ATaara – A Miracle That Many People Never Realize It In Kitaran Personaliti!

What is aTaara? ATaara is one secret terminology in The Kitaran Personaliti Theory. Why must be secret? Reason someone may get any accident be due to use aTaara. It is not easy to explain what aTaara is but I believe that aTaara indeed exist around human being life. Word “aTaara” come from “Cara Tanpa Cara” [=Way Without Way]. Way Without Way? I make crazy terminology?? Relax please, brother and sister. You may never need to know it but you may understand few when you read this poem:


Seem without any method

seem like emotion merely

but in the brain

attempt to remember whole

for use seem like

turtle or cheetah


ATaara encourage “arrange” with suitable condition which still happen. It seem like automatic action by use few energy from our brain.

When the sensor become a giant

any conclusion born quickly

resolve any problem

which come repeatedly

may cause you feel proud

However, if you fail use aTaara by right, you may die.  The important matter in aTaara is exactly. People who use aTaara may feel that soft touch in many cycle which related.

Oooohhh aTaara

what miracle you are

when feeling look like a driver

who use map in brain more many than see it

so become like way without way


Now let us go around our lives and see if you detect any aTaara?:>

What about a clerk? Did you see aTaara usage by him? If you see, you can make one conclusion:

Do anything repeatedly

may cause your brain sleep like chicken

seem sleep like die but still realize

when feeling be one sensor


Now we look at an art of war. Kung fu, sumo, karate, et cetera. Could you see any aTaara here?

However aTaara might happen without make it repeatedly. But when it happen, seem look like something that we ever make it always. Interesting, it make reaction in second or faster than one second!!! This is miracle when feeling look take brain ……….. [secret word, sorry about this]





One thought on “ATaara – A Miracle That Many People Never Realize It In Kitaran Personaliti!

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