An American Millionaire Becomes Muslim

Posted on: December 24, 2009

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In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

An American Millionaire Becomes Muslim

Mark Shaffer, an American attorney and millionaire has declared his Islam in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, 17th October 2009. Mark was at that time on a holiday in Saudi Arabia to visit some famous cities like Riyadh, Abha and Jeddah for 10 days.

Mark is a well-known millionaire and also a practiced lawyer in Los Angeles, specializing in cases of civil laws. The last big case he handled was the case of the famous American pop singer, Michael Jackson, a week before he passed away.

A tourist guide who accompanied Mark for 10 days in Saudi Arabia, Dhawi Ben Nashir told: Since he set foot for the first time in Saudi Arabia, Mark already started to ask question about Islam and Solat. As soon as he arrived in Saudi, Mark stayed in Riyadh for two days. While in Riyadh, Mark was very interested in Islam. After moving to Najran, we went to Abha and Al-Ula. There, his fascination on Islam grew more obvious, especially the time when we ventured out into the desert.

Mark was amazed to see three Saudi youths who were in our group in Al-Ula, performing solat in the expanse of the very wide desert. A very fantastic panorama indeed.

After two days in Al-Ula, we went to Al-Juf. As soon as we arrived in Al-Juf, Mark asked if I could get him some books on Islam. I then obtained some books on Islam for him. Mark read all those books. The next morning, he asked me to teach him how to perform solat. I then taught him how to pray and take wudhu (ablution). Then, he joined me and performed solat beside me.

After solat, Mark told me that he felt peace in his soul. On Thursday afternoon, we left Al-Ula heading for Jeddah. He looked very serious throughout the journey reading those books about Islam. On Friday morning, we visited the old town of Jeddah. Before the time for the Friday prayer approached, we went back to the hotel and I excused myself to go for the Friday prayer. Then, Mark told me: I would like to join you for the Friday prayer so that I can witness myself how the Friday prayer is like. So I answered: welcome…

We then went to a masjid which was not far from the hotel where we stayed in Jeddah. Since we were quite late, I and many other jamaah had to pray outside, as the number of jamaah was overflowing. I could see Mark observing the jamaah, especially after the Friday prayer was completed, when everybody was shaking hands and embracing each other with radiant and happy faces. Mark was very impressed with what he saw.

When we return to the hotel, Mark suddenly told me that he wanted to become a Muslim. So I said to him: Please have a shower first. After Mark took the shower, I guided him in saying the kalimah of shahadah (declaration of faith) and then he prayed two rakaah. Later on, Mark expressed his desire to visit the Masjidil Haram in Makkah and perform solat there before leaving Saudi Arabia.

In order to fulfill his wish, we went to the Da’wah and Irshad office in the area of Al-Hamro’, Jeddah, to obtain a formal proof of his conversion to Islam, so that he would be allowed to enter the city of Makkah and Masjidil Haram. Then, Mark was given a temporary certificate of his conversion to Islam. As a number of group members who participated in Mark’s visit to Saudi Arabia had to go back to America on Saturday afternoon, Al-Hamdulillah, Ustadz Muhammad Turkistani was willing to send Mark to the Holy Land of Makkah that same morning.

Regarding Mark’s visit to Masjidil Haram, Ustadz Muhammad Turkistani narrated: After Mark obtained his temporary certificate, we straight away departed heading for the noble Masjidil Haram. When he witnessed the Masjidil Haram, he face looked radiant and it emanated an extraordinary happiness. When we entered the Masjidil Haram and witnessed the Ka’bah for ourselves, his happiness increased. By Allah, I could not express that scene with words. After performing the tawaf around the noble Ka’bah, we performed the sunnah solat and went out of Masjidil Haram. I could see Mark very reluctantly wanting to leave Masjidil Haram.

After Mark declared his Islamic faith, he had the chance to express his happiness in Al-Riyadh Newspaper saying: I could not express my feeling at this time but I am being reborn and my life has just started… then he added: I am very happy. This happiness that I am feeling could not be expressed in words especially when I visited the Masjidil Haram and noble Ka’bah.

Regarding his next step after his conversion to Islam, Mark explained: I will learn more about Islam, I will delve deeper into this religion of Allah (Islam) and come back to Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj.

As to what impelled him into converting to Islam, Mark explained: I have already had information about Islam, but it was very limited. When I visited Saudi Arabia and personally witnessed the Muslims there, and saw how they performed the solat, I felt a very strong drive to know more about Islam. When I read true information about Islam, I became confident that Islam is a religion of haq (truth).

Sunday morning, 18th October 2009, Mark left the Airport of King Abdul Aziz Jeddah heading for America. When filling in the immigration form before leaving Jeddah, Mark wrote ISLAM as his religion.

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So you gain one muslim but islam killed thousands…so what?


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in that those who don;t believe in God also killed….so ?


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salam aleikum

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alhamdhulillah god is great on seeing and observing more people should come in this way esspecially lot of india muslim girls turning away from islam because simple reason love they should see this and make their mind change (knowledge is islam) allahu akbar


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Alhamdulillah, I’m so happy for him. Welcome to the religion of peace brother…


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To almighty Allah be the glory, may the almighty protect n guid every muslim any wher in d world.


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Alhamdhulillaah, May Allah show him & guide him on His straight path, May Allah forgive him & make his footsteps firm in Islam, aameen


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Senarai Tarekat Tasauwuf Yang Telah Diluluskan Di Bawah Subseksyen 12(1), Enakmen Tarekat Tasawuf (Negeri Sembilan) 2005.


1. Nama Tarekat: Tarekat al-Ahmadiah al-Idrisiah al-Rashidiah al-Dandarawiah. Butiran maklumat berhubung terekat tersebut adalah seperti berikut:


  • Syeikh: Dato’ Hj. Mohd Murtadza bin Hj. Ahmad
  • No. Kad Pengenalan: 370505-05-5081
  • Kelayakan: B.A, Universiti al-Azhar, Mesir
  • Alamat: No. 97, Taman Sri Putih, Jln Tok Ungku, 70100 Seremban
  • No. tel: 06-6311603(Rumah)/Pembantu (En. Bahri bin Mohd Nor): 019-6918928
  • Pusat Pengamalan: Kg. Pondok Rasah, Seremban
  • Perakuan Pendaftaran dikeluarkan pada 7hb September 2007. No. Pendaftaran: JMKNNS.BTT.070-2/1(5).
  • Alamat blog:



2. Nama Tarekat: Tarekat Naqsyabandiah al-Kholidiah. Butiran maklumat berhubung terekat tersebut adalah seperti berikut:


  • Syeikh: Tuan Hj. Abu Talib bin Rabit
  • No. Kad Pengenalan: 480429-05-5107
  • Kelayakan: Sijil Pelajaran Vokasional Malaysia
  • Alamat: Kg. Sg. Bunga, 71750 Lenggeng
  • No. tel: 019-3958406
  • Pusat Pengamalan: Surau Suluk, Kg. Baru, 71750 Lenggeng
  • Perakuan Pendaftaran dikeluarkan pada 7hb September 2007. No. Pendaftaran: JMKNNS.BTT.070-2/1(6)



3. Nama Tarekat: Tarekat Qodiriyyah Wa Naqsyabandiah. Butiran maklumat berhubung terekat tersebut adalah seperti berikut:


  • Orang yg dipertanggungjawab oleh Syeikh: A.F Ust. Shaifudin bin Maulup
  • No. Kad Pengenalan: 750104-05-5333
  • Kelayakan: BA, Qiraat al-Quran, Maahad al-Azhar Shuobra
  • Alamat: Pusat Pendidikan al-Irshad, Batu 10 Labu, 71900 Labu
  • No. tel: 013-3991359
  • Pusat Pengamalan:

1) Surau Nurulhidayah Kg. Kondok Batu 14, 71800 Nilai (Hj. Sahar bin Abdul Karim)

2) Surau al-Irshad, Batu 10 Labu, 71900 Labu




4.  Nama Tarekat: Tarekat al-Syazuliyah al-Darqawiyah. Butiran maklumat berhubung terekat tersebut adalah seperti berikut:


  • Syeikh: A.F Ust. Hj. Mohd Nasir bin Hj. Othman
  • No. Kad Pengenalan: 680820-05-5747
  • Kelayakan: Sarjana Muda, Universiti al-Azhar Mesir
  • Alamat: No. 3964, Tmn Tuanku Puan Chik, 72200 Bahau
  • No. tel: 013-6227671
  • Pusat Pengamalan: Surau Pekan Bahau, 72100 Bahau




5.  Nama Tarekat: Tarekat Dusuqiyyah Muhammadiah. Butiran maklumat berhubung terekat tersebut adalah seperti berikut:


  • Orang yg dipertanggungjawab oleh Syeikh: A.F Ust. Mohd Fadil bin Ariffin
  • No. I/C: 760101-03-5803
  • Kelayakan: BA Bahasa Arab, Universiti al-Azhar Mesir
  • Alamat: Lot 2127, Kg. Padang Layang, Pendek, Kota Bharu
  • No. tel: 013-9363693
  • Pusat Pengamalan: No. 953, Jln S2, G22, Garden Avenue, Seremban 2, 70000 Seremban.



6.  Nama Tarekat: Tarekat Naqsyabandiah al-Kholidiah. Butiran maklumat berhubung terekat tersebut adalah seperti berikut:


  • Syeikh: Tuan Mohd Anua bin Mohd Zin
  • No. I/C: 511215-05-5303
  • Kelayakan: SPM (1968)
  • Alamat: No. 28, Rumah Rakyat Gemencheh Lama, 73200 Gemencheh
  • No. tel: 013-6701741 (H/P)  06-4316173 (R)




7.  Nama Tarekat: Tarekat Naqsyabandiah al-Kholidiah. Butiran maklumat berhubung terekat tersebut adalah seperti berikut:


  • Syeikh: Tuan Haji Abdul Manaf bin Jaya

A.F Ust. Muhammad Firdaus bin Abdul Manaf (orang yang dipertanggungjawabkan oleh syeikh)

  • No. I/C: Syeikh: 450316-05-5269

Orang yang dipertanggungjawabkan oleh syeikh: 840602-05-5183

  • Kelayakan: Syeikh : Tingkatan 2, KGV

Orang yang dipertanggungjawabkan oleh syeikh: Sarjana Pengajian Islam UKM

  • Alamat: Surau Suluk Kampung Masjid Dulang, 71600 Kuala Klawang, Jelebu
  • No. tel: Syeikh: 06-6137730

Orang yang dipertanggungjawabkan oleh syeikh: 019-7741766




8.  Nama Tarekat: Tarekat al-Ja‘fariyah al-Ahmadiah al-Muhammadiah. Butiran maklumat berhubung terekat tersebut adalah seperti berikut:


  • Syeikh: A.F Dr. Shuhadak bin Mahmud
  • No. I/C: 750318-05-5435
  • Kelayakan: M.A dalam bidang Fiqh Mazhab Shafie di Universiti Terbuka Amerika, Kaherah.
  • Alamat: Lot 6070 Kanan 3, Kampung Ismail, 70400 Ampangan, Seremban
  • No. tel: 012-6127551



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Nutritionist’s Choice Cookcook

The first few years of life mark a stage of rapid growth and development; that is why babies, toddlers and preschoolers have greater nutritional needs. Both the quantity and quality of nutrition are crucial in determining how well young children grow and develop. As a parent, you must attempt to provide adequately nutritious meals for your little ones during this critical phase of life. Even if you are not able to cook the meals yourself, do ensure someone in the family, be it your in-laws or the house helper, knows how to prepare nutritionally sound meals for your children. This cookbook has been published to guide parents or child caretakers to prepare simple yet nutritious meals for young children. This unique cookbook contains a wide range of local recipes developed by nutrition experts to suit the needs and tastes of young children. There are also relevant nutrition information and practical tips on healthy eating and cooking methods.

Download  Nutritionist’s Choice Cookbook

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Resipi Sihat Volume 1



Nutrition Society of Malaysia (NSM) was established in September 1985. A non-profit oriented organisation, it is committed to the promotion, advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge on nutrition.

In addition, the Society plays a major role in informing and acquainting the public and Government with matters related to food and nutrition. In 1998, NSM was given overall responsibility to produce and distribute ‘Resipi Sihat, Pilihan Bijak’ Jilid I, initiated by the Ministry of Health in conjunction with its Healthy lifestyle Programme. This recipe book is a major undertaking aimed at educating the general public about the importance of healthy eating habits while demonstrating the ways in which these may be achieved. The project involved the participation of key health and nutrition experts representing the various health and academic bodies.

‘Resipi Sihat, Pilihan Bijak’ Jilid 1 is the first authoritative guide by the Ministry of Health on proper food selection and preparation for the family. All the recipes within were specially modified and kitchen tested, and each is accompanied with a table of nutritional information, useful in the planning of healthy meals.


Click here to access   Resipi Sihat, Jilid 1

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Resipi Sihat Volume 2

Everyone desires good health. But to achieve good health, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Any nuritionist, dietitian or health professional will tell you that such a lifestyle entails eating healthily, exercising or getting involved in physical activity on a regular basis, and abstaining from bad habits (like smoking and alcohol abuse).  For this reason, the Ministry of Health has strongly supported the publication of Resipi Sihat, Pilihan Bijak, Volume 2. More exciting than before, this volume now features a dazzling collection of 100 delicious, specially-modified recipes to further guide your family’s healthy eating. Drawn from the six regions of Malaysia, the recipes represent nothing less than a healthy culinary journey through the diverse specialities that our 13 states offer. Just like in Volume 1, each recipe comes with its own nutritional table. Other value-added features include informative sections on the prevention of diet-related diseases. using herbs and spices, nutrient composition of local foods. and a host of other useful tips.


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EDana as indicator to you In Kitaran Personaliti [=Personality Recurrence Theory].


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In our lives daily, the human being personality often get influence by several factor that cause habit or style such recurrence style [refer page 4-4 if necessary]. This style or habit may happen reason follow custom only or may reason treat it as necessary thing such thus. Its problem is not whole those custom are nice or well manner. However, many of style like these may happen be due to follow the custom only without think it nicely, whether illicit or not, need or not. Factor which cause style such these are like these sample:

1= Academic achievement

2= Rank factor

3= Richness or poorness level

4= Face, size and body shape factor

5= Father job factor

6= Sweet or unsweet incident which over give effect to

Whole factor such above can shape emotion, recurrence style, movement which normally happen to other many people also. Matter like talk rhythm can exist be due to any factor such above sample.

Style and movement such invisible recurrence [refer page 4-4 if need] which exist by the above sample can we call it as:

Emosi Dari Bahana = EDana

EDana show situation which we can imagine like mingle or hob-nob style or method they do it. Factor that “membahanakan” or that cause emotion existence  which influence mind and heart or influence movement, clear recurrence or invisible, shape movement or recurrence which we can categorize it. Method or style on executive group is different than operator or than any person who has lower rank. Why this happen? Because factor such above sample. Need evidence? Say or utter something impolite such sex chat often happen in person group who have lower status or lower rank. Someone who feel their face are pretty always have happy or proud emotion for feel themselves  valuable. Otherwise, who feel themselves are ugly, might have not enough happy feeling or may their face seem in grief situation. Someone who their father have high rank and respectable, may have emotion that shy so that never make anything mistake or wrong or sin.

EDana as an indicator show us what might happen to someone who get EDana factor. Some EDana might show that someone’s euRaTi never exist more or missing. Poorness may encourage some people who get poorness EDana never feel dirty on dog more although before this happen, they hate dog. Sample? Ever happen that a man who work as a factory guard. A dog that look a mangy dog always come  to the factory.


Hi this blog reader, I know I am a mangy dog but I never rob someone. I never watch sex video. I never gamble. I never drink liquor. I never make someone angry. Never, never, never baby!!!

Hi this blog reader, I know I am a mangy dog but I never rob someone. I never watch sex video. I never gamble. I never drink liquor. I never make someone angry. I never masturbate, I never eat pork. Never, never, never baby!!!

The guard dislike to touch that mangy dog. That mangy dog felt itchy be due to that skin disease. Hence, the dog rub itself to the road surface cause its body bled for the road surface is very sharp, namely gnarled. Did the man dispel that dog? Cement floor bled , cement floor which be floor for the guard office. The mangy dog always come there. Poorness and low academic achievement make the guard difficult to get any job which comfortable. These factor also make the guard felt lazy to dispel the dog, moreover he seem encourage the dog come there reason he give food to the dog. The dog felt the man like it be due to that thing. It straighten up its tail and shake its tail like dance.

So, his EDana cause he never look  feel dirty on the dog. EDana also give us  indicator in might shape about someone history. If someone look never like to mingle to other person, this may show that in their past history they get bad action from many person . EDana may also will show something abnormal behaviour such soul disease, madness  and phobia problem. If we know about their “bahana”, we may get know or guess what will happen to their emotion or  what they are going to do.   However not whole people  will get bad effect from “bahana”. Sometimes or always happen too  nice bahana bring or cause bad effect  such richness may cause  someone be proud or more greedy.


The Research On asuliti In The Kitaran Personaliti Theory:>

Hi you, reader, I am not understand what asuliti is. May I get know it from my toilet when I defecate?

Hi you, reader, I am not understand what asuliti is. May I get know it from my toilet when I defecate or fart? Do not worry, my fart is so fragrant because I ate DURIAN, a kind of fruit.

air pasang surut

Asuliti? Guess, please. If we refer to the method of tarekat or kesufian in pure Islam teaching or if we refer to the book of MENGENAL DIRI DAN WALI ALLAH, hence we can give several conclusion like these:

1= Remembrance can arouse lust or reduce it

2= Read can influence soul namely oral utterance on istighfar, salawat and zikir tarekat

3= Mujahadah or any effort for cleanse our soul or for destroy our evil and bad characteristic or behaviour  which not illicit in Pure Islam Teaching must we do it with remembrance to ALLAH and always make oral utterance on istighfar, salawat and zikir tarekat everyday.

4= When people who is a sufi utter zikir tarekat and at the same time that utterance cause he or she remember to GOD namely ALLAH that is on “ZAT” ALLAH or ALLAH’S NAME or ALLAH deed or ALLAH ATTRIBUTE, one special condition which we call it as waridah might exist. Waridah is any special feeling or emotion which Allah give to people who utter zikir tarekat as a sign that the zikir tarekat cleanse his/her heart/soul. These special feeling may in happy feeling shape that unique or may in sad feeling shape. However the waridah might not cleanse the heart by 100%. So, sufi people must practise utter zikir tarekat, salawat, istighfar and mujahadah more always, everyday, direct permanent do whole those. However, if the sufi people did not keep their heart or did not keep their nice attribute, part of their heart which clean might dirty again. In other meaning, their bad attribute come or exist again.

5= Waridah can cause one very special situation happen, call as FANA. Fana is one situation which a sufi people cannot realize about or cannot remember about other matter except realize and remember to GOD only, to ALLAH ONLY. His/her love emotion to ALLAH is happen so strong and extraordinary when sufi people utter zikir tarekat with remember one of these thing namely Allah’s name OR Allah deed or Allah attribute OR zat Allah. This remembrance come with pleasure OR delicious feeling when remember to ALLAH cause the sufi people never realize anything or what happen around his/her except remember to Allah only. This special situation we call as SYUHUD or Wahdatul wujud also. That Sufi people remember to Allah with delicious feeling. While fana happen, the sufi people who experience fana, will say or utter something such” I am a GOD”. Actually, the sufi people never and did not treat himself/herself as a God but this utterance happen because the sufi had feeling which over love to God or Allah. This over love feeling cause any utterance like that happen. So, actually, the sufi people said like that because he/she said that “ALLAH is a GOD”. So, word “I” in “I am a God” is mean Allah. However, some people who never understand this situation treat that sufi people became a mad people be due to the sufi said like that. Community might treat the sufi be apostate reason that utterance [“I am a God]. Actually, the utterance exist because the Sufi’s heart was clean by 100% or many of his/her bad attribute never exist again.

6= Remember that the utterance like “I AM A GOD” always happen like automatic action such did not deliberate. If the sufi experience syuhud but fana did not exist or did not  happen, this kind of wahdatulwujud is call as BAQA. Any sufi people who get baqa realize anything, realize about Allah and realize what happen around they. When special utterance situation was happen in fana, this sufi person we call as WALI ALLAH or GOD’S LOVER which is mean The sufi know Allah AND UNDERSTAND ABOUT ALLAH BY get special experience situation namely syuhud which cause very special delicious feeling for remember and over love to ALLAH WHICH CAUSE SPECIAL UTTERANCE SUCH ” I AM  A GOD”  happen. Normally, many ISLAM people know and understand about GOD or Allah by study any book which explain about GOD attribute but sufi person who get “WALI ALLAH” status know Allah by study book like that  AND BY experience FANA OR BAQA.

7= IMPORTANT TO KNOW: When the sufi experience syuhud again but without FANA, only get syuhud with BAQA, so, his/her “WALI ALLAH” status became higher that is he/she got higher God’s lover status. Wali Allah who have higher status, is mean they have better nice attribute and have more many good manner THAN wali Allah who get lower status. Higher status also can be sign that show that Wali Allah have more keramat which better than Wali Allah in lower status. Allah give keramat to Allah’s lover for help  them  [wali Allah] more easy  to do anything nice matter such pray and worship to ALLAH and for help them manage their worldliness work. Allah also  give keramat to them  for  show that ALLAH love them. WHOLE PROPHET NEVER NEED FANA PROCESS BUT THEY GET BAQA ONLY. SO, THEY CAN BE BEST WORLD LEADER.

8= ASULITI is short form  from “pASang SUrut personaliTI” which explain about remembrance, oral  utterance [especially on salawat, zikir tarekat & istighfar] and effort [especially mujahadah] can inhance or reduce personality value or faith value. If your remembrance is rape video, this remembrance may encourage you rape someone. If you like make sex oral that is such say “wow your vagina”, this utterance may encourage you rape  someone.

Eurati Is Like Your Last Faith Citadel in The Kitaran Personaliti Theory!!!



In human being’s body exist very high soul feel potential. By natural tendency this potential feel pleasure on many matter which GOD willing. It is said as high reason it encourage or has potential for make effort to feel pleasure or still feel many pleasure and various niceness . Exist kind and sin shape which can change the nice potential be opposite. Potential of very high soul feel OR its terminology as eurati/high  soul feel potential  become one of factor that encourage self niceness by feel that pleasure although already make many sin but exist sin that normally is big sin that when although just once deed or the eurati become eurati that evil, which like badness.

 Sample thus big sin is kill people, fornicate, rape, apostate, use sorcery, gamble, drink liquor, rob et cetera. Other than thus, bad luck such get prison for many year may cause evil eurati which unseen but see when out from prison.

 Exist source that told on the result for research concerning children who be rape victim will like to be thief. Is this also for loss on eurati  belong to the children? This may “branch effect of eurati loss” except if many bad effect, hence we call that as “big effect of eurati loss” or we only call as exist bad eurati.

When fornicate, that people will not feel pleasure for religious worship or do anything kindly. So, fornicate destroy nice eurati and be due to that thing, exist bad eurati. People who missing their nice eurati, normally very difficult to repent or to feel regret. Difficult to cry for make sin. Feel lazy  for religious worship or make anything nice because did not feel pleasure be due to big sin that destroy their nice eurati. They also feel themselves not useful more and this cause they obedient to their bad lust.

Eurati is short form from “Keupayaan rasa batin tinggi” .

I am the first creator for Di Persimpangan Kutub or version 51% for DPK as World First Star Pioneer, as the creator for the sensor of the truth.

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