalan jadi biasa”. What benefit we can get from awalajabia? One benefit from awalajabia is awalajabia become map of incident. Other benefit?

However the map cannot become something we are sure always. Some incident might free from awalajabia, whether never happen or the human being can free themselves from awalajabia.  Indeed look strange when  awalajabia  happen to someone because some awalajabia incident look happen without any reason although some other awalajabia incident look had logic factor.

As the symbol of awalajabia , we can use this:


In some condition, seem we can drag someone to our awalajabia and in other condition, seem someone can drag us to their awalajabia.  What place is that as the example? Guess you.

In some awalajabia world, the map of awalajabia might not show the exact matter by detail information but in general form.

May we value someone by awalajabia? Yes but may our though are not exact or wrong. Cautious. It is better we give value in perhaps form only? So that we did not slander someone. Can us disconnect any awalajabia easily? May be. You might need better “PEMUTUS TEGUH” such as arati to disconnect it.

Some awalajabia such what happen at road happen by “feeling”. What interesting on the feeling is the feeling be like a kind of sensor and this awalajabia be one matter that very useful for avoid accident at road. For the symbol of this feeling, we can use this symbol:


F above is feeling. This feeling concerning time also. It can detect the time exactly.

Sure we need any information  like true information for health culture before we enter to awalajabia world. As the symbol for this condition, we can write thus:


Hi DPK blog readers, I am a cute frog. I use formula i1=100%=f for catch this flying insect with exact target. Could you do like me?

Hi DPK blog readers, I am a cute frog. I use formula i1=100%=f for catch this flying insect with exact target. Could you do like me?

What about animal?  Are they have also awalajabia? Yes they are. We know that actually animal have not mind like human being but they have instinct which look like mind role although actually it is not a mind like human being. When human being teach animal like circus animal, the quality of instinct be higher. So, they [animal] use their brain by instinct but human being use brain by true mind or true thought. Yes animal also have lust and emotion like human being but emotion which exist by instinct is different than emotion which exist by mind or human being thought??

What about genie? Are they have also awalajabia? Might. What reason? Because genie has ability to think like human being and also has feeling like human being. Angel has ability to think like human being and they [angel] also have feeling but they have no any bad feeling that is like lust or bad emotion or bad habit or bad characteristic. God indeed create angel as nice and good behaviour

creature. So, angel did not need matter such badarila because they have no any sin since God create them until they die. Angel always obedient to GOD. Impossible they will be not obedient to GOD. But cautious about The devil, The satan and ghost or genie.

Supercar & Rally Car, What difference between them???


This post was edited again by me [=The Creator Of Di Persimpangan Kutub Concept and also as The Creator of Di Persimpangan Kutub Theory] at 3.22 am Monday 22 December 2014 & at 11.54pm 23 December 2014 & 12.22 am on 24 December 2014:

If we like to make definition on supercar in detail form, what we can explain it? What about rally car? Before we 14make definition about supercar, we should know what is “super”? In dictionary, super is mean “very” or “extremely”. So, if we use this dictionary definition, supercar is not become the best in whole quality matter but  it might become the best for long time. When speak about supercar, some of people may think about speed only. When this happen, in their  thought, might think about engine and shape of car , tyre and height of car.

What about rally car? Rally car might not a supercar but supercar always can be a good rally car. However, we know that car development is like internet phone. Happen very quick. New series of model can exist every year or quicker, every month. So, the best which before might become better or not very good. Research and Development or R & D produce new concept and new technologies.

My thought, suggest below condition for make definition to supercar:

1= The fastest

2= Most save money & time in maintenance . This value whole matter and the percentage value whole type of model and car.

3=Has highest percentage of strength or quality of car, concerning whole matter.

4= Has most various of new and best technologies.

5= Most completed with  safety equipment, concept and safety system.

So, if use my definition, supercar should has five characteristic such above. Must has whole those, five matter. Now, what be characteristic for rally car according to my opinion or my definition? We know that road is not a place for rally because we know that special place for rally car like rally car stadium is still dangerous: car accident still can happen. So, a true rally car should has enough basic safety characteristic, has enough basic strength characteristic [such about from what the car is build in its shape. With two layer iron or alloy , the car can be stronger]. Remember, my supercar definition is value whole type and car model in whole parts in the world. But my rally car definition did not value whole type and car model in the world. At least it value whole type and car model which the same company or factory [car manufacturer] has build it for its speed value that is the car has better speed than many of model and type of car which the same company has build it.

So, if we use my definition, what do you think about PROTON SATRIA NEO R3 with automatic system [transmission]: CPS 1.6 ? See the image:



Suitable with its name: The Proton Satria Neo R3, it is indeed a sport car or a rally car made by PROTON. R3 is mean “Race Rally Research”. This car had enough qualification , according my rally car definition such as above explanation.  The maximum speed for this R3 car is 185 km/h. It can move as fast as over 165 km/h in second, according someone experience who drive this type of car. Its  speed secret system which we can treat it as  its research about how to be a better rally car, can help its auto-cruise system and cause its CPS 1.6 automatic engine become better and faster without problem. It is true that Proton Satria Neo R3 is not a supercar, if use my supercar definition. However this car is so dangerous on its speed. For the example, when this car you  are driving it with high speed , it can add its speed automatic [if you use auto-cruise system] suddenly when it collide low or medium hump at road or when it move at escarpment. One of the weakness of this Proton Satria Neo R3 is it become more light because its secret system [R3 system] has function for make it lighter so that it can move faster. So, if it moving at any bend road or corner or hairpin bend, it might enter to any big ditch or chasm. However if  we brake the car before  the car move at the corner or hairpin bend or bend road, is mean R3 system is off. So, the car become more heavy such normal. By speed system which  normal, Proton Satria Neo R3 become heavy car so that it can move at any corner with comfortable and more safe and more stable  except it use R3 system. However, it can make its body more heavy when it use R3 system & auto-cruise system at the same time if it use gear 3 or third gear. The best condition for drive this car with high speed and most safe at the same time is:


Gear 3 help engine brake the car automatically. When this happen, you never need to use your leg for brake and at the same time you did not stop your auto-cruise system. R3 system might also did not stop when engine brake the car automatically.

The fastest condition or the most dangerous speed for PROTON SATRIA NEO R3 CPS 1.6 Automatic transmission is:


The speed condition above can increase speed more automatically by release pressure on accelerate pedal. This happen suddenly like jump. So, cautious. Do not release if the distance of any vehicle in front of your car is not safe if your car is PROTON SATRIA NEO R3. Your car may collide back of the vehicle which in front of your car. The Proton Satria Neo R3 use Continental tyre [GERMAN ENGINEERING]. This type of tyre has very high quality. The tyre only look little erosion although you drive the Proton Satria Neo R3 over one year by high speed.

The video such below show how a driver of Kancil [a name of small car made by PERODUA, one car manufacturer at MALAYSIA] which use TURBO TOP SPEED engine attempt to chase a white car [Proton Satria Neo which use CPS engine]. This white car is completed with auto-cruise system and immobilizer system but this car has no R3 system. For my opinion, Proton Satria Neo R3  has higher rally car status than this white car because Proton Satria Neo R3 is completed with auto-cruise system, cps and R3 system. Now see the video [WHO WIN IN THAT RALLY? Please do not make any road as place for rally car. It is so dangerous. ACCIDENT THAT KILL SOMEONE MAY HAPPEN]:



Asaidad , Asa isa & Magnetic factor in Kitaran Personaliti Theory–>

We need source of realization which free from falseness and wrong fact so that we can true and good sensor of the truth so that we can find better  "pemutus teguh" such as asaidad, asa isa and badarila!!!

We need source of realization which free from falseness and wrong fact so that we can USE true and good sensor of the truth so that we can find better “pemutus teguh” such as asaidad, asa isa and badarila!!!

“DPK 51%:= [as the content for Kitaran Personaliti Theory]:

Edited again on 20122014 with correction [=>>….<<]:-

Asaidad is a short form from Asa tidak disangkai= Asaidad.  Asaidad is strong factor that avoid one  our bad habit , block it from happen more in long period AND we did not realize it is asaidad but may realize after long period we did not make that bad habit which we are sure it [bad habit] has relevance with asaidad. Some asaidad might be badarila which we did not realize it as badarila or asaidad. We might realize it after long period which in that period we still not make that bad habit. Asa isa? =  Asa disangkai = Asa isa.  Asa isa is: Strong factor that avoid one our bad habit, block it from happen more in long period and we are sure or treat that Asa isa can avoid & block before we use Asa isa condition. Some Asa isa might be badarila. Asaidad and Asa isa are sample for pemutus teguh. What is magnetic factor? >>The factor may asaidad or asa isa or badarila which cause  more than one or many bad habit become weak <<. Such magnetic, the factor pull other bad behaviour become weak also. Weak here is mean such sometimes that bad habit is not happen because we succeed avoid it from control ourselves or exist time we succeed control it. When these bad habit  finally die [not exist more], we call asaidad or asa isa magnetic factor  became badarila magnetic factor. When any factor [asaidad or asa isa or badarila] did not cause more than one or only cause one bad habit become weak, we call these as asaidad or asa isa or badarila but if they can cause more than one or many bad habit become more weak, we call these as magnetic factor in general meaning or in special or detailed meaning as asaidad magnetic factor or asa isa magnetic factor or badarila magnetic factor. However, do not make mistake about true meaning of badarila. When any bad habit become weak and finally die which is mean will not happen more until we die, so the pemutus teguh which cause this effect is BADARILA!!!  However, Badarila may in asaidad form or asa isa form. What about automatic behaviour?   Or  = AuB?  What difference sample between AuB and Badarila?? Here examples as difference sample:

1= God give AuB for peoples who are “soleh” & “solehah” or any people who will become soleh or solehah . God give badarila for person who is still not soleh or solehah.

2= Badarila magnetic factor kill many bad habit but AuB kill whole or almost whole bad habit, finally.  Badarila magnetic factor did not kill whole bad habit. When angel said to ALLAH that human being will not happy in their lives when ALLAH [= A GOD] create them, ALLAH replied THAT ALLAH will give to us HOPE. In my opinion, hope here also is mean: arati, akjiza, asaidad, asa isa, badarila and automatic behaviour / AuB!!!

I must find badarila before get AuB. Badarila for make me forgot about my lover....

I must find badarila before get AuB. Badarila for make me forgot about my lover…. Oh God, please make me forgot her if I fail marry with  her!!!


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Mind Of Truth Sensor —> How they make reaction….


“Mind of Truth Sensor or MTS” show how they make any reaction between them. We can give several reaction category for truth sensor like these:

1=  Seeker sensor: We use this sensor for find and choose any source.

2= Value Sensor: We use this sensor as a filter for any content or information.

3= Note Sensor: This sensor is any content or information after filter operation.

4= Cautious Sensor: This sensor may cause we think repeatedly or make research again although we got any conclusion we are sure.

5= Electrically Sensor: Such as x-ray, supervisor camera et cetera.

6= Biology sensor: Such as microscope.

7= Lauh Mahfuz sensor: This is very special sensor. Only God’s lover or special people or chosen people such as prophet can get this sensor. In ISLAM TEACHING, lauh mahfuz is a place which out of our world, an invisible place which be a place that exist information about what happen in past, now and future to whole people and whole matter and object.


In MTS, some sensor may not related to any issue or filtering operation. Or in other words, we cannot use the sensor. Some sensor encourage our mind to find out detail techniques for detect any truth which hide in any information. These detail techniques are also the sensor of the truth. Some sensor of the truth may detect that other sensor cannot be the truth sensor more. Is not easy to explain what the sensor of truth is in detail explanation. Sensor of the truth may in human being shape, may in reference book or note book, may in CD or VCD, may in several words in your brain or mind, may in other form.

Proton Satria NEO R3. This car completed with reverse sensor. Truth sensor car for determine reverse distance???

Proton Satria NEO R3. This car completed with reverse sensor. Truth sensor car for determine reverse distance???

Sensor of the truth may in electrically sensor such microscope which use electron. Some sensor can be in various sensor category. For the sample, electrically sensor may become cautious sensor. Note sensor can also be value sensor. Sample for value sensor?? The sample is like the sentence “Please investigate about the author, publisher and the press, about their history and their characteristic “. This sensor ask us to ensure the total of honesty percentage because the book may contain something not exact, false and might also contain something exact and true matter.

We might treat that some sensor of the truth is not related but finally related in our research.

biology sensorcar sensor

heated oxygen sensor

heated oxygen sensor

hybrid sensor system

hybrid sensor system

how ingestible sensors work

how ingestible sensors work

oz sensor signal

o2 sensor signal??

Sony CCD sensor, Nikon D2X, ....

Sony CCD sensor, Nikon D2X, ….

sensor networks

sensor networks

sensor too

sensor, too....

sensor, too….



zigbee radio, ....

zigbee radio, ….

However we must remember that although any sensor give good aid to us but the conclusion we get might wrong or has wrong conclusion and also has right conclusion. Sometimes what we see is not like what we treat. Sometimes what we heard is not like what in our mind. Sometimes what we smelt is not like what we think. We know many odd and amazing thing happen in the world. We might ensure what reality inside any odd and amazing thing but actually we may still wrong. So, cautious. People may impersonate such as any animal which it can impersonate as around thing by change its color or shape. So, any sensor we use to know the people or animal which impersonate might give wrong conclusion.

We need true principles, true concept, so that the concept and principle can be as the sensor of the truth. But religion, that is ORIGINAL ISLAM TEACHING always become the leader of any sensor of the truth. Di Persimpangan Kutub movement still try to seek out any source of original Islam Teaching in the world. We know that  today, False Islam Teaching colonize whole ISLAM education at whole ISLAM COUNTRIES in the world. The false Islam teaching contain true Islam teaching and also contain false Islam teaching. In other words, true Islam teaching plus false Islam teaching. Ignorant people and Islam enemies make these plus action.

“Akjiza” ==> The amaze matter in The Theory Of Kitaran Personaliti.

 “DPK 51%:=”

Akjiza , something that might open  whole non-muslim peoples’ eyes in the world about only ISLAM is a true religion. Akjiza is one terminology in The Theory Of Kitaran Personaliti. This theory be one content of Di Persimpangan Kutub Concept. According  my research, akjiza is something amaze. Akjiza is anything impact be due to obedient to Pure Islam Teaching. Akjiza cause us feel stay in “keramat world”. Akjiza become strong evidence which show only Pure Islam Teaching is a true religion & only ALLAH is a true GOD!!!  Akjiza is a short form from these words: impAK mukJIZAt  = AKJIZA. Pure Islam Teaching forbid us to do anything with hasty except several thing. To do with hasten can cause accident. Someone may drive his car hasten so that he will not late . This , always cause the driver feel anxious and the driver also feel that his journey still long and he also feel that his car move slowly although he drive the car like RALLY CAR!!  Unfortunately, he late when he print his thumb with thumb print machine. BUT ….: One day the man drive slowly and sometimes he drive faster so that he will not late come to his office. So, this is mean he obedient to Pure Islam Teaching , that is did not hasten when do something. As a result, he felt that his journey like take 15 minutes, not 30 minutes . Habit, he take 30 minutes but today he felt the road become shorter although the true fact the road still long . So akjiza was happen today, to him.

This car has three kind of speed, namely: CPS speed, Auto-cruise speed and the third is R3 speed [the secret speed]

This car has three kind of speed, namely: CPS speed, Auto-cruise speed and the third is R3 speed [the secret speed]

The most dangerous speed for this car is combination CPS + R3 + ACC/RES [ the most dangerous speed for auto-cruise system]

The most dangerous speed for this car is combination CPS + R3 + ACC/RES [ the most dangerous speed for auto-cruise system]

Can you give other sample for AKJIZA?  Other sample for AKJIZA  which often happen to muslim people [people who convert to ISLAM or become ISLAM People since born] is when muslim pray such what prophet Muhammad teach them , that is use Arabian words such words in Koran. When I feel sick at my body, I do pray such what prophet teach, after that I put my palm to the sick part at my body such what prophet command to do that and repeatedly [pray and put that] until I feel healthy , not feel sick more. This is akjiza operation. We have to use akjiza always in our lives so that we always feel safe and happy. But akjiza only happen if people who use akjiza is ISLAM PEOPLE or muslim. Koran is the most valuable mukjizat for PROPHET MUHAMMAD & whole ISLAM PEOPLES in the world. We can use akjiza for help us control our habit or behaviour. We only want become people who have good manners. We hope akjiza can change our bad characteristic or bad behaviour to good habit or good manner. However, do not forget about arati and badarila because arati and badarila also help us change our lives. However, such sometimes, akjiza does not give impact like we hope or not give any impact. Do not worry. Please try other  akjiza operation. You need understand or know 100% on Pure Islam Teaching so that you know many akjiza or get it. Is not impossible if something special incident or incident that  amaze happen in our lives if we use akjiza such like KARAMAH OR KERAMAT although science said that the incident is impossible to happen. Many incident which out of logic ever happen in world history or our history lives. Why? Because GOD has ability to do whatever GOD wants it happen. We hope with akjiza and arati, we can get badarila. After that, we hope we can get many badarila or more many badarila so that we can get AUTOMATIC BEHAVIOUR. After get automatic behaviour , we hope we can be GOD’S LOVER.  This is mean, we love God and at the same time God love us.

Oh God, please forgive me, the creator of the theory of Kitaran Personaliti. I have many sin. Please make me as your lover, oh my God. Please give me new and more many new akjiza, arati and badarila, now…….now …..