IwillBeMostCrazyPeopleInTheWorldFromNowBecauseBeTooHappyDueToIhaveManyMoney!! hahahahahaha!!!


Money oh money…. Richard Millionaire [RM$] HAS 100 BIG COMPANIES, at whole part in this world. He had 100 very beautiful wives, 100 supercars, 100 helicopters, 100 bungalows, 100 small island belong to him.

Surely, we treat he is very lucky man, very happy and had perfect life? He always laughter and will laughter again after last five minutes because be very happy be due to had many money. But, one day he could not laughter again, because his stomach will be sick if laughter. He also get bad news about his companies. About profit become more decline. Direct declining everyday, every minutes. This incident force him sell his helicopters, supercars, bungalows and his island. Also force him to divorce his wives. But he still has one very big bungalow, one helicopter, one supercar and one big company but no be owner of island. He always in grief. Come to grief everyday. But he still a millionaire and rich. Many new problems come to his life every 300 second. Hence, he, sometimes get stress and cause he scream loudly. What he said in his screams? The answer is ” I WILL BE MOST CRAZY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD FROM NOW!” Conclusive, he is not happy man.

Look at that poor man. He also always scream loudly in his grief because no have money to buy his underwear. He only get naked 100%. He ask Tarzan, ” Can you lend me your clothing , please?” Tarzan reply, ” Only this clothing I have. If I lend it to you, IS MEAN I Naked 100% like you. My monkey mum forbid me lend it to you. Sorry again”.

Now, look at other poor man, his name Poorly. Poorly ride his old horse to his office. He have not enough money to buy car, although very old and very cheap car. He never has wife. He still a single. Still youth. However, he always get what he want such enough food, beverage & many other  habitual things we need in our lives. So, he always feel “cool” and happy. However, he still direct make better effort to increase his income. He was very diligent to increase his income. Because be more rich is not a sin.

So, what is real richness meaning? The real richness meaning is what prophet Muhammad speak about it. Saying of prophet Muhammad: ” People who rich is people who rich in his soul”. Soul richness? What is that? Heart richness! This is the answer. But what is the real meaning of heart richness?

Heart richness is mean you have good personality, good behaviour, good characteristic, good habitual. Allah did not look at your richness or money or your properties, but Allah look at your heart. Is there any black dot at your heart or not? How many black dot you have? Is there any white dot at your heart or not? How many white dot you have?

What black and white dot? Black dot is your sin, your bad habitual or behaviour. White dot is your good deed, your good habitual or behaviour. When you make one sin, hence, one new black dot exist at your heart but you cannot see it although you operate your body or use microscope. If Allah accept your repent, black dot will be something vanish.

That millionaire often worry about his future because his company income is not more increase but POORLY accept whatever GOD give to him, accept with calm heart, and still be patient and direct say thanks to his God although sometimes he never have any money. He direct pray and diligent and patient although 100 misfortune happen to him. So, he direct happy and happy. This is real richness. Because what we hope from richness is happiness in the world and hereafter. God only give real happiness to people who obedient to GOD. Obedient cause heart richness. Heart richness cause happiness at this world and hereafter. Happiness at heaven, is mean become rich people at heaven, get whatever he want, free of charge!! Full free.


If you WANT TO get millionaire life without make any job, please search secret meaning [= as secret code] at one short story. The title of this short story is ” Selamat Datang ke Model Kerajaan Di Persimpangan Kutub”. But it is better if you be a muslim , first. The secret meaning is not what you read, also is not like what you quick understand BUT IS WHAT IS REAL MEANING WHICH “HIDE IN ANY MEANING THAT YOU QUICK UNDERSTAND!!” May you get the real meaning when your age is 99 years old 99 days 99 minutes 99 second!

The Symbol Of U’zlah

Prophet Muhammad Speak About The Best People!!

Today, 9 people from United States Of America, India, Italy, Japan, Paris, Rusia, England, Iran and Saudi Arabia arrive here. International Perfection Bestowal Hall [IPBH]. These nine people will get bestowal with name as “PERFECT PEOPLE 2014” from their Highest ruler. Leader of their government. They will get gold medal, special trophy ,made from special gem [various mixture type of gem].The cost for this special trophy can buy UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. TOO expensive!!! The special stage, waiting for perfect people 2014. A smart monkey be a spokesman of this bestowal ceremony.

Paris Helltone Teach me about English & How to be spokeman at this international hall

Paris Helltone Teach me about English & How to be spokesman at this international hall

The monkey, is Google, its name. Google now speak. Using microphone. “Ladies & gentlemen, now, from India, mr. Raj Chalk, please come to the stage, take your gold medal & trophy. Raj Chalk get “Perfect People 2014″ name reason he is the most handsome people in the world today. In 2007, at International Anal Competition, he won in that competition and got special name, that is The Owner Of Most Beautiful Anal In The World. Yes, the truth is Raj Chalk’s anal is the most beautiful.” Many people from whole countries arrive here and clap their hand. Some of them , scream “beautiful anal, most beautiful anal!! Congratulation!”. Mr. Raj Chalk direct smile and be very proud. He take his gold medal & trophy. ” Thanks for whole people in the world because vote my name as the trophy and gold medal owner, evidence get “Perfect People 2014”. Google speak again, “Next winner, from JAPAN, mr. Ultraman Kasogi, please come here. He won because he is the winner of International Fart 2014, at Tokyo, Japan. His fart is most melodius fart in the world.” When Kasogi at the stage, suddenly he fart accidentally. WHOLE PEOPLE LAUGHTER. They clap hand many times because his fart sound is very melodius. Heard like RHYTHMIC OF THE KING OF ROCK & ROLL’s song, Elvis Presley!

Peoples laughter repeatedly about that fart!

Peoples laughter repeatedly about that fart!

Google laughter repeatedly for Kasogi fart.

Google laughter repeatedly for Kasogi fart.

“Ok! Ok! TO Stop laughter! Thanks! And now, the next Perfect People 2014, come from Perancis, a doctor who are richest in this world today, Dr. Romeo. Whole hospital private at Perancis, Italy and England are belong to Dr. Romeo. He has enough money to buy north pole but his wife, Dr. Juliet forbid him to buy it. Waste money, honey, his wife advise him. Dr. Romeo agree and cancel his desire to buy it.” Dr. Romeo, now speak, “I think I want to buy United States Of America but if I do it, people of USA must move to Africa jungle and build their lives with lion, elephants, hyena….”. Audience reply,” We love lion but hate hyena because its face is look like you, Dr. ROMEO!!!” Google speak, “Ladies & Gentlemen, from Saudi Arabia, a very beautiful woman, AzZahraa, an actress, STILL single. She is The Most Beautiful Woman In the world today.” Audience silent. Because AZ ZAHRAA FACE astound them. Azzahraa direct smile and walk slowly to the stage. Her skin indeed very fair. High nose, eye like doll and beautiful lake, …. cause audience forget to clap their hand. After 3 minute, audience remember to clap. They clap their hand very loud and whistle “fewwiiitttt!!” repeatedly. Azzahraa smile until display her white and beautiful teeth. Google, a monkey, touch her hand and kiss his hand while Azzahraa still walk slowly. “The fifth winner is come from Italy. His body like superman. He is the strongest human being in the world today. His name is I Trust And Love You or ITALY. Okay, this merely my joke. RAMIA ALESANDRIA, please take your trophy,” said Google. RAMIA speak, “I ever defeat Hulk Hogan, Ultimate warrior,The Undertaker,Big show, Andre The Giant and superman many times.”

The next winner is come from England, Iran, Russia and USA. More detail information:

ENGLAND: Mr. Bon Bean is the Most clever people in the world. He has four Ph.D degree in science engineering, spaceship engineering, hospital engineering and architecture.

IRAN: Mr. Saddam Hussein is The Best International Police In The World. He kill 999 international terrorist in 168 hour.

RUSSIA: Mr. OBARMUM is The Most Genius People in the world. He can remember 999 new name after just know it.

USA: MARILYN is The Best Author In The World. She published 999 thick books in seven month.

HOWEVER, SAYING OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD; “The best person is who most afraid [to God]” . People who most afraid to Allah is people who has clean and fragrant heart, very good personality and always remember about DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


— The Symbol Of U’ZLAH —

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AMARAN: Halaman asal [3-5=BLOGDPK(SUFI & DPK)l telah disabotaj oleh musuh DPK dengan “mengghaibkannya” atau menyebabkan halaman asal ini berlampir ke halaman lain. Saya terpaksa buat semula tetapi tidak sama 100% dengan yang asal. Sambungan untuk halaman ini dibatalkan untuk memberi laluan terhadap proses pembinaan DPK Blog Cleanse Zone. JUSTERU, VERSI 51% ADALAH SEHINGGA HALAMAN INI SAHAJA TANPA SAMBUNGAN. HAL INI KERANA SERANGAN BERTERUSAN MUSUH REVOLUSI DPK YANG MENSABOTAJ BLOG SAYA INI {WARNING: DPK enemy sabotage original page for this page with make it “invisible” or they make it become appendage to other page. This force me make again but is not same 100% .Continuation for this page was cancelled for give passage concerning the process of DPK Blog Cleanse Zone construction. Reason that, version of 51% is till this page only without continuation. This is for continuously attack of DPK Revolution enemy who sabotage my this blog]]:

Ini ialah sambungan intipati prinsip DPK yang ke Sembilan [prinsip terakhir DPK]. Ini ialah halaman terakhir prinsip DPK. Saya mengakui kejahilan dan kelemahan saya bahawa sebahagian besar ajaran ISLAM Tulin tidak terdapat dalam versi ISLAM TULIN DPK 51% iaitu symbol versi pengasas DPK iaitu saya. Tidak terdapat pelajaran cara nabi Muhammad bersolat, berpuasa, berzakat, system faraid yang sebenar, ilmu tajwid yang sebenar dan lain-lain. Semoga Allah memberikan kita pengetahuan yang benar tentang semua itu. Amin. Alhamdulillah.

I Golongan DPK akan bersalin kulit bila Bintang Iringan datang!

Ramai yang menggunakan istilah DI PERSIMPANGAN pada laman web mereka yang membawa maksud seperti terjadi perbantahan, perselisihan pendapat, pertentangan pendapat, keadaan tidak sepakat, tidak bersatu hati, tidak baik dan lain-lain tetapi Di Persimpangan Kutub bukan bermaksud demikian, malah Di Persimpangan Kutub ialah cara pencegahan dan penyelesaian masalah seperti itu. Malah, Di Persimpangan Kutub mempunyai pelbagai maksud simbolik dan makna. Ia juga bermaksud satu tempat ghaib di tengah-tengah kutub utara iaitu tempat beruzlah yang bahagia.

Pautan-pautan berikut hendaklah juga dianggap sebagai siratan awal prinsip terakhir ini:

1= syarat artikel saya tiada berhakcipta:


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Ustaz yang jadi penulis kitab Mengenal Diri Dan Wali Allah [kmddwA] ini telah diberikan kebolehan istimewa dapat menulis kitab seumpama ini yang dapat difahami oleh orang jahil dan biasa padahal ikut logic asal kitab ini harus dipelajari secara berguru atau hanya dapat difahami setelah mengalami syuhud, mencapai maqam fana dan baqa, mendapat makrifat.

Beliau menulis kitab ini kerana ada tuduhan mengatakan kesufian dan tarekat tidak ada dalam ISLAM. Golongan yang menuduh itu termasuklah ulamak fekah. Tidak pula mustahil jika golongan ulamak tasauf pun menuduh seperti itu kerana ulamak tasauf itu terbahagi kepada dua golongan:

1= Ulamak tasauf biasa:

Ulamak yang menulis perihal tasauf yang menyatakan apa yang jadi sifat baik, apa yang jadi sifat jahat serta mengajarkan cara untuk mendapatkan sifat baik itu dengan cara yang biasa, cara  logic akal biasa, cara kaunseling, cara membiasakan amalan dan lain-lain. Semua cara ini sebenarnya tidak dapat membersihkan hati, kalau kelihatan berkesan pun, keperibadian seseorang itu tidak akan kekal teguh, hanya sementara atau baik dalam tempoh yang tidak lama atau tidak akan dapat menghapuskan seluruh kekotoran hati atau seluruh kebiasaan buruk. Ulamak seperti ini berlambak-lambak , dapat ditemui di mana-mana. Boleh dikatakan semua pusat pendidikan dari terendah hingga university di seluruh dunia mempunyai ulamak jenis ini sahaja.

2=Ulamak tasauf sebenar:

Ini ialah ulamak yang mempelajari dan mengamalkan ilmu kesufian dan tarekat seperti yang dinyatakan dalam kmddwA . Mengetahui apa yang jadi zikir tarekat dan mengetahui cara berjihad melawan nafsu . Inilah doctor sebenar dan terbaik untuk rawatan pesakit mental, pesakit jiwa, penyakit kejahilan dan kefasikan dan penyakit gila. Ulamak seperti ini hampir pupus di dunia dan pusat pendidikan mereka tidak terkenal dan tidak diketahui di mana. Pernah saya Tanya seorang ustaz, dia jawab semasa dia belajar di university Islam yang bersifat university antarabangsa, pelajaran seperti tasauf tarekat dan kesufian tidak diajar di university . Jadi dia tidak faham tentang istilah-istilah yang ada dalam kmddwA tetapi saya memahaminya.

ULAMAK yang tidak mempelajari tasauf sebenar atau mempelajari dari sumber tasauf yang telah diracuni Destroy With atau dari sumber yang memfitnah tasauf, tarekat, kesufian, eloklah tutup mulut. Jangan menuduh tasauf dan kesufian itu bidaah sesat.

Golongan ulamak dapat dibahagikan kepada beberapa golongan:

1= Nabi Muhammad s.a.w: Nabi Muhammad ialah sumber Islam Tulin

2=Ulamak ahlil-bait: Ini ialah ulamak yang ada hubungan kekeluargaan dengan nabi Muhammad dan mereka telah dijamin oleh Allah s.w.t bahawa mereka itu mengetahui 100% ajaran Islam Tulin dan dijamin oleh Tuhan bahawa mereka itu insan soleh dan bertakwa. Fatimah az-Zahraa , anak perempuan nabi Muhammad termasuk juga dalam golongan ulamak ahlil-bait. Semua ulamak ahlil-bait telah mati , kebanyakannya telah dibunuh. Khalifah terakhir ar-rasyidin ialah ulamak ahlil-bait. Beliau mati dibunuh. Ulamak ahlil-bait ialah Sumber Islam Tulin. Hanya seorang sahaja ulamak ahlil-bait yang masih hidup iaitu Imam Mahdi yang akan menakluki dunia dan membina Empayar Islam Tulin.

3=Ulamak Sahabat: Nabi Muhammad pernah mengatakan bahawa : “Semua sahabatku itu umpama bintang di langit, sesiapa yang mengikutinya akan mendapat petunjuk”. Semua sahabat nabi Muhammad ialah insan soleh yang bertakwa, yang sangat banyak mengetahui dan memahami ajaran Islam Tulin. Walaubagaimanapun tiada jaminan bahawa mereka mengetahui Islam Tulin secara 100%. Malahan, daya ingatan dan kefahaman sahabat-sahabat nabi berbeza, malah mungkin ada perbantahan dan percanggahan.

4=Ulamak tabiin: Ialah pelajar sahabat nabi. Mereka belajar agama Islam daripada sahabat-sahabat nabi sehingga mereka menjadi pandai dan layak dinamakan sebagai ulamak. Sahabat-sahabat nabi ialah guru mereka.

5=Ulamak tabit tabi’in: Ialah pelajar ulamak tabiin. Mereka belajar agama Islam daripada ulamak tabiin sehingga mereka menjadi pandai dan layak dinamakan sebagai ulamak. Ulamak tabiin ialah guru mereka.

Selain daripada golongan di atas, hendaklah kita lebih berhati-hati kerana seluruh dunia telah dipenuhi oleh ulamak yang jahil, yang pendidikannya telah disuntik dengan racun destroy with , yang personalitinya fasik, menipu, menjadi pengampu kerajaan, ulamak yang tidak mengamalkan ajaran Islam tetapi suka berceramah agama Islam dan menasihati, ulamak yang jadi robot sesebuah kerajaan yang jahil dan kejam. Justeru, siapakah yang dapat menjadi bintang kepada kita saat ini untuk menghilangkan keraguan, kebingungan, kejahilan, kecemasan, kegelisahan kita?

Saya beri anda tempoh 7 saat untuk menjawabnya:








jawapan ialah:

Carilah ulamak yang bersifat Di Persimpangan Kutub atau digelarkan sebagai Ulamak DPK atau Ulamak Di Persimpangan Kutub. Merekalah pemimpin terbaik dan sebenar dunia saat ini sehingga datang golongan bintang pengakhiran iaitu Bintang Kedua DUNIA!!!


Mufti itu pula mungkin keluaran kilang kerajaan iaitu berpendidikan yang telah diresapi racun jernih destroy with plus, menjadi pengampu sesebuah kerajaan . Lebih bahaya jika  mufti itu sengaja merelakan dirinya menjadi alat sesebuah kerajaan walaupun untuk tujuan yang zalim dan menipu.



1= MASUK syurga bukan kerana amalan? Tetapi …………………..:

Klik ini  atau:









dosa kecil tiada menu by sinaran iffah

or click:

5= Apakah syubhat? by sinaran Iffah:



6= Prophet Muhammad Speak About The Best People:

The Best People


7= Prophet Muhammad Speak About Rich People:



8= Prophet Muhammad Speak About The Strongest People:

You strong but weak when old?











Maaf versi 51% tamat sehingga di atas sahaja. Tiada sambungan tetapi versi baru 51% yang akan menggantikan versi lama 51% ini akan wujud. INSYA-ALLAH TAALA. Harap Ingat peringatan ini.



We are very busy think on tasty life but we forget think on tasty die

We are very busy think on tasty life but we forget think on tasty die!!!!

Invisible culture, can happen to all race in the world. Invisible culture may something odd, may ordinary. Someone may know several condition of invisible culture or may never know. Or might never think that invisible culture in their brain. Invisible culture may something crime. Invisible culture is something we did not know whether it happen or not relevant to us or not which become something we never think it in our brain or may something we ever think it and it may something evil secret or may not.

Invisible culture encourage us to think as far as we can, with extra-ordinary thought and encourage us to be cautious always in our lives.

When we look at any incident or history which still direct happen or happen in past, may we have no see any invisible culture except what we able to imagine. What imagination do you have?

Might you imagine something like these:

1=Oh no! How can he got the tender? Bribe? [Bribe action is one bad  invisible culture]

2= How can you pass in the exam? You always lazy to study [Imitation as an invisible culture might happen or not honest or cheat in exam]

3= How can you still look beautiful although your age was very old? [An odd secret method as an invisible culture which amaze us might happen here]

4= Someone ask you: “How do you do?”. Many people treat this question show people who ask you as one who care about your health but actually they might want to get anything bad news about you which they are going to send it to people who envy about you.

5= A criminal impersonate as a police or police cooperate with criminal also happen in invisible culture.

Modus-operandi which happen without other people know it or only a group people who keep the secret know it is invisible culture. If we always read any news like crime news, we can make conclusion that many odd modus-operandi can happen.

Invisible culture be a reason encourage us to think what incident before this, and before that and after this more and other incident series. How can we know  or guess what happen exactly??

Imagine that you are a criminal. So, this encourage your brain to get any modus-operandi which odd or ordinary, which be invisible action or not.

You might seek out any news information on newest creation. Newer creation is mean new culture exist and might in invisible culture also. Imagine how newer creation exist in invisible culture.

We might see whole it is normal but it is not. For the example, you think every computer in government department indeed bought by cash but exist invisible culture here. Actually, exist  a community college use rent computers. Rent computer as invisible action or invisible culture. Reason? Someone said that rent computers is more economical than buy by cash. Reason? Not need spend for computer maintenance. Other government department rent these computers to this community college [also as government department]. In my thought, this waste folk’s money. If we know better how to keep computer from damage, the computer can still good in very long period. From where any government get allocation? From tax. Folk pay tax. So, should any government waste the allocation?

Above incident might also show bribe or secret tender happen inside computer tender. These [bribe and secret tender] as invisible culture. One who get the tender is one who has family relationship to chief for the department? If not, crony to a chief for the department?

MALAYSIA is a place “full with bribe”??  Some news source at Malaysia told that The Chief for accountant, for Malaysia accountant department as government department ever inform about price for various good/thing sold which become government’s properties. Many of those good had not reasonable price. This matter make us imagine about bribe and crony as bad invisible culture.

What in your mind if a price for one computer is $40,000!! Not reasonable price. Cruel prize!! A price for one pencil is $100. So crazy about money. Very greedy. Waste so many folk’s money!!

But do not surprise if crazy price like above matter already happen at MALAYSIA!?!?!?!



After it move, longer object will move,

After longer object move, shorter will move


A boy , A girl, a boy and girl,

Boy but Girl, GIRL BUT BOY,


It a bridge, it is food, it is a kind of beverage,

It can kill you and it also can destroy your home,

what is that honey???

I Met Satan & Ghost >>> This Is A True Story!!!

Do you believe that satan and ghost indeed exist? I believe!! Because I ever saw some of them . Islam explain about genie existence and various matter about genie. Genie is invisible creature but they have ability to make us can see them, if they want to show themselves to us. They have mind, have ability to think, have desire, eat, drink, sleep et cetera like human being. Some of genie convert to ISLAM, other genie did not. They have various characteristic like human being such as clever, stupid, ignorant, lazy, diligent, evil, good manner et cetera. Genie also consist of male genie and female genie. They make sex activity such human being. So, baby genie will born. What is real meaning for GHOST? What is Ghost? When we see genie or genie show their face or body or other part to us, we call this genie as ghost. Satan or devil is evil genie and non-muslim. In Islam teaching, the king of satan is Azazil, his name. Azazil has his castle in the ocean. Azazil ever be the leader of angel. At that time he is a muslim but when ALLAH [A GOD] create prophet Adam and after that ALLAH command Azazil to “sujud” to ADAM, that is kneel with face and palm, as respect sign to prophet Adam, Azazil be stubborn and did not obedient to ALLAH & this cause Azazil’s face be ugly sudden. Allah penalize “murtad” [become an apostate, be non-muslim] and dispelled AZAZIL from heaven. So, Azazil and his follower go to the earth, our planet. While they were walking at this earth, they whistle. So, Islam teaching forbid us to whistle. Azazil did not want to sujud to Adam because he treat himself more nice than Adam , because Allah create him from fire but Allah create prophet Adam from ground or soil [in malay language = Tanah]. Because Allah penalize him and his handsome face become ugly, Azazil felt angry to Adam and he revenge, be revengeful creature to Adam and whole human being till doomsday. Azazil and his follower [consist of non-muslim genii and evil genii such satan] be revengeful creature to Adam and whole human being. Their last mission is make something that cause human being die as non-muslim so that non-muslim will enter to HELL such themselves [Azazil & satan]. Azazil pray to Allah, ask Allah make him [Azazil] can alive till doomsday. Allah grant what Azazil pray. Azazil and his soldier [satan and evil genii] ever change pure Islam teaching, so that human being learn non-pure Islam teaching so that people make sin and go to hell. Azazil ever said that prophet Muhammad is his biggest enemy in this world. Evil genii have ability to enter to our body & brain. While they stay in our body or brain, they might whisper to us, entice us to do anything illicit matter. This cause we often think & imagine anything which might encourage us make something wrong and sin. When this happen, our heart might feel enjoy if we make something wrong and sin!! They also entice us to do anything wrong while they did not enter to our brain or body. Satan always attempt to influence us so that we do anything wrong and illicit. Evil genii also injure us. For the example, while we are sleeping, they might suck our blood. This ever happen to me , more than one incident. While I wake up, I know I got livid, blue-black at my leg.

Sorcery is illicit in ISLAM TEACHING. If muslim do it [sorcery] or practise sorcery, this cause the muslim become apostate. Actually, sorcery has not any power. What you watch like sorcery film is not true because actually sorcery has not any power. Sorcery is condition for human being has communication with genie. Befriend with genie. Genie might ask the human being who want to make communication to do something which become condition for the human being get help from the genie. For the example, the genie might ask the human being give him [genie] chicken blood. What you see as the power of sorcery is not power. Actually these only genie ability, as genie characteristic or like cheat game, cheat your eyesight, your hearing et cetera. Genii ability? Example? Here:

They can fly. Genii can enter to something like wood and stone. Genii also can enter to ocean without need any breathe equipment. Genii can make us hear what they [genii] say. This ever happen to me more than several incident, When I alone. Genii also have ability to make themselves become smaller or in bigger size of their body. Genii also have ability to transform their face to any human being face except prophet Muhammad’s face. If genii attempt to transform their face so that have face like prophet Muhammad’s face, they will burn [die]. Allah give permission to any genie to transform their face to any human being face except prophet Muhammad’s face. So, they can impersonate as you or me but they cannot impersonate as prophet Muhammad. Genii can possessed us, cause us not realize like get hysterics. Some source explain that genii have ability to cause lamp be off [not switch on].

Genie also can beat you suddenly such punch you. This ever happen. Ever happen, when I alone, I felt genie scratch my body. This happen when I still not sleep. Although I felt like that but I cannot see the genie. I also ever heard some sound such close door sound, beat cupboard sound et cetera while I alone in my room. I cannot see the genie who make the sound. The genie like to disturb me. Genii also have ability to SODOMY YOUR ANAL!!! SO, CAUTIOUS!!


I ever met genie . I ever saw genie. Below are example of my history about I met and saw genii:

1= While I am a young or boy, I sat at my kitchen stair one night. Suddenly I saw one creature which has shape like woman who use long shirt such sleep clothes . The female genie look has no sole because her shirt too long, over her height. She was walking but her sole did not touch the ground. It mean, she was walking in lift condition from ground or we can said that the female genie walk on wind. Lift condition such in 15 centimetre from ground. Her self condition is not has meat like us but like white or grey shadow, transparent. So, her face has no eye, nose, mouth et cetera. Only has face shape. She move fast to my bathroom and enter to bathroom door. So, although the bathroom door is close and did not unlock, she has ability to enter to the bathroom. While I saw the female genie, I scream , “Ghost!” to tell my sister and my younger sisters about ghost arrival. We only be quiet & look at the ghost. The ghost has long hair . When she move, look her  shape of hair & clothes white shadow also move like get the wind. Seem the ghost has ability to pervade to the bathroom door. What happen next is very sad tragedy but I will not tell you what the tragedy because this is A BIG SECRET!!!!

Hi readers for this blog! I am a cute genie. Many female genie love me and want to marry with me but I cannot accept them because something wrong with my penis. May I marry with you? I know you are human being but I hope you will accept me as your husband. I prefer female human being than female genie. I work as reporter for the government of AZAZIL, the king of satan. Could you describe about your sex ability because I will choose the best woman for be my wife??? Also about your cooking skill et cetera. THANKS. Please describe now because I will write know with my this pen.

Hi readers for this blog! I am a cute genie. Many female genie love me and want to marry with me but I cannot accept them because something wrong with my penis. May I marry with you? I know you are human being but I hope you will accept me as your husband. I prefer female human being than female genie. I work as reporter for the government of AZAZIL, the king of satan. Could you describe about your sex ability because I will choose the best woman for be my wife??? Also about your cookery et cetera. THANKS. Please describe now because I will write know with my this pen.

Hi DPK blog readers, I got big license from the government of ISRAEL . What license is that? The license for sodomy your ugly anal. I will do that when you are sleeping. HA HA HA HA my laughter.

Hi DPK blog readers, I got big licence from the government of ISRAEL . What licence is that? The licence for sodomy your ugly anal. I will do that when you are sleeping. HA HA HA HA my laughter. Did you know that ISRAEL is Invisible Satan Rape And Eliminate Law???

2= While I am three years old or might my age at that time is four or five years old and my sister older one year , at daytime, my sister and me went to the biggest room in my home. We saw TOYOL . There are at least three toyol. I did not remember the total of toyol . Might four toyol but three indeed sure. What is T O Y O L ? Malay race had terminologies concerning various kind of genii such below:


—> HANTU RAYA = The genie who help his/her boss keep property such boss’s home. So, hantu raya is a guard for the owner of the genie. PURE ISLAM TEACHING FORBID HUMAN BEING REAR hantu raya or befriend with hantu raya. The owner of hantu raya is the boss.

—> PONTIANAK = A kind of female genie. This kind of genie might disturb you. CAUTIOUS!

—> HANTU GALAH = The genie who is very tall.

—> IFRIT = Genie who has special ability. This genie did not like to convert to ISLAM. Ifrit is evil genie. Cautious!

—> HANTU PENANGGAL = I did not sure its meaning but might is mean The ghost which only has head and can fly. Head fly!! This shape of genie has not leg, hand and body. Only head. When you see this ghost, CAUTIOUS! This ghost might injure or attack you.

—> BUNIAN = Genie who convert to ISLAM. Some of bunian have good manner. So, some muslim befriend with bunian.

—> TOYOL = A kind of evil genie which has shape like a child who has age such as three – seven years old. Exist illicit method in Islam which is call as “SIHIR” [= in malay language] for call toyol or for rear toyol so that people who rear toyol such “bomoh” [ an illicit job in Islam] can get toyol service. What service toyol give to them who rear toyol? Bomoh, dukun, pawang are illicit job reason these job use genie service to get any purpose which Islam forbid it. Toyol steal money. Toyol will give whole money which they get by steal to people who rear them. This is the service that toyol give to bomoh, dukun et cetera. So, people rear toyol so that toyol can steal money and give money to them. We can say that toyol is child genie, not adult genie. This child genie is naughty genie. It is amaze us because toyol never steal whole money they see but toyol only take few money. For the example, if you have $1,000,000.00, toyol might steal $500 only. But tomorrow, toyol will come again to steal few money again and you may lose $500 or less than it or more than it but toyol will not take whole money you have at the same time but toyol will come again everyday to steal few money again until you lose whole your money!!!

Toyol in black shadow shape. Toyol I saw in grey shadow shape. I saw in my aunt`s home, nearby Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.

Toyol in black shadow shape. Toyol I saw in grey shadow shape. I saw this toyol in my aunt`s home, nearby Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.

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Hi everybody, hi DPK blog’s Readers. I am TOYOL. Please give your money OR I will treat that your genital are my toy!!!??



GO GO GO BABY!!! Steal that money. I wants to buy a sport car and marry. So, I need money!!!???

GO GO GO BABY!!! Steal that money. I wants to buy a sport car and marry. So, I need money!!!???

The Theory Of Di Persimpangan Kutub [=TDPK]–>At This Invisible Dot!








Answer at the invisible dot at post before this [message from Azazil] is:

“>># Me [The   Founder   Of      DPK]. ………….. #<<“

LAST EDITED FOR TDPK IS  —->>>>      saturday 22 august 2015:

The Theory of Di Persimpangan Kutub is different than The Concept of Di Persimpangan Kutub. TDPK is one content of DPK concept. TDPK tell us about DPK METHOD THEORY.  TDPK become siratan awal for second DPK principle. For explanation about TDPK, you can read below:

Explanation 1 [First Mind Map Of TDPK]


Factor three in one. Three matter which might cause human being get pencetus are alone, love the truth and hope get good manners. Pencetus is anything which might cause or might encourage your mind and heart move to make any effort for find the truth or true fact or true information and what be that “anything” is something can or might be a matter  which show how to find, choose and investigate any source for detect the truth or true fact or true information!! Example for pencetus is DPK METHOD IN DPK VERSION 51%.

Example that show Factor Three In One [=FTIO] is exist and can cause human being get pencetus is history about prophet Muhammad who likes alone at Hira Cave, everyday. He likes to do that for love the truth and hope get good manner. Alone condition like that is suitable  for  Gabriel [Angel Chief] to meet prophet Muhammad to teach him about Allah and Islam teaching. When Allah [God] ELECT prophet Muhammad as a God Messenger [RASUL], prophet Muhammad still likes to alone and has FTIO although he had many wives. Exist time prophet Muhammad be alone in his room, at his home .

HUMAN BEING NEED TO HAS WHOLE MATTER THAT IS THREE IN ONE AT THE SAME TIME SO THAT THEY  SUCCEED GET ANY PENCETUS. If they succeed, pencetus will guide or drive them to TRUTH WORLD. Pencetus might succeed show them any truth or true fact or TRUE INFORMATION!!!

However, alone consist of two kind of alone, namely good/nice alone and bad/evil alone. Evil alone is like someone alone for suck the drug, masturbate, steal etc. Good alone is like UZLAH. UZLAH is mean alone for make good deed for love Allah [GOD] like perform religious obligations. However, we must remember that evil genie [= DEVIL OR SATAN] always follow us, everywhere we go, satan together with us although we are in alone world!!! Satan can enter to your mind, brain and heart to whisper to us for influence us to do anything illicit and mistake. So, cautious although you are in alone world!! Every human being who are prophet, God’s lover and benevolent and have clean heart love alone for UZLAH.

When you alone, you did not disturbing someone and at the same time no one or none disturbing you. So, you are in calmness. When you calm, you can think anything better and comfortable. Your remembrance become better and your brain readily to work better. So, you might find pencetus as quick as you want.

Explanation 2 [SECOND MIND MAP OF THEORY OF Di Persimpangan Kutub]


About Diagram Of Pencetus [ DOP]:

In first process in DOP, human being need to find and choose the source with operation of Penanda. However this process [find and choose] can also happen in second process. In second process, happen about Reaction Between Sensor [RBS operation]. Might find and choose activities happen again here, with pencetus. Pencetus “Sieve” and investigate the source and the source which pencetus investigate it might be the sensor of the truth which detect something wrong about pencetus. In third process, exist the source which got SNBP [=Can Believe Value Status/CBVS] and exist the source which be DPK source.  In fourth process, New DPK source which just exist might detect any mistake or wrongness of pencetus and some content of DPK source might be the content of pencetus. In fifth process, Exist new theory, concept, new content for old concept etc. In sixth process, might some content of new conclusion or new concept become content of pencetus. In last process of RBS, might exist new pencetus such in version DPK 52%.



Penanda is SOME FIRST way which be the method in find out and choose any source. However this always happen out home such at book shop and library. Penanda is one kind of pencetus. So, first method in DOP is penanda but first method in DOP also relevant to find and choose source at home. Second and next operation in DOP might more always happen at home although in some incident, it also might happen out. However, penanda can still be use in some condition in next operation of the diagram which we call as PENANDA LANJUTAN [= CONTINUATION INDICATOR/CIn]. CIn might same as penanda [out Reaction BETWEEN Sensor]. We can categorize penanda [= indicator] such like these:

1=Kategori Pengaburan Bercampur Lazim/PBL [= Usual Mixed Vagueness Category/UMV]:

Is mean situation of any source which contain true/right mixed false/wrong information but people did not realize about these falseness/wrongness because mixed condition like something vagueness such falseness hide inside truth information and this cause we treat/LOOK AT this information is right although actually is not. Example for this madness is existence of Islamic Bank at whole world. They use various name that show  Islamic Finance System/Concept[ actually is not Islamic but indeed False Islamic Finance System/Concept!!!]. Might some content of those Islamic Finance System/Concept indeed from Pure Islam Teaching . However some of those content indeed false/wrong [= Illicit teaching, did not from pure Islam teaching]. Actually, RIBA [=Illicit matter in business and finance system] still happen in  WHOLE OR MANY ISLAMIC BANK in the world. MAHDI will destroy RIBA. RIBA IS ILLICIT IN PURE ISLAM TEACHING!!! False Islamic Bank which exist at whole part in this planet today is one sample of situation of UMV. Other sample which also become usual mixed vagueness [ which be as penanda or indicator] are:

>>> AMOROUS TO ANY WOMEN!! This cause false Islam teaching about Woman Clothes Concept. They publish book about this and use proof in Islam but give wrong meaning about that hadith [proof/dalil] so that lady or women will wear any clothes which did not cover their head, neck and face and whole except eye. Why? Because they [male] prefer to see any women’s face because they like to be amorous??? Is not impossible if this happen. Actually, true women clothes concept in PURE ISLAM is PURDAH OR JILBAB, that is clothes which cover whole parts such head, hair,  face, body, hand and leg except women’s eye. Allah [GOD] command women wear Purdah. If did not do this, they make big sin and will go to hell except they  repent and Allah forgive them.

>>> Crazy about money. When this happen, human being create false Islamic Finance System SO THAT RIBA happen and they be rich with illicit way. They compose a book for explain this false system and Islam government make this false teaching as one ignorant degree. Peoples get this degree in false Islam Finance System and proud without realize this stupid and cruelty degree should enter to rubbish bin.

>>> Crazy about get commendation from many people. If this become his mad disease, he often make something without honest. So, if he become an author, we feel doubt to believe what he wrote. People might lie so that get commendation. Should we believe his blog?

>>> Constraint from non-muslim country [which become big power] to any muslim countries. This make many Islam countries create education which plenty of falseness, ignorance, stupidity, cruelty, madness et cetera which cause various bad impact to our lives. This education make our brain and mind become vague.

SO, IF WE GO ENTER TO ANY LIBRARY OR BOOK SHOP, CAUTIOUS IF WANT TO CHOOSE AND READ ANY BOOK . HOW TO AVOID  FROM EVIL INFLUENCE? From what you read. See any chapter relevant to any  penanda like sample above. For the example, you read chapter about women clothes. You read there and the information said that women should not wear PURDAH. So, this penanda might enough for you to make decision that is you will not choose this book to read or study it more or you only neglect about that chapter. After that you might see other book and you realize the author is a man who famous as a human being who crazy about commendation. So, now you get penanda or indicator which enough to you to make decision whether you want bring this book go home or not. You might will not bring this book because many  content of the book might did not TRUE OR NOT EXACT. SO, YOU WILL NOT MAKE REACTION BETWEEN SENSOR OPERATION AT YOUR HOME ABOUT THE BOOK.


Matter which sometimes happen in this world which can be indicator/penanda


Matter which seldom happen in this world which can be indicator for us to choose and investigate any source which this indicator “come”  to the book/source.


Explanation 4: About RBS in second process in DOP:


DPK method investigate the chosen source after operation of penanda and can still exist find and choose any source activities also.  This second process use  “Beginning After Indicator ” Technique/BAIT [ Teknik Pemula Selepas Penanda]. BAIT is mean use DPK method or pencetus to value the chosen source or to investigate and value some content from any chosen source.

Explanation 5: Detected Matter Bounce To Beginning/DMBTB



This still about second process in DOP. Pengesanan Melantun Ke Pemula . This like second operation of RBS. The source which pencetus investigate it [treat as SP2] might detected something wrong in pencetus and it make the correction. Evidence that show this technique is logic is what ALLAH [GOD] said in AL-QURAN, THAT IS when one person who fasik come to bring news, investigate it. SP2 [=Source of Level 2] here is like person who fasik. Fasik is mean person who always has evil characteristic. Although fasik, he might not cheat every time and bring true source. DMBTB is mean : When you investigate any content of any source you investigate it with pencetus, you also, at the same time make sure whether exist any content of the source you investigate give strong evidence which show exist wrongness/truth in pencetus or not .

Explanation 6


Still about second process of DOP: You see that exist two matter get number 2 in DOP. This is mean those two matter are very important and might almost happen at the same time. Some content of the source might detect any mistake on pencetus.


Explanation 7 = Seventh Mind Map:


Example of Third Process In Diagram Of Pencetus:

Pencetus meneruskan siasatan ketika ada intipati yang telah ditentukan nilai SNBP [=Status Nilai Boleh Percaya] &/@ ada yang telah diistiharkan sebagai sumber DPK [T= Pencetus direct make investigation when exist content got Can Believe Value Status [=CBVS] &/@ exist any source which be DPK source]. Pencetus investigate or make research about SP1 [=Source of Level 1 = SL1]. SP1 is AL-FURQAN, Kutub al Sittah. Same Level General CBVS/SLGC for AL-QURAN is 1 AND SLGC for Kutubussittah is 2. Pencetus also investigate SP2/SL2, that is Langit Sumber or Source SKY, that is ISLAM SOURCE and GWE [=General Way Explanation =Worldliness which concerning Islam Teaching]. Pencetus also investigate SP3/SL3, that is Dunia or World or Alam Sumber. Originally, SP3 is not relevant to ISLAM teaching but it also might relevant to Islam when it need ISLAM because ISLAM is a chief of knowledge. ISLAM command any or whatever knowledge, not knowledge or science command ISLAM. ISLAM teaching command science knowledge!!  Pencetus also investigate SPK/STK [Sumber Peringkat Khas/Sumber Tanpa Peringkat] or Special Level Source/SLS or Source Without Level/SWL, that is eli inta Da la urna, DPK concept and DPK source. DPK concept is BSD [Batin Sumber DPK = Soul of DPK source or DPK Source Inner/DSI].

MORE ABOUT SOURCE WITHOUT LEVEL: [=!!>>………..<<!!  edited on saturday 22 August 2015]:

!!>> Source Without Level get this name because this source become arbitrator for value any non-DPK source but when this source value other DPK source or DPK concept in Version 52% or higher or when this source value eli inta Da la urna, Source Without Level might use Its special indicator namely Real DPK Comparison Indicator/RDCI. However, Source without level also can or may value any DPK source and non-DPK source with its value indicator that is number of general cbvs and same number of general cbvs AND also can use RDCI together for value any  DPK SOURCE AND non-DPK source if exist reasonable to do whole indicator value. The conclusion, Source Without level can become arbitrator to value anything without use any indicator value or number if exist reasonable to do this and reason this the source like without level or like without any indicator value but also might reasonable use whole or some of those indicator number for value any DPK source and non-DPK source .

So, DPK source, DPK concept and eli inta Da La urna like source without level when they can value without their level or with their level when reasonable exist . Reason  like this, we call these source as Source WITHOUT LEVEL.

When non-DPK source or other DPK source has more many content which also content more many truth, these source may force Source Without Level which try to investigate these source use Negligence of Cbvs That Can. A kind of CONFIDENCE NAMELY SPECIAL FREEDOM might happen when Negligence of Cbvs That Can happen. Although one of eli inta Da la urna’s characteristic is still win that is what he/she do always and still right, their SP1 might not have complete edition and be due to they also have no complete S1+. So, eli inta Da la urna might has lower value indicator than non-DPK source or other DPK source or than other Source without level in some condition especially like WORLDLY.<<!!

Explanation 8: Eighth Mind Map [= About  Third & Fourth process in DOP]


Pencetus [with aid or not] make research to any chosen source. Dalam operasi ketiga & keempat : Jika berlaku keharusan Pengabaian SNBP Dibenarkan/ PSD [SNBP AM atau Khusus], teknik Berpandukan Penanda atau Kutub boleh digunakan. PSD juga dibuat jika teknik  Sensor Mengesan Langit gagal menentukan intipati bersifat DPK [T= In third & fourth process in DOP, if happen  Negligence of CBVS That Can [NCBVSTC] [general  CBVS or special], According Penanda or Kutub technique can be used. Can also make PSD if Sensor Detect Sky technique fail to determine any content which has DPK characteristic]. In fourth operation: DPK source might detect any error and falseness in Pencetus when/while some source content be content of pencetus or not be like that.







CBVS consist of  description cbvs [snbp huraian] and entirety cbvs [snbp keseluruhan]. Entirety cbvs exist when the research about the source be finish. Entirety cbvs is conclusion[kesimpulan]  about description cbvs. SNBP keseluruhan ialah SNBP yang ditentukan untuk sesuatu sumber itu setelah menilai keadaan snbp huraiannya berbanding snbp huraian dalam sumber-sumber lain yang telah juga selesai dikaji sehingga dapat dibuat kesimpulan terhadap sesuatu sumber itu [T= Entirety cbvs is cbvs which be cbvs for any source after value its description cbvs and other description cbvs of other source which also finish on research about it until can make conclusion concerning any those source]. Description cbvs consist of general cbvs [snbp am] and special cbvs [snbp khusus]. General cbvs consist of Level General CBVS /LGC [SNBP Am Peringkat/SAP] & Same Level General CBVS / SLGC [SNBP AM Seperingkat/ SAS]. SNBP khusus ialah SNBP yang diberikan dengan menggunakan teknik PSD [Pengabaian SNBP Dibenarkan]. Maka SNBP Khusus dinamakan juga SNBP PSD/SPSD [T=Special CBVS is CBVS which exist with use NCTC technique [Negligence Of CBVS That Can/NCTC]. So, special CBVS also got name as  CBVS of NCTC/CNCTC].



Base Level Technique/BLT [Teknik Berpandukan Peringkat]: Contoh teknik ini ialah Teknik Mukjizat Utama iaitu Al-Quran menjadi penilai kutubusittah dan lain-lain kerana Al-Quran dalam SP1[Sumber Peringkat 1] DAN nombor SNBP am seperingkatnya ialah 1 tetapi kutub al sittah =2. Contoh lain ialah Teknik Sensor Mengesan Langit iaitu AL-Quran dan Kutubussittah menjadi penilai SP2 dengan Al-Quran menjadi penilai utama [T= Example for this technique is Main Miracle  Technique that is AL-Quran become the source which value kutubussittah and other because Al-Quran in Level Source 1/ LS1  AND the number of same level general cbvs for Al-Quran is 1 but kutub al sittah =2. Other example is Sensor Detect Sky Technique that is Al-Quran and Kutubussittah value SP2 , especially Al-Quran  value it]. When BLT happen, this is mean General CBVS Operation was happen such Operation on Shahih Bukhari value Shahih Muslim.

Sebenarnya, SNBP AM SEPERINGKAT mungkin terhasil daripada  kesimpulan operasi SNBP khusus dan/atau operasi SNBP AM  tetapi SNBP Am seperingkat untuk Al-Quran yang bukan terjemahan maksud & Kutubussittah yang bukan terjemahan maksud tidak melalui  teknik berkaitan operasi SNBP khusus kecuali beberapa informasi yang menjadi sensor of the truth untuk memberikan keyakinan bahawa AL-QURAN =1 , Kutubussittah =2 DAN  Shahih Bukhari =2.1 DAN SNBP am seperingkat untuk Shahih Muslim ialah 2.2 [T=Actually, Same Level General CBVS might exist from conclusion of special CBVS and/or general CBVS operation but General CBVS for Al-Quran which is not translation of meaning & Kutubussittah which is not translation of meaning did not through technique concerning special CBVS except several information which become sensor of the truth for give trust that AL-QURAN=1, Kutubussittah = 2 AND Shahih Bukhari =2.1 AND Same Level General CBVS for Shahih Muslim is 2.2 ] . Mengenai kitab Syarah Hadis dan kitab Terjemahan Al-Quran, maka operasi SNBP AM DAN/ATAU operasi SNBP Khusus boleh terjadi. Walaubagaimanapun, Al-Quran tanpa terjemahan maksud dan Kutubusittah tanpa terjemahan maksud mungkin disiasat dengan menggunakan operasi SNBP jika  pencetus mengesan ada terjadi perkara seperti pensabotajan terhadap kandungannya [T= About book of Hadits Lecture and book of Al-Quran Translation, hence GENERAL CBVS operation AND/OR special CBVS operation might happen. However, Al-Quran without translation of meaning and Kutubussittah without translation of meaning might in investigation with use CBVS operation if pencetus detect that something happen such sabotage concerning those content].

Beberapa informasi yang menjadi sensor of the truth itu ialah [T= Some information which be the sensor of the truth are]:

1= Tiada bukti saintifik dan sejarah dan dalil yang boleh dianggap kuat atau menang yang menunjukkan bahawa ada firman palsu dalam al-Quran dan ada hadis palsu dalam kutubussittah [T= No scientific evidence and history and “dalil” which can us treat it as strong or win which show that exist false firman [ firman = Allah{GOD} say] in al-Quran and exist false hadith in kutubussittah]

2= Sejarah pengumpulan dan pembukuan al-Quran berlaku ketika masih ada pemerintahan Khulafa Ar Rasyidin. Salah-seorang daripada khulafa Ar Rasyidin ialah ulamak ahlil-Bait iaitu Imam Ali , suami Fatimah Az-Zahraa iaitu anak perempuan Nabi Muhammad. Ulamak ahlil-Bait ialah sumber ISLAM Tulin yang telah dijamin oleh ALLAH S.W.T bahawa mereka mengetahui Ajaran ISLAM TULIN SECARA 100%!!. Fatimah Az-Zahraa juga termasuk dalam golongan ulamak ahlil-Bait. Justeru, pembukuan al-QURAN diyakini dilakukan dengan betul, tiada firman palsu kerana jika ada, Imam Ali akan memberi nasihat [T=History on collection and action for make al-Quran in book shape were happen when still exist Caliphs Ar Rasyidin governance. One from those caliphs Ar Rasyidin  is ulema ahlil-Bait namely Imam Ali, husband for Fatimah Az-Zahraa namely daughter to prophet Muhammad. Ulema ahlil-Bait is Pure Islam source who got guarantee from ALLAH S.W.T that they know PURE ISLAM Teaching by 100%!!! Fatimah Az-Zahraa also became ulema ahlil-bait. Reason that, action of publish al-Quran as a book is a sure matter happen with right, no false firman because if not like that, Imam Ali will give advice].

3= Imam Bukhari menjadi perintis dalam penyiasatan hadis untuk mendapatkan hadis shahih dengan kaedah yang terbaik . Kaedah ini dipuji dan diikuti oleh Imam Muslim. Walaupun Imam Bukhari dan Muslim bukan ulamak ahlil-bait tetapi tiada bukti menunjukkan bahawa terdapat kesalahan tentang kaedah penyiasatan mereka tentang hadis. Justeru, sesuai dengan anti-root problem, kita menggunakan persangkaan baik sahaja bahawa Kitab Shahih Bukhari dan Muslim MEMANG SHAHIH dan dapat menjadi sensor of the truth. Kita boleh anggap Bukhari itu guru kepada Muslim, maka SNBP am seperingkat untuk Shahih Bukhari ialah 2.1 dan untuk Shahih Muslim ialah 2.2.[T= Imam Bukhari became pioneer in hadith investigation for get true hadith by best method. This method got commendation by Imam Muslim and Imam Muslim follow the method. Although Imam Bukhari and Muslim are not ulema ahlil-bait but no evidence show that exist error about their investigation method on  hadith. Reason that, consistent with anti-root problem, we treat that matter is true only that is Book of Shahih Bukhari and Muslim INDEED SHAHIH and can become sensor of the truth. We can treat Bukhari is a teacher to Muslim, so same level general CBVS for Shahih Bukhari is 2.1 and for Shahih Muslim is 2.2].

Diingatkan lagi, bahawa operasi SNBP untuk Sumber Peringkat apapun, termasuk kajian semula terhadap SUMBER DPK, melibatkan operasi SNBP AM sahaja atau mungkin melibatkan operasi Khusus dan Am juga. Dalam keadaan lain, seperti  apabila diyakini hanya ada sebahagian kecil perkara yang perlu disiasat dalam sesuatu sumber itu, mungkin operasi SNBP khusus sahaja digunakan [T= Remember more, that CBVS operation for any Level Source, inclusive research again concerning DPK SOURCE, involve general CBVS operation only or might involve Special operation and general too. In other condition, like when believe only exist a small part of matter which need investigation in any source, might use special CBVS operation only].

Base Level Technique might us use it when these happen:

1= Has explanation or evidence or opinion about same theme which we cannot sure which source or content is true while we are sure that one of those source or content is true or might true. For the example, Book C [Source of Level 1/SL1] and Book D [SL2], both of those books have explanation which we are not sure which content is true or more true. If thus, we will choose Book C or  we treat that explanation of book C is true or more true because SL1 had higher status  number, which we can show as SL1>SL2!!

2=When any source has evidence or opinion strength which look same strong about same theme, so the higher source level will be chosen or we will treat it as true or more true or might true. For the example, we chose Book E because Book E in SL2 category, other in SL3.


Contoh teknik yang digunakan untuk operasi SNBP PSD ialah Teknik Berpandukan Penanda/TBP [  Base Indicator Technique/BIT], Teknik Berpandukan Kutub/TBK [Base Kutub Technique/BKT] dan Teknik Samudera Pengesanan/TSP [ Ocean Detection Technique/ODT].[T= Sample on techniques which can use for CNCTC  are Base Indicator Technique, Base Kutub Technique and Ocean Detection Technique].

The example for use BIT is choose any source which has most few penanda.. This mean is we more sure that source did not need other penanda for value it because penanda which use for the source is enough for  give evidence that we can choose the source for direct make research about it or can direct announce the source as DPK source. However this way condition, might us use it if whole source which we investigate had number of  entirety  CBVS  which almost same  or had  total of same theme or matter which almost same which had CBVS that almost same also!! For the example SL3[treat as Book A]  had same on whole relevant on those  matter with other SL3 [treat as Book B]  although  their same level general CBVC are different. When research again , the conclusion we got is Book B had higher entirety CBVS when use penanda although entirety CBVS when use Base Level Technique only show that Book A had higher entirety CBVS. So, if we treat penanda operation show better conclusion, we can choose Book B or announce Book B as DPK source and might neglect Book A.

When we say “PENANDA” , it can bring the meaning of penanda in first process in DOP and also can bring the meaning of penanda in second process or next/other process in DOP WHICH we say this penanda as PENANDA LANJUTAN. The  first RBS operation [Reaction Between Sensor] in DOP is second process in DOP.

Okey…. now you will learn other techniques:

Base Kutub Technique/BKT is use Kutub al-Sittah as matter which value any source, inclusive al-Quran. OCEAN DETECTION TECHNIQUE is use whatever source as matter which value any source.

Teknik apakah yang lebih harus dilakukan dahulu dalam operasi SNBP PSD? Ini berdasarkan keadaan semasa. Contohnya, kalau ada intipati dalam sumber samudera pengesanan lebih baik penjelasan hadisnya daripada terjemahan kutubussittah, maka boleh ambil atau rujuk dulu yang dalam sumber samudera pengesanan. Contoh lain, buku A dalam kategori GWE [SP2] mempunyai intipati tentang mesin perubatan hospital. Buku B [SP3] mempunyai intipati tentang mesin perubatan hospital juga, yang ada perbezaan. Buku B ditulis oleh jurutera perubatan hospital yang bukan seorang Islam. Buku A ditulis oleh seorang doctor yang beragama Islam. Kedua-dua pengarang buku memberikan bukti dan pendapat yang hampir sama kuat nilainya sehingga sukar kita memilih.  Tidak pasti intipati yang mana yang akan diambil untuk  terus dikaji atau yang manakah akan dijadikan sebagai intipati dalam satu sumber DPK. Adakah intipati Buku A atau adakah intipati Buku B yang akan dipilih? Dalam hal begini, teknik penanda mungkin teknik terbaik atau lebih elok dilakukan dahulu. Kandungan penanda lanjutan mungkin sama 100% dengan kandungan penanda dalam operasi bukan Reaction Between Sensor atau berbeza atau  ada persamaan dan ada juga perbezaan [T= What techniques should/can us do first in CNCTC operation? This base at present condition. Its sample, if exist content in ocean detection source which its hadith explanation more nice than explanation in kutubussittah, hence can take or refer first which in ocean detection source. Other sample, book A in GWE [SL2] category has content about hospital medical machine. Book B [SL3] contain matter about hospital medical machine also, which contain difference. Book B written by hospital medical engineer which is not a muslim. Book A written by a muslim doctor. Both of authors give evidence and opinion which almost strong on its value until we difficult to choose. Not sure what content will take for direct research it or which will be content in one DPK source. Will choose content of Book A or will choose content of Book B? In matter like this, indicator technique[=penanda] might be the best or better do first. The content in penanda lanjutan might 100% same with content of penanda in operation which is not Reaction Between Sensor or different or has same matter and has difference also]. Sample which be penanda for help us choose , whether book A or B are:

1= What year be publication year for book A and B? If publication year book A is 2014 and book B is 1999, we can/might give cbvs for this penanda for book A as 2, and B as 1. In this incident, we can write as  one formula such “first penanda =cbvs book A=2 > book B=1 OR  p1=cbvs A>B.

2= The engineer and the doctor had degree in hospital engineering. The engineer had higher education on the degree. So, this second penanda, we can show like this:

p2=cbvs B>A

3= The engineer has five years job experience in one engineering company relevant hospital engineering but the doctor has ten years job experience in other hospital engineering company. So, this penanda might influence us to give cbvs like this:

p3=cbvs A>B

4=The engineer create ten hospital machine but the doctor only create five hospital  machine . Every machine which they create has different function and treatment purpose. So, we can/might give cbvs for fouth penanda like this:

p4=cbvs  B>A

5= Last penanda = “100 patient heal after use  several machine which be engineer creation. But  300 patient heal after get treatment by use the machine which be doctor creation. So, we can give cbvs for last penanda like this:

p5=cbvs A>B

Finally,   ENTIRETY CBVS should/can show conclusion about description cbvs for book A and B like this:

 ENTIRETY CBVS= A=3 > B=2 OR  Ecbvs A>B.


1=formula FOR description CBVS OR fDc  AND formula for entirety CBVS OR fEc.  So, if  happen Ecbvs like above sample, we can write like this:   fEc :  Book A= Ecbvs3>B or fEc=A>B. For above sample, we can write such fDc : p5= cbvs Book A>B or fDc= p5  A>B  or fDc= A>B  for last sample.





2= You might get any information/source with various form or shape such from someone “mouth” who advise you,  from a chip[ CEBISAN] paper, from television etc. So, if you use above formula , you might write like this:

p1= cbvs chip paper A> Book Z . FINALLY, its ENTIRETY CBVS, you might show like this:

Ecbvs A>Z

However, finally, you might put chip paper A to Book Z as a content for Book Z.









1= See which source or part of the source contain more many or most many “dalil” or evidence which strongest or stronger .

2= See which source or part of the source contain more many evidence.

3= Which source or part of the source use more many anti-root problem strategy

4= How many content in the source become strong and win evidence and how many matter/theme or content in that source can us accept by root problem method? [always about worldly/SL3?]


1=We can write SL3 as world or dunia in any research. Alam Sumber or Source Universe = SL3 also.

2=CBVS ENTIRETY is conclusion about description cbvs. Description cbvs is not finish research operation until exist last description cbvs so that we can plus whole description cbvs so that become CBVS ENTIRETY . HOWEVER  finish matter relevant CBVS ENTIRETY consist  of two kind finish on DPK source. Description CBVS CAN SHOW THE TYPE OF CBVS DESCRIPTION SUCH:

2.1=         p1= Book F>G [p at p1 is mean penanda as type of description CBVS]. P1=i1=indicator 1 or is mean first indicator .

2.2=         pr1 = Book H>I WHICH pr IS MEAN peringkat [use “teknik peringkat” or l1=Level 1] which use level technique. If use same level type, we can show like this sample:

sl1= Book H>I OR sp1=sama peringkat 1

2.3=           k1= Book J>K which k is mean kutub, which is mean Base Kutub Technique.

2.4=           oc1= Book M>L which oc is mean ocean, which is mean Detection Ocean Technique or s1 or samudera pengesanan 1.




CBVS OPERATION, MIGHT US DO AGAIN FOR DPK SOURCE IF WE GET STRONG EVIDENCE WHICH SHOW RESEARCH NEED HAPPEN MORE. We can treat DPK source as the source without level also or special because its value of entirety CBVS or its value of description CBVS when compare it with SL1, SL2 and SL3 might same, might higher or might lower. Same if it become summary for whole content at the source but if only be chosen summary, we can treat its cbvs  lower except person who prefer quick summary, might that DPK source, its cbvs higher because it save time & energy and that person can remember which did not be summary  with read the summary only. CBVS for any DPK source might be higher also at any time than original source which we research it reason we put new information or increase information to the DPK source because DPK source is zone for any knowledge which likes to improve its quality. Its cbvs might be lower also if exist evidence which stronger that show many trust are wrong in future.

These below information describe about “DPK SOURCE SITUATION/DSS“:

1= Sumber DPK Tidak Pindah/SDTP or Not Move DPK Source/NMDS:

Original source, we treat it as a true source, not need any correction and we did not make summary about it. So, this original source be DPK source.

2=Sumber DPK Tidak Pindah Berubah/SDTPB or Not Move DPK Source Be Change/NMDSBC:

IS mean make summary direct to original source such write with pen or pencil  to it or/and attach any note  at it and make correction at original source such by throw wrong page that contain false fact.

3= Sumber DPK Pindah/SDP or Move DPK Source/MDS:

that is make summary and/or correction about original source [SL1 ,SL2, SL3] at other book, paper, source etc. We might treat original source as DPK source but we only call it as SL1 OR SL2 OR SL3 or might we call it as NOT DPK SOURCE only.

Now we will learn about LABEL:

Label menunjukkan maklumat yang terhasil setelah wujud snbp keseluruhan. Kerana SNBP Keseluruhan ada dua keadaan/jenis, maka label itu juga ada dua jenis iaitu bagi maksud snbp keseluruhan yang  dianggap selesai kajian perbandingan atau penilaian benar dan salah, ketepatan dan  ukuran kekuatan kebenarannya. Bagi maksud snbp keseluruhan yang sebenarnya ada informasi yang tidak diberikan nilai statusnya, maka sebenarnya tetap dianggap sebagai penyelidikan yang tidak selesai dan label untuk snbp keseluruhan terbengkalai/ skte  ini  juga menggunakan tatacara seperti sumber yang mempunyai SNBP keseluruhan yang dianggap selesai.Contoh berikut menunjukkan cadangan FORMULA LABEL: [T= Label show information which exist after exist entirety cbvs . Reason entirety CBVS has two situation/type, so the label has two situation/kind namely for meaning of entirety cbvs which treat it finish in comparison research or right and wrong valuation, exactness and measurement of its truth strength . For the meaning of entirety cbvs which actually has information which did not get its status value, hence actually permanent in thought  as not finish research and label for unfinished entirety cbvs/uec also use method such source which get entirety CBVS which treat as finish. Next sample show suggestion for LABEL FORMULA:]


DPK*1*1*2(1    ——> TYPE ONE

PDPK*2*1        ——-> TYPE TWO [for uec,  we put negative symbol after first star symbol such PDPK*-2*1  for show this PDPK source still not finish in research. Certainly the number 1 here  did not inclusive anything information which we still not investigate it]



DPK =  TRUE DPK SOURCE WHICH FINISH 100% AND GET ANNOUNCEMENT THAT IT IS  A REAL DPK SOURCE. We can replace  this word DPK with logo of DPK. Who will create the logo? May you?

*1 = Number of general cbvs. For this sample , it is SL1. If it has same level general cbvs, treat as 1, we can write as *1(1. If this source is SL1 and also had content about GWE, you can write like this *1,2 which is mean SL1 AND SL2.

*1= Number for special cbvs , which become indicator for value dpk source as special purpose. In other meaning,  when we want to compare any truth or fact qualities of two or more DPK source, we see this special cbvs number. This number also call as REAL DPK COMPARISON INDICATOR/RDCI.  However, when DPK source be pencetus or valuer  to anything source  [like is not DPK source],[I delete some word here for correction on 7 February 2015] the number of general cbvs  might can use with RDCI together to determine what source can be valuer or for help us to determine any value of description CBVS for make any conclusion about any theme or matter. When RDCI fail to make any function, Negligence of  CBVS That Can operation might happen.

*2(1= Number 2 is a newest RDCI when research again already finish. (1 is mean ” First RESEARCH AGAIN”. 2(1 is not exist if we did not need make research again about any content of that DPK source. Try to list any source relevant with DPK source for research again.

We might finish make research to a source and get its  ENTIRETY CBVS but we compare its content or its description cbvs  with something we have not it such compare with our friend’s book which the book still at his house or compare with something in our mind or compare with any information we get from internet or radio. Whole it happen at the same time we only have one book at our home and we only make research concerning that book. So, in this situation, we might not make label to this book/ source or we might treat it as DPK source without label only or we might write this only at its label such:


*1,2,3 above is mean this DPK source has combination content which come from SL1, SL2 and SL3 or has content which has information that had SL1, SL2 and SL3 characteristic.

? ABOVE might is mean “not need any value number of entirety cbvs because I has this book /source only at my home or never exist other source which belong to me except this,  so not need any value number yet because no exist other source which belong to me for me compare it which this one book /source I had” OR might is mean “I still did not sure about its entirety cbvs because I still not count it yet but I am sure this source is a DPK source” or Might is mean “I felt lazy to give or write its entirety cbvs because I believe that I can compare any source in future easily without know its entirety cbvs or without write it”.






PDPK = Prior to DPK. Is mean this source  contain  information which some content get announcement as DPK content and also has content that might can be DPK source OR/and content any information which we did not sure but we say “big might” it is that . So, value of its entirety CBVS include value of something we feel it is such that, only in  big might and not sure what actually is it. This source might almost finish on its research or 50% or  at least can treat many content  already finish or get their description CBVS so that it can be   PDPK SOURCE.  PDPK also is mean any source which  has matter which get second type of entirety CBVS  by this  description cbvs formula method, namely:


penanda 7 = Third Theme/A >< X [= Formula of second type of description CBVS or F2Dcbvs]

In above sample, A><X is mean:

Description CBVS for A bigger than X but this only guess in “big might”. “BIG MIGHT” IN F2Dcbvs is not like what we treat in “MENOKTAH AKAR” BECAUSE WHAT WE TREAT IN “MENOKTAH AKAR” BECOME A KIND OF TRUST ALTHOUGH WHAT WE BELIEVE IN THAT MATTER HAS NOT S1+!!


*2= Number of its general CBVS. In this sample is SL2.

*1= Real number for Prior to DPK. This number also call as REAL PRIOR TO DPK COMPARISON INDICATOR/RPDCI. We might use this indicator number for SPECIAL PURPOSE namely value anything prior to DPK source . However, PDPK also can value whatever other source [especially when use also its number of its general CBVS] but might those other source which are not prior to DPK source  have higher entirety CBVS or might has more many higher description CBVS than any Prior to DPK which try to be valuer.  Prior to DPK source did not eligible [layak] to value REAL DPK SOURCE except NCTC situation happen such because the DPK source only has very little information and not general knowledge.. NCTC =Negligence of CBVS That Can.  We can treat that Prior to DPK is one SITUATION in second process in Diagram Of Pencetus which might happen in it.


Prior to DPK might us use it when emergency incident happen , I mean at that time we need better and true information, URGENT to make any plan and action!!! SO, we can also call Prior to DPK as EMERGENCY SOURCE/ESO.

Certainly SOME/any source whether 100% DPK source or source which is not DPK or source which contain DPK source and not we can did not put label or did not create  any their formula because it is not impossible if we can compare anything without write or without remember or without determine any number of  any CBVS or formula.



Explanation 11 = ELEVENTH MIND MAP: About The Theory Of Kill Root Problem= DRS 3


Sometimes we use various better and best way for find any truth but finally we did not find any evidence or trust  or  STILL not sure AND STILL MISUNDERSTAND? IT MAKE WE FEEL FOOL   &  DISSAPPOINT US.  IS IT RIGHT? This theory or also call as anti-root problem or anti-root problem strategy  might cause some information become DPK source although you did not find any evidence or strong opinion which can make you believe as you hope.

Before we study about this special theory, we should know what be Very Important Meaning [=VIM] for DPK source or DPK information . VIM  FOR THAT IS:

Sumber atau maklumat yang boleh dipercayai dan dianggap tiada kesalahan tentang benar dan salahnya dan tentang tepat atau tidak tepatnya [T= Source or information which can believe  and treat it has not  wrongness on its true or wrong and on  its exact or not exact].

In this theory, one special situation of pencetus, call as “Kebebasan Istimewa or Pelepasan Istimewa/ Special Freedom /Special Release” , namely  any pencetus which give us trust although has not bring any proof or has not bring any stronger proof or has not bring any stronger opinion so that we can use full stop of root. This special release might use special indicator or penanda istimewa for release ourselves from root problem such misunderstand and not sure. Any trust which exist with Special Freedom, we call it as Menoktah Akar or Full stop Of Root !! OR bermaksud bersangka baik terhadap sesuatu sumber itu sehingga ada bukti “yang menang” yang menunjukkan hal itu salah atau sesat [T= is mean treat true and exact concerning the source until exist evidence “which win” that show the matter is wrong or not from true religion].

This theory explain about “Dua Tindakan/Two Action” and Menoktah akar/Make  Full stop of Root. Two Action consist of:

1= Penghindar Akar /Root Avoid Tool/RoAT= Sesuatu yang dikatakan sebagai perkara berhukum harus, makruh, dan sunat tetapi tiada dalil untuknya dalam al-Quran dan kutubussittah, walaupun dalam bentuk GWE, maka tidak dilakukan hal itu dan pada masa yang sama hati mengatakan Allah yang lebih tahu apa hakikat atau apa yang sebenarnya hal  itu DAN jika itu memang dari ajaran Islam Tulin, maka hati mengatakan “Ya dari Islam” DAN JIKA TIDAK, hati mengatakan: “Ya bukan dari ISLAM” [T= Anything which it is said as matter about rule of harus, makruh and sunat but has not proof for it in al-Quran and kutubussittah, although in GWE  situation, so, did not make the matter and at the same time heart said that Allah more know what real or what actually the matter AND if that matter indeed from Pure Islam teaching, hence heart say, “Yes from Islam” AND IF NOT, heart say: “Yes not from ISLAM”].

2= Teknik Elakan / Elusion Technique/ElT= Explanation like RoAT but this relevant illicit and halal or syubhat , that is: actually not necessary for involve self concerning it [which halal/illicit/syubhat].

If need or situation force self involve until need to know whether halal or illicit, so:

I= Direct make any effort for find any source which might has dalil or proof because DPK concept believe that source until 99.9% might us get it before MAHDI arrival.

II= If fail find the source, use twentieth DPK sensor such perform solat istiharah and after that make optional with has RoAT feeling or RoAT soul.



Any matter which enable us use special freedom, we call it as “The Condition Of Special Release/TCOSR”.

Sample for TCOSR such below explanation:

If we want to use special freedom situation/SFS, firstly, we must think by nice, better , reasonable and with healthy mind and soul, whether exist special freedom or not and do not forget about Factor Three In One. You choose and buy a book. The book you chose and bought explain about Qada and Qadar, tarekat, solat, puasa, zakat, haji, faraid system and RIBA. Several information in the book have no any proof from Al-Quran and kutubussittah. So, this book is not S1+!  However you still sure that this book is a real DPK source. WHY? Because reason like these:-

1= An ulema who famous as a human being who love real caliph system became an author for this book.

2= This ulema[= ULAMAK = A teacher who is muslim who teach people about ISLAM TEACHING] use  collect whole opinion for research for detect the best opinion , for find the truth

3= This ulamak be famous as a human being who are not a liar and always be honest

4= This ulamak ever said “DESTROY WITH” indeed exist in education.

For next information about Mind of Kill Root Problem, please click link below:


ATTENTION PLEASE!!  THE  WORD “DESTROY WITH” IS  A TERMINOLOGY IN Di Persimpangan Kutub Concept. For  further information, please visit DPK HOME PAGE AND NEXT. THANKS.




New source [DPK SOURCE] exist. These new source might have any content which can be content to pencetus. These new source might help human being to create new DPK Concept such in DPK Version 52% or 53% and next [if exist]. New DPK version might help people find new pencetus. New pencetus might help people to create any new source that contain truth only and something we believe 100% only like source about religion, science, geography, history, mathematic, culture, politic, health knowledge, business, technology, astronomy et cetera.

Pencetus and DPK method EVER make research about ISLAM and other religion. The conclusion of the research is ONLY PURE ISLAM IS A TRUE AND BEST RELIGION!!!

I  was the very big enemy to King Azazil , my very big enemy  BUT my biggest enemy is my bad lust. I hate  AZAZIL AND SATAN.



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1-73= DPK Dictionary

NOTE: This page help you more understand about this blog. Disebabkan perkembangan istilah dalam gagasan DPK berlaku dengan cepat dan sangat maju, halaman ini sukar dikemaskinikan dan kerap gagal menyediakan segala istilah yang ada dan yang terkini [T=Reason terminology delevopment in DPK concept happen quickly and very progressive, this page difficult to update and always fail to give whole terminology that exist and which newest].  You never learn malay language or BAHASA MALAYSIA? You are not Malaysian? If true, learn this DPK Dictionary:


Bahasa MELAYU or Bahasa Malaysia or Malay Language Or MALAYSIAN language is not difficult to study it .........

Bahasa MELAYU or Bahasa Malaysia or Malay Language Or MALAYSIAN language is not difficult to study it ……… The ORANG utan also like to study malay language? How about you? MALAY LANGUAGE OR BAHASA MALAYSIA Has potential to be international language or world language like ENGLISH!!!


NEWEST UPDATE IS:   11 february 2016


>Alamat Kitaran ialah sesuatu perkembangan kitaran yang menjadi tanda akan terjadi kitaran, sama ada tanda biasa atau tidak.

>ALLAH = Name of God in ISLAM. Muslims believe only one God exist. Allah has 99 names.

Automatic Behaviour = Keadaan mendapat kebiasaan baik tanpa perlu bersusah-payah, tanpa ada perasaan terpaksa, tanpa latihan yang kerap dan tanpa ada hukuman yang membentuk keperibadian dan dalam sesetengah kejadian, keperibadian itu diperolehi dengan dorongan rasa tanpa ilmu kerana rasa yang jadi “akal” itu datang mendorong dan menunjukkan arah yang lurus lebih dahulu sebelum datang pengetahuan yang berkaitan. Rasa yang bukan percikan dari nafsu tetapi percikan dari cahaya akal [T= Condition about get nice habit without need to get difficulty, without has force emotion, without practice which often and without exist punishment which form personality and in some incident, the personality got with feel encouragement without knowledge reason feel which be the “mind” come to encourage and show straight direction first before exist relevant knowledge. Feel which is not splash from lust but splash from mind light]

> Alpaibaka = ” Realize what he/she will do or what he/she doing is something dangerous or  not useful but still hope that dangerous or not useful matter will not happen although his/her heart more believe that he/she might get bad effect if do it”. Alpaibaka is Alpa ibarat dipukau

Asaidad= Asaidad is a short form from Asa tidak disangkai= Asaidad.  Asaidad is strong factor that avoid one  our bad habit , block it from happen more in long period AND we did not realize it is asaidad but may realize after long period we did not make that bad habit which we are sure it [bad habit] has relevance with asaidad. Some asaidad might be badarila which we did not realize it as badarila or asaidad. We might realize it after long period which in that period we still not make that bad habit.

Asa isaAsa disangkai = Asa isa.  Asa isa is: Strong factor that avoid one our bad habit, block it from happen more in long period and we are sure or treat that Asa isa can avoid & block before we use Asa isa condition. Some Asa isa might be badarila. Asaidad and Asa isa are sample for pemutus teguh.

>ATaara= ATaara is one secret terminology in The Kitaran Personaliti Theory. Why must be secret? Reason someone may get any accident be due to use aTaara. It is not easy to explain what aTaara is but I believe that aTaara indeed exist around human being life. Word “aTaara” come from “Cara Tanpa Cara [=Way Without Way]. ATaara encourage “arrange” with suitable condition which still happen. It seem like automatic action by use few energy from our brain. However aTaara might happen without make it repeatedly. But when it happen, seem look like something that we ever make it always. Interesting, it make reaction in second or faster than one second!!! This is miracle when feeling look take brain ……….. [secret word, sorry about this]. Ataara can also happen in slow action.

>Awalajabia =For this is a secret, I only can explain it without you understand by perfect. So, sorry about that. “Awalajabia” is anything first time action which cause be our habit such as we make something that we never do but when we do it for first time, it encourage we make it more without force us to do that. This something we like not understand how this process happen? However when we make the research about it, we will not feel strange more because there are many awalajabia happen always in around our lives!!! Awalajabia might bad habit but also might good habit. Awalajabia is short form from “Awalan jadi biasa”. What benefit we can get from awalajabia? One benefit from awalajabia is awalajabia become map of incident. Other benefit?

Badarila =Something condition which destroy one  bad habit which will never exist more until we die “. This Badarila might cause whole or some factor [which cause exist that  bad habit which ” was dead”] become blunt or weak [or might will damage also]. When this happen, it is badarila magnetic factor<<.  BADARILA IS MEAN BANTUAN DARIPADA ALLAH [HELP FROM ALLAH].

Badarila magnetic factor  = Badarila which cause whole or some  bad habit [which  dead] factor become blunt or weak .

Bersifat DPK [Has DPK characteristic] = Has characteristic like what become statement or description for basic DPK terminology or has characteristic which be euncouragement for get DPK principles and at the same time also has principle which its existence we can know

>Bukuan Otomatik ialah juga istilah yang dirahsiakan maksudnya. Tujuan rahsia ini untuk mengelakkan terjadi jenayah dan salahguna kuasa. Tindakan automatic ini terjadi apabila satu keadaan …… dilakukan dengan cepat atau dengan kepekaan yang mengelakkan kepekaan lain.


>Dekorasi DPK/DPK Decoration = Hiasan DPK, SESUATU DALAM KANDUNGAN GAGASAN DPK atau sesuatu dalam kandungan siratan awal yang tidak boleh dianggap sebagai kandungan prinsip DPK versi Perintis DPK melainkan yang semakna dan semaksud dengan sesuatu yang terkandung dalam prinsip DPK dan siratan awalnya. Dekorasi DPK hendaklah dianggap sebagai hiasan semata-mata yang tidak berkaitan prinsip DPK melainkan yang semakna dan semaksud itu. Sesetengah kandungan dekorasi itu mungkin membantah atau melawan prinsip DPK dan siratan awal versi perintis DPK. [ OR HIASAN DPK, is anything in DPK CONCEPT content or anything in siratan awal content which cannot treat it as DPK principle content in DPK pioneer version except which same meaning with anything in DPK PRINCIPLE CONTENT OR ITS SIRATAN AWAL. We must treat that DPK DECORATION only be decoration which is not relevant to DPK principle except has same meaning. Some decoration content might disagree or oppose DPK principle and siratan awal in DPK pioneer version]. Contoh dekorasi DPK ialah imej dan pautan yang dilampirkan [examples of DPK decoration are image and link which be appendage]

>Destroy With….= Destroy is mean make change to pure Islam teaching for damage its pureness or damage or lessen sovereignty or development of ISLAM and muslim. With Plus is mean put something like falseness and wrong meaning and anything illicit to Islam teaching so that Islam teaching  mixed with something which actually is not  ORIGINAL ISLAM TEACHING or use condition of “mixed, unity et cetera ” so that the “destroy” happen.

Di Persimpangan Kutub [=DPK] = Name of a concept which contain these principles: First principle is ” About or human who alone while expect get correct morally and have big strength in love the truth by practice the search truth method [=DPK method] that at least about DPK method in newest version of the creator of DPK and have strong and full confidence about DPK principles, at least know about DPK principle of Pioneer of DPK in his latest or newest version”, SECOND principle is ” Know and believe about examples of DPK methods are reasonable and believe that these DPK method can be better by addition new methods,” THIRD principle is ” Confident that Imam Mahdi and Prophet ISA a.s STILL ALIVE and they will vanquish & govern world such which Allah [a GOD] command to them,” FOURTH principle is ” Believed that whole peoples [in special meaning is “whole muslim”] must know and learn whole content of al-Quran and Kutub al-Sittah and believe that handicapped [symbolic for bad matter, falseness, wrong meaning, error,….] concerning text wherever at world indeed happen,” FIFTH principle is “Believe that politic system which ALLAH make it as compulsory thing is Imamah concept or caliph, other than this is stray as illicit and falseness and believe that group kind and realizations level are 0-25%, 26-50%, 51-75% and 76-100%[ but non-muslim did not inclusive in whole percentage because DPK group must muslim], SIXTH principle is “Do not befriend with non-muslim and ignorant and evil muslim. Allah command female muslim to use jilbab or purdah as one compulsory matter [Purdah is a clothes which cover whole parts of muslim women’s bodies inclusive head and face and palm EXCEPT eyes] EXCEPT female group who get exception from Allah,” SEVENTH principle is ” confident love on amusement cause people become mad, have mental and soul disease, exist stray which illicit, fertilize lust, disturbed emotion and “amarah” lust which make lust as a God. Believe that Islam enemies use “Destroy With Plus” method and other various method. Believe that exist falseness in religion about the culture of peoples who become goverment’s worker, company, private organization, family, custom culture, formal custom, trade et cetera,” EIGHTH principle is ” Confident that concept and finance system of Islam such happen at any bank which people treat as Islam or do according Islam actually is false and cheat because actually still happen RIBA. Believe that need to launch rescuer mission which is called as mission of “Penjana Generasi Tiga Mega” which become The King Of Indigence Killer,” NINTH DPK PRINCIPLE OR LAST DPK PRINCIPLE IS ” Confident that “Tarekat ” and  “Kesufian”  teaching indeed exist in pure ISLAM .”

>Dotisema =DOTISEMA is Dorongan Tidak Serasi Masa. DOTISEMA situation encourage us to do something but we always cannot to do it because the present is more suitable to do other work BUT we feel lazy to do other work AND the laziness cause the encouragement exist. So, DOTISEMA is one situation block ourselves from make two different thing namely what DOTISEMA encourage and what more suitable at DOTISEMA time although we have potential to do both work

>DPK Boleh Ditolak [DPKbd] = IALAH keadaan seperti berikut/IS condition like these:

1=Kandungan gagasan DPK yang boleh dianggap sebagai kandungan prinsip DPK dan boleh juga tidak dianggap demikian. Contohnya, kandungan cerpen Istidraj kecuali kesimpulan istidraj yang zahir yang dinyatakan dalam cerpen itu. Contoh lain ialah cerpen Selamat Datang Ke Model Kerajaan Di Persimpangan Kutub. Cerpen ini boleh diabaikan jika mesej tersembunyi yang terkandung dalam cerpen ini telah dikesan atau diketahui kerana siratan ghaib inilah yang sebenarnya menjadi kandungan prinsip DPK [T= Content of DPK concept which we can treat it as DPK principle content and also cannot treat it as thus.Example, content of short story Istidraj except Istidraj conclusion which look as what be information in that short story. Other example is short story Selamat Datang Ke Model Kerajaan Di Persimpangan Kutub. Can neglect this short story if know hide message in that short story because actually this siratan ghaib be the content of DPK principle]

2= Kandungan gagasan DPK yang harus atau wajib atau mestilah ditolak sesuai dengan persyaratan 51% yang membuang kesilapan, kesalahan, sesuai dengan gelombang cinta [T= The content of DPK concept which we should or must not accept it consistent with condition 51% which delete mistake, error, consistent with love wave]

3= Pembuangan yang sama, yang jadi pengulangan, seperti symbol bacaan, perkataan dan ayat yang semakna dan semaksud, yang merupakan pengulangan yang tidak perlu atau boleh juga diabaikan. Pembuangan ini untuk menghasilkan gagasan DPK dalam bentuk sumber DPK pemintas [T= Delete that same, which be repeat thing, such symbol of read, word and sentence which same meaning, which be repeat that is not necessary or can neglect it also. This deletion for create DPK concept in short cut DPK source form]

4= Kandungan dalam gagasan DPK yang boleh diabaikan kerana secara logic dapat dianggap tidak berkaitan prinsip DPK atau secara logic, boleh dianggap bukan menjadi kandungan untuk intipati asas dan siratan awal prinsip DPK. Hal seperti ini, contohnya ialah Dekorasi DPK [T= TRANSLATION IN ENGLISH = Content in DPK concept which we can neglect reason by logically can treat it as did not relevant to DPK principle or logically, can treat it as something is not be the content for basic information and siratan awal for DPK principle]

DPKbd ialah juga proses penapisan terhadap gagasan DPK untuk menghasilkan gagasan DPK dalam bentuk versi terkini, yang menjadi versi sebenar perintis DPK. DPKbd is also the process of filter act concerning DPK concept for create DPK concept in newest version form, which be real version of DPK pioneer]


>EDana =Emosi Dari bahana. Iaitu emosi yang membentuk kitaran personaliti dan emosi ini terhasil daripada akibat yang pernah atau sedang dihadapinya. Sesetengah kejadian, emosi ini tidaklah berdasarkan pengetahuan melainkan perasaan sahaja. Contohnya, melakukan kerana itu adalah menjadi budaya atau adat, tanpa memikirkan adakah adat itu haram atau halal. Hanya mengikut perasaan sahaja[T= Emotion from consequence. That is emotion which shape personality recurrence and this exist from consequence that ever or still experience it. Some incident, the emotion is not base on knowledge except emotion only. Its sample, do for that is be culture or custom, without think whether the custom is illicit or not. Only follow emotion merely].



>Gelombang Cinta [Love Wave]= Keadaan gagasan DPK yang sentiasa sesuai dengan ajaran Islam Tulin dan yang sentiasa sesuai dengan logic akal dan sains pada setiap masa, zaman, tempat dan keadaan kerana sebarang kesilapan dan kesalahan dalam kandungan gagasan DPK tidak dianggap sebagai kandungan gagasan DPK dan hendaklah kesilapan dan kesalahan itu dianggap telah dihapuskan dan diperbetulkan oleh Pengasas DPK secara automatic, sama ada ketika pengasas masih hidup atau telah mati. Cinta yang dimaksudkan di sini ialah cinta KEPADA KEBENARAN [The condition of DPK concept which often situable with pure Islam teaching and often situable with mind logic and science at everytime, era, place and condition reason whole mistake and error in DPK concept content did not treat as DPK concept content and must treat any mistake and error as something damage or got correction made by DPK founder automatically, whether when founder still alive or death. Love that be meaning here is love to the truth]

>Generasi Pempopular DPK atau Generasi Revolusi DPK = Generation  who make DPK popular or DPK Revolution Generation = Like generasi penambah 51%, they are like people who make DPK Concept become  popular with write about it with free without make any change which cause opposite meaning exist [except such for make correction about DPK FOUNDER VERSION] concerning original 51% version, 52%, 53% and more.  With write whole or a part [chosen] from original version content, with write number of principle or not, with state name of concept or not. This is such what we call as DPK SOURCE only or did not call it as DPK SOURCE although the source has DPK characteristic.

>Generasi Penambah 51% = Generation who add 51% = They are like this condition= imitate or copy DPK Founder website [imitate 100% or not] with put tenth DPK principle or more than ten or did not state any new principle but add or  make content of 51% version  or other person version  better such 52%, 53% next until  75%. If necessary, please state which is 51% original version , which be my version [Version of DPK FOUNDER]

>> Golongan 0-25% [Group of 0-25%] = Golongan yang tiada atau kurang kesedaran pengetahuan dan falsafah yang baik. Sebahagian daripada mereka menjadi ketua Negara, pemimpin organisasi atau jabatan, pemimpin kelab, pertubuhan dan lain-lain. Kejahilan telah mendorong lagi mereka menjadi dictator, bodoh sombong, kejam, sakit mental dan sakit jiwa sehingga timbul istilah seperti kroni dan sebagainya. Contoh orang yang memiliki kesedaran sebanyak 25% ialah mereka yang banyak setuju bahawa golongan 0-25% juga mempunyai banyak kejahilan dan kekejaman. Ramai yang mempunyai kesedaran 25% ini berubah menjadi golongan 26-50% [T= Group who has no or has a little realization of knowledge and philosophy which nice. A part of them be leader of country, organization leader or department, club leader, association et cetera. Ignorance encouraged them more dictator, ego fool, cruel, mental sick and soul sick until exist terminology such crony et cetera. Example of peoples who have realization in 25% are they who much agree about group 0-25% also has much ignorance and cruelty. Many of them who have 25% realization change to be group 26-50%]

>> Golongan 26-50% [ Group 26-50%] = Golongan ini selalu menyiasat tipu-daya dan keburukan golongan 0-25%. Hasil penyiasatan mereka ialah penemuan bukti-bukti dan hujah bantahan tentang kepincangan konsep, amalan, budaya golongan 0-25%. Contoh golongan 26-50% ialah ahli dan pemimpin parti pembangkang. Tahap kesedaran golongan ini boleh dianggap sebanyak 26-50% sahaja. Yang 50% itu, contohnya ialah parti ulamak yang jadi parti pembangkang yang mengatakan bahawa parti mereka ialah parti Islam tetapi mereka tidak menyedari bahawa konsep Islam mereka masih ada yang berbidaah sesat walaupun memang ada yang betul dan halal [T= THIS group often investigate deceive and badness of group 0-25%. Conclusion of their investigation is get evidences and opinion to disagree about handicap in group 0-25% concept, practice, culture. Examples for group 26-50% are member and leader of objector party. Realization level of this group can treat in 26-50% only. The 50%, its example is ulema party who be objector party who said that their party are Islam party but they did not realize that their Islam concept still has not true Islam teaching although indeed has the correct matter and non-illicit matter]

>> Golongan 51-75% [Group 51-75%]= Golongan DPK kategori pertama. Mereka ialah golongan yang mempopularkan nama Imam Mahdi dan nabi Isa. MEREKA adalah penyokong gagasan DPK versi perintis DPK ATAU mematuhi persyaratan 51% yang melayakkan mereka berada di dalam golongan 51% atau 51-75%. Mereka tidak mahu mengundi [pilihanraya], memulaukan pilihanraya kerana menganggap system politik buatan manusia seperti demokrasi termasuklah yang dikatakan sebagai demokrasi Islam adalah bidaah sesat[T= First DPK Group category. They are a group who make Imam Mahdi and prophet Isa be famous. THEY are supporter on DPK concept in DPK pioneer version OR obedient about condition 51% which make them can be in group 51% or 51-75%. They did not want to vote [election],neglect on election because treat that politic system made by human being such democracy inclusive what is called as Islam democracy are false Islam teaching]. Golongan ini memperjuangkan konsep Imamah atau khilafiah. Mereka tidak mahu mengundi [pilihanraya] kerana akan menyebabkan mereka berkongsi dosa dengan pihak parti yang menang [jika mereka mengundi dan parti itu menang] yang jadi parti kerajaan yang memerintah kerana pemerintahan parti tersebut bukan dengan konsep kekhalifahan [T=This group support Imamah concept or khilafiah. They did not want to vote [election] because will cause them share sin with party who win [if they vote and the party win] who be government party who command because that party governance is not use caliph concept] .75% itu ialah orang yang hampir memiliki kesedaran golongan DPK kategori kedua yang paling minima kesedarannya [iaitu 76%]. 75% itu hanya sebagai simbolik. Mustahil dapat dijelaskan secara terperinci. Golongan 51-75% juga dinamakan sebagai Golongan Bintang Pertama Dunia iaitu maksudnya golongan penyokong Bintang Pertama Dunia iaitu nama gagasan ini, GAGASAN BINTANG PERTAMA DUNIA ATAU GAGASAN DI PERSIMPANGAN KUTUB [T=The 75% only as symbolic. Impossible can to explain it for get detail information. Group 51-75% also has name as World First Star Group which is mean group who be supporter to World First Star, that is a name for this concept, Concept of World First Star or Di Persimpangan Kutub Concept]

>> Golongan 76-100% [Group 76-100%] = Golongan yang hidup semasa pemerintahan Imam Mahdi yang akan berlaku iaitu yang mendapat didikan daripada Imam MAHDI. 100% itu, contohnya ialah ulamak-ulamak yang menjadi sahabat karib Imam Mahdi[T= A group who alive when Imam Mahdi governance which will happen that is people who get guidance from Imam MAHDI. The 100%, its example is ulema who be Imam Mahdi closest friend].Ini ialah golongan DPK kategori kedua atau golongan PANJI-PANJI HITAM kerana tentera Mahdi akan membawa bendera berwarna hitam ketika pergi berperang yang akan terjadi dalam sejarah. Golongan 76-100% juga dinamakan sebagai golongan bintang kedua dunia atau golongan pengakhiran sebab golongan ini akan mengakhirkan atau menyelesaikan misi-misi golongan DPK kategori pertama yang gagal diselesaikan atau terbengkalai[T= This is second DPK group category or BLACK BANNER group because Mahdi soldier will bring black flag when go to war which will happen in history. Group 76-100% also get name as world second star or finish group because this group will end or accomplish any mission of first DPK group category which fail to finish or not accomplish].


>Halaman Pembawa DPK = Are page 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, 3-4 and 3-5 at this blog [Di Persimpangan Kutub].


Iasa eka jara: Ialah satu istilah dalam teori kitaran personality yang dirahsiakan oleh saya . Ia berkaitan peramal kitaran & alamat kitaran. Iasa eka jara berasal daripada ayat Biasa meneka sejarah. Ia perincian rahsia.

>“I Key lamp adD”= “Impak Keyakinan Melampaui Had Dibenarkan”. Penyakit jiwa ini saya telah mengesan ia wujud dan telah menjadi wabak sedunia. I Key lamp adD juga menyebabkan sebarang kritikan atau penghinaan atau bantahan daripada sesuatu pihak lain terutama yang terkenal sebagai golongan pembangkangnya dianggap seperti  sesuatu yang tidak terjadi, seolah-olah tidak mendengarinya, walaupun pengkritik menggunakan bukti dan dalil yang kuat & menang. Ini kerana ada factor ” masih menaruh harapan” TERHADAP golongan yang dikritik, yang disokong oleh pesakit I Key lamp adD

>Intipati asas prinsip DPK [DPK principle basic content]= information which use number, which become basic information, not include siratan awal

>Istidraj= Whatever success and enjoyable & pleasure which EVIL MUSLIM AND/OR  non-believer ISLAM got it like have richness, strength, beauty, success in academic achievement , success in trade, have a lot of property , have a bungalow, have good transport ETC. In ISLAM, Allah gave istidraj to non-muslims  AND EVIL MUSLIM , not because Allah love them but Allah give all of those matter with hatred, hate them because they did not OBEDIENT TO ALLAH, AND FOR NON-MUSLIM: BECAUSE THEY DID NOT believe that a true GOD is ALLAH ONLY AND  a true religion is ISLAM ONLY.

>Istilah asas atau istilah utama DPK [Basic terminology or main terminology of DPK]= what be content for First DPK principle

>Istilah asas DPK semasa Imam Mahdi ialah istilah asas DPK versi pengasas DPK yang berubah secara automatic pada masa Imam Mahdi telah memimpin manusia atau telah datang  iaitu [ Basic terminology of DPK when Imam Mahdi is basic terminology of DPK in DPK founder version with has change automatically when Imam Mahdi lead people or he came that is =

Keadaan atau orang yang beruzlah sambil mengharapkan kemuliaan dan teguh mencintai dan teguh menyatakan kebenaran dengan mengamalkan kaedah pengesanan kebenaran dan meyakini sepenuh hati dengan ikhlas terhadap segala prinsip dan siratannya yang memang dijamin oleh Allah sebagai benar iaitu terutamanya ialah yang berkaitan agama ISLAM = Condition or people who alone while expect get correct morally[good manner] and strong in love and strong in explain the truth with practice truth searcher methods and full confident with honest concerning whole principles and “siratannya” which indeed get guarantee from Allah as true especially about Islam religion”

[istilah asas sebelum kedatangan Mahdi [DPK basic terminology before Mahdi arrival] = “Condition or people who alone while expect get good manner and strong in love and explain the truth and practice truth searcher methods [dpk method] at least about any content from DPK method in DPK founder newest version/last and have full confident and strong concerning content of DPK principles [at least about DPK  principle content and “siratan awal” FOR DPK in last version of DPK founder.”

>Istiqamah = This word often use for good behaviour which very strong or more strong or stronger than habitual strength. We can say that istiqamah is used for anyone who have stronger faith. More strong than habitual faith strength [faith in ISLAM]. This word only used for explain faith STRENGTH in ISLAM only.


>Kahelip = Kereta yang dapat berubah menjadi helicopter dan dapat berubah kembali menjadi kereta dengan menekan suis dan menggunakan peralatan tertentu [Car that can transform to helicopter and can transform to car again with use the switch and relevant tool]

>Kandungan DPK = kandungan asas prinsip DPK dan kandungan bawah prinsip DPK [=Siratan awal]

>Kandungan asas prinsip DPK = Content which DPK Founder explain with use number. This is basic information for the relevant principle.

>Kandungan bawah prinsip DPK [BAGI maksud versi prinsip DPK perintis DPK] [Content under DPK principle (FOR the meaning of DPK principle version for DPK pioneer]= siratan awal=   Content which DPK pioneer explain it under basic information for DPK concept . Siratan awal did not inclusive information such appendage videos et cetera which can treat as something are not relevant or did not same meaning with any content use number or with the “siratan awal”.

>Kandungan Prinsip DPK [bagi maksud versi perintis DPK] [DPK Principle Content (for the meaning of DPK founder version) = “Any content which DPK founder explain it with number as basic information for DPK concept znd any content which call siratan awal [especially anything which can treat has same meaning or relevant which the content use number] and there have any other content which are not relevant to DPK concept such something is not be “Siratan Lanjutan” for DPK . However siratan lanjutan did not be DPK principle  content.


Sesuatu dan apa juga yang dapat dilihat, dibaca, didengari pada website perintis DPK [Anything and whatever can see, read, hear at DPK pioneer website]

>Kerajaan [government] = Peoples who get responsibility or get any work to do from largest group of any area so that manage anything ownership which whole peoples have authority to it and so that manage something become agreement together with obedient to al-Quran and prophet Muhammad teaching and his good manner as main  constitution, law and life style.

>Keramat or Karamah =Whatever incident which amaze people , which Allah give to Wali Allah for help them get what they want and for make they feel happy and safe. This special incident be evidence that wali Allah is Allah’s lover. However, these word [keramat and karamah] only use for wali Allah who are not be prophet.

Khilafah or khilafiah =A  true Islam governance system. In thissystem, all of muslim countries in this world must be only one country or one government only. A caliph who is  ulema govern this empire, can called “Amirulmukminin”. However, as you see, muslim countries have no be one country or one empire. They did not obedient or did not use this Islam governance system but one muslim empire will exist when Mahdi govern this world. This sure happen because Prophet Muhammad said that Mahdi will govern this world in five or seven or nine year.

>Kitaran GAYA ialah kitaran wajah [seperti cara seseorang biasanya berkata, keadaan kebiasaan berdirinya, keadaan nada percakapan, gerakan otot muka, cara senyum, cara ketawa], kitaran berjalan [cara berjalan], kitaran berpakaian [cara berpakaian], kitaran duduk [cara duduk], kitaran baring , kitaran tidur dan kitaran marah.

Kitaran Personaliti = [T=Recurrence Personality] = Ini ialah teori tentang wujud kedudukan tertib biasa sesuatu kejadian kebiasaan yang akan berakhir dengan kebiasaan yang terakhir dalam sesuatu hari itu dan pusingan tertib ini biasanya berlaku lagi pada hari-hari berikutnya atau besok dan sukar dihapuskan atau diputuskan kitaran ini [T= This is a theory about exist position of usual sequence for any habit incident which will end with last habit in any that day and this usual sequence rotation often happen again on next days or tomorrow and difficult to destroy it or disconnect this recurrence]


> LUST TWIN = Two recurrences or two habit or two characteristic (normally evil) which always related together and be continuation together and difficult to divorce. If one of them is happen, normally one more of them or the second which its twin will happen and the strenght of  this “normally” or this incident is very strong such automatic strenght.



>Magnetic factor = What is magnetic factor? >>The factor may asaidad or asa isa or badarila which cause  more than one or many bad habit become weak <<. Such magnetic, the factor pull other bad behaviour become weak also. Weak here is mean such sometimes that bad habit is not happen because we succeed avoid it from control ourselves or exist time we succeed control it. When these bad habit  finally die [not exist more], we call asaidad or asa isa magnetic factor  became badarila magnetic factor. When any factor [asaidad or asa isa or badarila] did not cause more than one or only cause one bad habit become weak, we call these as asaidad or asa isa or badarila but if they can cause more than one or many bad habit become more weak, we call these as magnetic factor in general meaning or in special or detailed meaning as asaidad magnetic factor or asa isa magnetic factor or badarila magnetic factor.

>”Melebihi 51% “mempunyai 2 maksud [Over 51% has 2 means:] :

1= Versi DPK 51% yang diubah , dipinda serta ditambah kandungannya oleh seseorang yang bukan pengasas DPK dan ubahan dan tambahan itu sesuai dengan syarat gagasan DPK TIADA HAKCIPTA yan berkenaan [T= DPK version 51% which is changed and had addition for its content make by someone who are not DPK founder and the change and addition are situable with relevant condition of DPK concept has no copyright]

2= Versi 52% atau yang lebih tinggi [hingga 75%] [T= version 52% or higher [until/to 75%]

>”Melebihi 51% tetapi bukan 51%” [= 2PPM = 2 Perkara Paling Mengelirukan ] atau disimbolkan dengan >51%=<=50.9% IAITU [Over 51% but is not 51% [ = 2PPM = 2 subject -matter which Most make confuse or be symbol with >51%=<=50.9% is:

Maksud >51%=< ialah: Mean >51%=<

1= Seseorang itu memiliki keyakinan terhadap seluruh versi 51%, malah melebihi tetapi tiada semua sifat [akhlak] pendorongan [uzlah, pengharapan hati bersih, mencintai kebenaran] atau hanya ada satu atau dua akhlak itu, Someone who has confidence about all of 51% version, even over but has not all  motivation characteristic [manner] [alone, hope clean heart, love truth] or only has one or two those manner,


2= Ada semua sifat asas DPK dan meyakini semua intipati versi 51% atau melebihi tetapi kemudian atau memang ada yang tidak diyakini sehingga menyentuh  tema agama Islam dalam versi 51%, sekalipun satu hal sahaja. Walaubagaimanapun, jika tidak mempercayai versi 52-75%, tidak akan menghilangkan kelayakan berada dalam golongan DPK kecuali jika ketidak-percayaannya itu dapat menyebabkan MURTAD. Has whole DPK basic characteristic and confident that whole content of 51% version or over but afterwards or indeed exist something did not believe it until touch subject-matter about Islam religion in 51% version, although one matter only. However, if did not believe version 52-75%, did not destroy requirement for stay in DPK group except if uncertain matter which did not believe cause apostate.

>51%=< ADALAH juga sama dengan 50.9%,[ sebab sesetengah orang menganggap yang kurang 0.1% itu sebenarnya bertambah 0.1%, ialah seperti 50.1% + 0.1% =51%] atau diringkaskan menjadi sebagai >51%=<=50.9%. >51%=< is also same with 50.9% [reason some people treat less as 0.1% actually increase in 0.1%, is like 50.1% + 0.1% = 51%] or in short form be as >51%=<=50.9%.

Walaubagaimanapun, golongan pengakhiran, walaupun dinamakan sebagai golongan Di Persimpangan Kutub tetapi mereka ialah golongan Di Persimpangan Kutub kategori kedua yang dinamakan juga sebagai golongan bintang kedua. Justeru, jika ada yang mereka tidak percaya intipati versi 51% yang dapat menghilangkan kelayakan di persimpangan kutub bagi golongan 51-75%, mereka masih dianggap sebagai golongan di persimpangan kutub kategori kedua jika Mahdi mengatakan intipati itu tidak tepat, tidak benar. Malah jika pengikut Mahdi salah pun, Mahdi masih mengatakan mereka golongan yang terbaik dan sebagainya, maka mereka tetap golongan di persimpangan kutub juga atau DPK kategori kedua. Semua penjelasan ini selaras, sesuai dan tidak berlawanan maksud dengan istilah asas DPK versi perintis DPK [=saya] yang berubah secara automatic semasa zaman kedatangan dan kepimpinan MAHDI. However, Last group, although get name as Di Persimpangan Kutub group but they are second Di Persimpangan Kutub Group which also get name as Second Star Group. Reason that, if  they did not believe about content of version 51% which can cancel requirement for di persimpangan kutub for group 51-75%, they still can treat as second di persimpangan kutub group if Mahdi state the content is not exact, not true. Even if Mahdi follower make mistake, Mahdi still say they are best group et cetera, so they still di persimpangan kutub group also or second DPK category. All these statement consistent, suitable and have not opposite meaning with DPK basic terminology of DPK pioneer version [=me] which change automatically when arrival and leadership of Mahdi.

> Mukjizat = Something amaze incident , extra-ordinary, which Allah give to prophets so that people believe that they are prophets and only ISLAM is a true religion. For examples, prophet Muhammad has many mukjizat such moon be small and go in to prophet Muhammad’s pocket. However the biggest or most important prophet Muhammad’s mukjizat is AL-QURAN. Mukjizat is evidence, strong evidence which give evidence that prophets are Allah’s messenger. Word “mukjizat” only use for wali Allah who become prophet.


>Nultema = Sesuatu yang diluar akal manusia, tidak mungkin akan ada manusia di dunia yang dapat mengetahui hakikatnya, sesuatu pertanyaan yang tidak mungkin ada manusia di dunia yang dapat memberikan jawapan. Sesuatu yang diluar ilmu dan pengetahuan manusia. Nultema berada selepas “hujung ilmu”. [Something outside human being mind, impossible there any human being at world who know their reality, something question which impossible exist person at world can give the answer. Something outside human knowledge. Nultema is situated after “end of knowledge”.Klik link di bawah [baca selepas automatic behaviour] :

Jadi kandungan gagasan DPK JUGA:




>PEMANIS/PEMANISAN/MANISAN= Sesuatu yang menyeronokkan dan dirasakan lazat untuk dilakukan [T= Anything delightful and feel delicious to do it]

>PEMUTUS KITARAN BERKAITAN = Pemutus  yang mendorong buat hal  baik yang lain.  Apabila sesuatu hal lain yang didorongi itu juga Berjaya diselesaikan, penyelesaian itu pula mendorong melakukan sesuatu yang lain yang baik pula, yang sebelum ini selalu malas dilakukan, begitulah seterusnya. Keadaan seperti ini diistilahkan oleh saya sebagai Pemutus Kitaran Berkaitan.

>PENCETUS =Pencetus is anything which might cause or might encourage your mind and heart move to make any effort for find the truth or true fact or true information and what be that “anything” is something can or might be a matter  which show how to find, choose and investigate any source for detect the truth or true fact or true information!! Example for pencetus is DPK METHOD IN DPK VERSION 51%.

Penyekat =iaitu sesuatu yang menghalang terjadi minat atau keinginan untuk melakukan sesuatu yang baik

>Penyekat Utama= Sesuatu penyekat yang sangat atau paling mengakibatkan yang buruk seperti ibu dotisema. Dalam formula farziat PD2, penyekat utama, secara khusus bermakna penyekat utama yang berada dalam xXx [T= Any hindrance that very or most cause any bad effect such mother of dotisema. In formula of farziat PD2, penyekat utama, by special meaning is mean main hindrance that stay in xXx]

Peramal kitaran ialah sesuatu yang digunakan untuk cuba mengesan dan menilai kitaran seseorang. Dalam bidang psikologi , barangkali hal ini banyak wujud.

> Personality Splash =If you fail to kill your bad lust twin, this may become personality splash to your son or daughter. When your personality give effect to other person without you ask or command them to do like what you do, they do it, is mean  your personality become personality splash to them or in other meaning they have same personality like your personality which be personality splash. This is not inclusive something imitation which be pretended action. Or something action which has purpose to affront you. Other meaning of Personality Splash is anything effect from your asa isa effect, your asaidad effect, your badarila effect which influence or give effect to other person or they can get something benefit as the effect.

> Pintas budaya=  [Culture Overtake] iaitu sesuatu keadaan lebih mudah, lebih pantas, lebih selamat, lebih berkualiti, lebih berkesan, lebih menjimatkan masa, tenaga,

>Pusat DPK = DPK CENTER = Place for create DPK source and launch DPK revolution and has various general function

Pusat DPK Antarabangsa = International DPK Center = DPK centre which also has function for unite and solve different DPK  version which contain dissension, opposite meaning et cetera AT all zone at world

>Putus Hapus Kitaran = iaitu keadaan putus atau terputus sesuatu kitaran yang menghapuskan kitaran lain yang buruk atau baik.

>Putus tambah nilai =Sesuatu keadaan kitaran yang terputus, yang memberi tambahan  terhadap sesuatu kitaran yang  diistilahkan sebagai Putus Tambah Nilai [sama ada nilai baik atau buruk].


>Revolusi DPK =DPK REVOLUTION = Effort to make DPK concept be famous

>ROOT PROBLEM = Yang dimaksudkan dengan Root Problem itu ialah “Sesuatu yang dilihat menjadi masalah utama atau terakhir yang menyukarkan atau menghalang pembuatan keputusan atau yang menyebabkan keraguan, ketidak-pastian, yang meletakkan kemungkinan, yang menyebabkan syubahat, yang menghalangi timbul kepercayaan, keyakinan , menghalang penggunaan maklumat atau pengetahuan”.


>Siratan Awal = Kandungan gagasan DPK yang terletak di bawah intipati asas prinsip DPK  yang berkaitan dengan prinsip itu atau dianggap sebagai atau memang menjadi intipati tambahan untuk intipati asas prinsip DPK [ Content of DPK concept which situated under basic DPK principle content that relevant to the principle or treat it as or indeed be addition content for basic DPK principle content]

>Siratan Ghaib = Sesuatu yang tidak ditulis tetapi “ditulis dalam otak atau akal atau jadi gambaran” yang menjadi tambahan atau boleh dikaitkan atau penerangan lanjut mengenai sesuatu yang ditulis, dibaca atau dilihat atau didengari [Anything which is not be writing or did not write but “write in your brain or mind or be thing imagine” which be addition or can be something relevant or futher information about something writing, read, view or hear matter]

>Siratan Lanjutan Versi Perintis DPK [siratan lanjutan for DPK PIONEER VERSION] = version which explain more information concerning version of DPK principles and/ or explain whatever [general matter] other thing.However this version is not be the content for DPK principles version.

>Sumber DPK = DPK Source = DPK group or data, information and knowledge which found and afterwards  get process with truth searcher method [DPK method] for make any information which useful, can use it and become trust source made by party who has DPK characteristic or by who has not it.

>Sumber DPK Pembawa 51% = 51% Carrier DPK Source = Source created and made by person who agree 100% about 51% DPK version who make the source with DPK method with use all DPK sensor which can and get and should use it  and the person has DPK characteristic.

>Sumber DPK Penolak 51% = 51% Objector DPK Source = Source created and made by person  who disagree or agree and also disagree in some matter about  content of 51% DPK version and these persons make source 52%-75% with DPK method with use all DPK sensor which can and get use it. In this category, source which created indeed DPK source but those creators or who make it cannot call as DPK group [except their objection indeed correct and 51% version which become thing objection indeed wrong or not exact, whether I [DPK FOUNDER] state agreement or not, whether I make announcement of agree or not because  the 51% DPK did not include any content which is not exact or indeed wrong. However if their mistake concerning worldliness content, not about ISLAM religion, hence they still DPK.

>Sumber DPK Sejati = Authentic DPK Source = The source which has DPK characteristic and who make or create it also has DPK characteristic [HAS 51% Realization which indeed true and exact]

>Sumber DPK  Tidak Sejati = Non-Authentic DPK Source = Like 17% DPK source, 20% until 25% [= or with more detail is until 25.9%] which make by group 1-25% or DPK source 26%, 30%, 35%, 45% until 50.9% [ in short form until 50%] make by group 26-50%

>Sumber DPK Pemusnah = Destroyer DPK Source = DPK source which become sensor for search anything source or content which is not true, is not exact, wrong, contain falseness, error et cetera for destroy it and substitute it with true fact, truth, correct matter et cetera.

>Sumber DPK Pemintas = Short Cut DPK Source = DPK source which become more short, more easy to remember and understand, be a note or reference book  in summary form which contain easier practical which more save time, money and energy, more comfortable. more economize.


>Syarat 51% atau persyaratan 51% = Condition 51% = This is matter enable someone become DPK group . Someone need to has all of these condition 51% at the same time: 1= Believe 100% about newest DPK founder  principle version, although may not include non-Islam knowledge such science, not include anything wrong, error , something not exact, not include something is mean “might”, “not sure”, also not include any information which people difficult to understand because DPK founder indeed want person difficult to understand it, also not include whatever content which is not relevant to DPK principle or did not same meaning with DPK basic information[PRINCIPLE] and its siratan awal. 2= Have basic DPK characteristic such what become content of Main DPK terminology. This mean, those characteristic be their habit. 3=For female, must wear jilbab as their habit. 4= MUST BECOME MUSLIM OR INDEED A MUSLIM.

>Syuhud = Special feeling which happen to wali Allah when they remember with pleasure and “delicious” about one of these matter : Names of Allah, deed of Allah, characteristic of Allah & “zat’s” ALLAH. This special feeling cause they say something like: “I am a God ” or  “God is me”. Actually, their mean is Allah is a God and God is Allah. But , due to  feel very love to Allah, cause they said like  “I am a God” or “God is me”. What they said , like automatic speak.


>The Arrow Return To Back=The Arrow Return To Back is anything we cannot do it but if we do it, might seem we get the effect we want. What effect is that? I cannot tell you. It is secret also.   

>Teknik Pura Belok atau Pura Henti [T= Pretend To Turn or Pretend To Stop Technique]= Pretended to turn left with switch on the signal lamps to left and stop your vehicle at edge of road so that this condition encourage the driver behind your car drive safely and go away from you. This technique to avoid any vehicle which behind your vehicle collide your back vehicle due to too near to your back vehicle]

>>The Shadow Of Matter = Ini ialah ciri unik gagasan DPK yang dirahsiakan oleh pengasas DPK untuk tujuan yang baik. Ciri ini dinamakan sebagai The Shadow Of Matter yang baru disedari oleh Pengasas tentang kewujudan ciri ini pada Ahad 30 Mac 2014. Ini bukanlah ciri yang dirancang oleh pengasas. Ciri ini dapat dimatikan oleh pengasas tetapi disebabkan ciri ini sangat berguna, maka ciri ini tidak dihapuskan. Ciri ini akan lebih berguna kepada penyokong gagasan DPK versi perintis jika ciri ini dirahsiakan[T= This is unique characteristic of DPK concept which be secret matter for nice purpose, The characteristic is name as The Shadow Of Matter which Founder realize about the existence of the characteristic on Sunday 30 March 2014. This is not characteristic that be founder plan. The founder of DPK will not destroy this special characteristic be due to it is very useful. This characteristic will more useful to the supporter of DPK concept in pioneer version if this characteristic be secret]


>Ulamak = Person who  teach about ISLAM and they have certificate or diploma or degree in ISLAM and have qualification to teach ISLAM. If ulamak is a male, people call he is ustaz. If female, called ustazah


>Versi Perintis DPK atau Versi DPK Perintis DPK [Version of DPK Pioneer or DPK version of DPK Founder] = same meaning with kandungan DPK or kandungan gagasan DPK

>Versi prinsip DPK Perintis DPK = same meaning with Kandungan  Prinsip DPK [BAGI MAKSUD VERSI PRINSIP DPK perintis DPK]

>Versi Siratan DPK [Version of DPK siratan] = Siratan awal and lanjutan

>VIR =Very Important Reminder


>Wali Allah: Person who study about MYSTICISM in ISLAM and practise it until their heart be very clean from any “sin dirt” or “bad behaviour” and this cause they get syuhud experience OR Wali Allah is who get syuhud experience. Like they saw Allah or speaking with Allah although the true matter THEY never see Allah or never speak with Allah. Wali Allah is Allah’s lover. They love Allah and Allah love them also.


>Zon DPK = DPK ZONE = Area which have highest leader which has DPK characteristic and there has one or more DPK center , at area he lead.


GEMPAR!!! USTAZAH BERMUKA PANTAT > Lipur-lara Waris Tamingsari

Wanita itu menyembunyikan diri dalam sebatang pokok yang sangat besar, yang jadi rumah dia sejak 7 tahun lalu. Pokok itu terletak di tepi sebuah bukit yang mempunyai saluran keluar air jernih bersih dalam lapisan tanah bukit itu. Air itulah yang digunakan untuk minum, mandi, memasak air, memasak makanan. Air lapisan tanah bukit. Arkitek mana yang mengubahsuai pokok itu menjadi rumah? Binatang yang dibelanya, honey badger. Binatang itu juga membuat bilik bawah tanah yang bersambung dengan dalam bahagian pokok itu. Pintu rumah batang pokok itu dibuat daripada papan yang kelihatan seperti bahagian batang pokok .

Ustazah Cipap tu duduk dalam batang pokok ni le.

Ustazah Cipap tu duduk dalam batang pokok ni le.





Atas satu dahan besar pokok itu ada pula sarang seekor burung . Burung itu pandai berkata-kata seperti manusia dan dikurniakan akal kerana hanya dialah binatang zaman nabi Sulaiman yang masih hidup dan dipanjangkan umur hingga ke zaman wanita itu. Burung itu menjadi sahabat wanita itu. Nama burung betina itu ialah BalqisBalqis suka menghiburkan wanita itu dengan puisi moden atau sajak.

Wahai si muka Faraj

Sampai bilakah persembunyian mu di sini?

Matahari pun melarikan ke barat

Purnama pula hilang di siang

Biarkan sahaja kata-kata manusia

bagai pekak dan bisu juga buta

Maka ustazah tersebut keluar dari pokok, membalas puisi itu;

Sudah takdir bentuk mukaku begitu

Bikin jiwaku meribut

Aku kemalu-maluan

Maka lari sembunyian

Balqis terbang ke tanah dan berkata:

Yang di kampung Yang di bandar

Solatnya  bagai budak hingusan

tiada larangan semua ya

Penasihat semua bisu geletaran

Beranikan dirimu Aku mengikuti 

Kampung itu , tempat kelahiran dia. Maksiat menjadi raja. Ingin dia  siasat. Wanita itu menutup muka dia dengan jilbab dan masuk ke kampung itu:

Yang bersyarah agama memakai hanya cawat

Yang mendengar memuji

Wartawan setengah tiang

Penonton kata bagus rancangan ini

Sebab syarahan menambah ilmu

Gaya ustaz bersyarah dengan tangan bagai menari-nari indah

Suara nyaring penuh perasaan

Sampai tidur kura-kura terjaga

Ustazah muka pantat tidak menyangka bahawa kampungnya sudah jadi begitu jahil dan berdosa. Dahulu dia selalu beri nasihat yang betul , ramai yang patuh tetapi ramai juga yang ketawa melihat wajahnya macam pantat dan berbentuk pantat!!!. Maka dia berhenti bersyarah dan melarikan diri  , beruzlah ke hutan berdekatan. Tinggal dalam batang pokok.

“Semua ini kerana pendidikan formal, teks di pusat pendidikan telah bercampur antara yang hak dan batil, yang benar dan salah, cacat pincang sehingga melahirkan siswazah yang berijazah cacat dan pincang ilmu pengetahuannya. Mereka tidak menyedari hakikat ini dan tidak percaya kewujudan kepincangan ini. Mereka bersyarah dengan syok sendiri dengan ilmu, rasanya semua pendapat dia betul kerana ada ijazah. Orang lain yang rendah kelulusan dianggap tidak mungkin lebih benar dan lebih bijak. Inilah anggapan yang salah. Pendidikan mereka diprogramkan demikian oleh pemerintah dan kerajaan dan  oleh yang menentukan teks dan sistem serta konsep pembelajaran itu. Pemerintah, kerajaan dan penentu yang jahil, pincang ilmunya, zalim dan bernafsu syaitan. Ibarat robot dan burung kakak tua, mereka yang berkelulusan ijazah ini bersyarah dan berkhidmat menurut dasar pengetahuan , pendidikan yang mereka terima. Lihatlah contoh di tv, ustazah yang bersyarah agama tetapi konsep aurat dia tak betul. Sepatutnya ustazah itu berjilbab. Muka ustazah dalam tv itu terdedah, ditambah pula dengan pemerah pipi, gincu. BERTAMBAH SESAT. Cik mesti betulkan masyarakat , orang kampung cik,” nasihat balqis kepada ustazah muka cipap. ????=….




“Esok ku datang lagi untuk membetulkan manusia. Tadi ku sangat terkejut ada yang bercawat dan macam-macam dosa yang pelik mereka buat hingga aku rasa nak pitam , tak bermaya untuk menasihatinya, jawab ustazah sambil membuka jilbab dia. Tiba-tiba terdengar suara kera, monyet, beruk, lotong yang kuat berulangan. Ustazah segera lari masuk ke batang pokok. “Hai balqis, aku malu, malu, malu….”. “Wahai sahabatku, mereka bukan mentertawakan wajahmu, dah memang bunyi kera, monyet, beruk, lotong begitu”.

Maka ustazah muka faraj pun berpuisi:

Baiklah selesai sudah kemaluan,

Namun si bayangan putih apakah tidak merampas

Jika lolongan di puncak bukit

Tanda kehadiran tiba-tiba

Malam pun memeluk suasana. Si muka faraj duduk diam dalam batang pokok. Menggigil. Bimbang ramalan dia berlaku. Balqis pula tidak berani berada dalam sarang. Dia masuk juga ke dalam batang pokok. Honey badger pula sedang tidur dalam lubang yang terletak berhampiran akar pokok besar itu.

Balqis mengintai di lubang halus pada dinding batang pokok itu. “Tiada benda itu datang. Cik ustazah , bukankah pandai baca doa? Ajarkan kepada saya”. Suasana tiba-tiba sunyi. Cengkerik pun tak berani bersuara. Di situ, benda itu bergerak perlahan-lahan. Bau busuk tiba-tiba. Cik ustazah memicit hidung dan menutup mulut. Balqis pula menutup paruh dia dengan kedua-dua sayap.

Mulut ustazah muka cipap bergerak-gerak, sambil dia mengintai lubang-lubang rumah dia itu. Bau semakin hilang. Benda putih itu terbang melayang ke atas pokok , melarikan diri. ” Saya rasa hantu itu dah pergi”. Ustazah mengangguk-angguk.

Sebenarnya pokok yang jadi rumah ustazah , Balqis dan Honey Badger itu ialah rumah hantu itu tetapi Mereka membuat pokok itu sebagai rumah juga kerana tidak menyangka pokok itu ada penunggu. Semasa mereka membuat rumah itu, hantu itu sedang melancung jauh ke sebuah pulau tempat pusat ilmu hitam. Hantu itu berkhidmat juga di situ dengan pengamal ilmu hitam.


Pagi itu dengan berjilbab, ustazah muka cipap masuk ke kampung. Dilihatnya orang ramai bertelanjang. “Kenapa kamu bertelanjang macam toyol? Tak malukah?!!”  Ohh cik ustazah dah lama tak berjumpa. Sejak melarikan diri ke hutan. Sejak bila cik ustazah pakai jilbab pula. Tahu tak pakai jilbab itu panas, nanti kena demam panas pula .Cik ustazah pakai jilbab, tutup muka, dah macam ninja pula. Ninja turtle pun tak pakai tutup muka, ha ha ha ha….  ” Aku lebih takut panas api neraka. Wahai toyol bogel, siapa yang ajar kamu semua halal bertelanjangan?” . Mereka menunjuk kepada seorang ustaz yang tidak berpakaian tetapi berserban dan pakai cawat sahaja. “Jadi ustazlah yang mengajar ya?”  “ooooOOO ustazah dah kembali. Aku lebih alim dan pandai daripada kamu wahai simuka pantat. Jika telanjang tetapi tidak berniat untuk melancap, menggoda, merogol, berzina, maka halal tau!!!”  ” Kamu semua betul-betul dah gila, sesat dan menyesatkan. Aku akan pergi meninggalkan kamu sebelum bala menimpa kampung ini!!!!”. Ustazah lari ketakutan sambil diketawakan penduduk kampung dan ustaz yang jadi penghulu atau ketua kampung itu. Nama kampung itu ialah CIPAP PANAS.

Balqis sedang menonton tv, rancangan realiti , yang berlaku secara langsung dari istana raja Mahdewa yang terletak tak jauh dari sini melalui laptop.  Laptop itu menggunakan pengecas yang bersambung ke sumber kuasa yang menggunakan sel-sel kering. Ada masanya, Ustazah Cipap akan masuk ke kampung untuk melihat-lihat rumah dia yang ditinggalkan yang jadi stor bekalan am. Dia juga mungkin pergi ke pekan – pekan kecil berhampiran melalui jalan hutan dengan menunggang seekor harimau hitam iaitu jin Islam yang jadi sahabat dia. Raja Mahdewa, telah mangkat, maka seorang pengawal istana diarahkan memegang pedang yang hujung pedang itu menyentuh lantai istana dan pengawal itu diwajibkan membongkok sedikit sambil kekal memandang lantai. Berjam-jam pengawal itu begitu, sebagai adat menghormati raja yang mangkat. Rancangan tv tersebut dipancarkan ke seluruh alam . Monyet-monyet di Afrika ketawa melihat adat yang bodoh dan gila itu. Tarzan yang tak  berapa pandai pakai seluar dalam pun ketawa terhihihi macam pontianak.



Kalaulah pengawal itu nak kencing atau berak, terberak, terkentut, bukankah malu seluruh istana??? Itulah yang dikatakan ustazah yang menonton tv itu. “Begitu juga adat letak bunga di tugu peringatan pahlawan, kemudian berbaris semua tentera menyanyikan lagu tentera dan kemudian mereka dalam keadaan berdiri berbaris , diam maacam patung , menunduk sedikit kepala di hadapan tugu peringatan. Ada ulamak kata ini bidaah sesat haram, seperti pemujaan yang berunsur syirik . Adat yang bodoh, keterlaluan dan gila!!!”  Ustazah menjerit. “Nampaknya mereka berdegil ya ustazah? Kampung Cipap Panas akan menerima bala,”kata Balqis.

“Wahai penduduk KAMPUNG CIPAP PANAS, janganlah kamu terpengaruh terhadap amaran daripada Ustazah Cipap kerana aku, Ustaz Cawat lebih tinggi kelulusan akademik. Aku lulusan Ijazah Phd dalam bidang keagamaan ISLAM, Ustazah cipap itu cuma lulus peringkat sijil sahaja. Jadi, mustahillah fatwa dia lebih benar daripada aku “. Semua penduduk kampung Cipap Panas mengangguk-ngangguk.

“Sahabatku, semua penduduk menyokong ustaz cawat. Bagaimana kita hendak menghapuskan bidaah ini semua?”  “Aku ada idea, Balqis. Panggillah Hitam datang ke mari.” Maka, burung kecil itu terbang ke arah Kampung Cipap Panas. Semasa terbang itu Balqis terbeliak mata bila memandang ke bawah. Wanita tua berjalan berbogel. Payu dara memanjang , tidak tegang lagi bergerak-gerak menari-nari seperti ponggong-ponggong wanita-wanita tua yang berjalan ke sana-sini di pasar sehari di kampung itu. Wanita- wanita muda pula dengan payu dara tegang, berbulu lebat di faraj, lebih 40 hari tak dicukur. Jin-syaitan mengecil diri bergayut-gayut di bulu-bulu itu, bermain-main. Sebab itu ada ramai wanita yang menggaru-garu bulu sebab jin syaitan telah menabur bakteria pada bulu kemaluan mereka. Yang lelaki pula berjalan kaki dengan “pistol bawah” yang tegang tak sudah-sudah. Bahkan ramai lelaki dan wanita, berzina di kampung itu di semak-samun, tepi jalan, dalam kebun, di masjid waktu pagi malam, di tandas, malah di atas kubur pun. Fatwa terbaru ustaz cawat ialah boleh berzina dengan syarat tiada unsur pemaksaan dan dengan syarat jangan sampai mengandung dan zakar dan faraj mestilah bersih dari kuman dan penyakit!!! Lagi satu syarat , nak main itu mestilah di tempat yang tidak dapat dilihat orang. Bahkan sumbang mahram pun dibenarkan oleh ustaz Cawat!!! Klik….=???


Si burung terhantuk satu dahan besar kerana asyik memerhatikan tingkah-laku orang ramai yang berbogel macam toyol botak. Hantukan itu sangat kuat, menyebabkan Balqis terjatuh ke bumbung satu rumah. Si burung beristighfar. “Inilah akibat melihat perkara haram“, bisik hati si burung. “Eh ini rumah ustazah cipap. Hitam ooo Hitam!!! Ini aku Balqis, atas bumbung. Ustazah nak kamu pergi berjumpa dia sekarang!!!” Hitam, si harimau hitam yang beragama ISLAM tinggal di rumah ustazah, menjaga harta ustazah. Pencuri tak berani menceroboh rumah ustazah sebab nampak hantu. Sebenarnya hantu itu ialah jin Islam ini.



Pagi itu orang ramai berkumpul berdekatan dengan rumah ustaz Cawat. Ustaz Cawat sedang duduk di kerusi yang diperbuat daripada emas, di beranda rumah dia dengan cawat yang ditempah khas, diperbuat daripada permata emas. Lama mereka menunggu. Mereka memandang sekeliling. Masih tak datang. Dia takutkah? “Ustaz, saya nak masuk ke bilik ustaz, saya nak melancap, bolehkah?” Ustaz itu memandang seluruh tubuh wanita yang telanjang 100% tidak berpakaian. Mata gatal ustaz asyik memandang tubuh wanita itu tanpa berkelip. Wanita itu tersenyum-senyum dan orang ramai pula bersorak “bolehlah ustaz! Bolehlah !” berkali-kali. “Tidakkah kamu semua  ingat fatwa terbaru aku?” ” Fatwa apa ustaz?” Orang ramai kelihatan saling pandang memandang di antara mereka dan ramai juga yang berbisik-bisik. “Sesiapa wanita yang ikhlas bersetubuh dengan seseorang guru agama, segala dosanya akan diampuni, bersih bagai bayi. Inilah hadis shahih Bukhari. Jadi, kamu , wahai wanita, hendak melancapkah atau hendak main dengan aku?” “Saya nak main ustaz!!” “Wow!! orang ramai menjerit kesukaan” . “Tetapi tak boleh sekarang, sebab kami semua sedang menunggu ketibaan ustazah kampung Cipap Panas. Kalau kamu tak sabar pergi merancap DULU , LEKAS!!  Selepas aku dapat mengalahkan ustazah, barulah kamu boleh bersenggama dengan aku”. Tiba-tiba wanita itu berlari naik tangga beranda dan masuk ke dalam rumah, ke sebuah bilik bagai dikejar hantu. Orang ramai ketawa terbahak-bahak . Ustaz senyum memanjang.

ustazah Cipap ke ni?

ustazah Cipap ke ni?

Suria makin mencondong ke barat. Suasana sunyi sepi. Sekalian mata memandang ke arah dua manusia. Seorang bercawat, seorang lagi berjilbab. “Ingat, kamu semua telah berjanji bahawa jika aku menang dalam pertandingan ini, kamu semua akan mempercayai dan mentaati perintah aku dengan ikhlas dan sepenuh hati. Kamu juga telah berjanji tidak akan memanggil aku sebagai ustazah Cipap lagi tetapi memanggil aku dengan nama aku atau dengan gelaran ustazah Jilbab. Dan nama kampung ini juga akan diubah kepada nama Kampung Hijrah.” ” Ya, kami ingat dan kami tidak akan bermain-main dengan janji kami”.

Seorang lelaki tua berperut buncit, dengan bulu dubur dia panjang dua belas inci mengambil mikrofon dan berkata, “Sila ustaz memulakan perlawanan”. Ustaz cawat  segera melaksanakan arahan hakim pertandingan yang telanjang bulat itu. Nampak kurap besar di kedua-dua ponggong hakim itu. Maka ustaz pun menunjukkan kebolehan dia merancap di hadapan orang ramai. Ustaz tu kata, boleh merancap demikian jika untuk membuktikan kebenaran. Dalam pertandingan itu , ustaz itu akan merancap selama 8 jam tanpa henti . Orang ramai bersorak-sorak memberikan galakan kepada ustaz cawat . Mereka mengharapkan ustaz menang dalam pertandingan ini. “Ya! Ya,ya, lagi ustaz, ya laju lagi ustaz, lancap laju laju lagi, Wow! kote ustaz berkuasa turbo !!! Ha ha ha haaaa!!!  Untuk memeriahkan lagi suasana dan lebih memberikan semangat kepada ustaz untuk menang, orang ramai yang bertelanjang bulat, lelaki dan wanita, muda, tua, kanak-kanak dan dewasa menyanyikan lagu “Ya habibi  Ustaz Cawat”. Irama lagu ini sama seperti lagu P.RAMLEE dalam filem Ali Baba dengan 40 orang penyamun . Dengan gaya tarian seperti penyamun dalam filem itu, semua penduduk yang berbogel macam toyol menari-nari dan menyanyikan lagu itu dengan alat-alat muzik yang digunakan. 



Wahai ustaz cawat yang banyak bulu di badan

Macam monkeylah  babun  dan gorilla

Banyak lancap ratus ribu orang rasa hairan

Kote Ustaz macam Turbo dan banyak mani


Wahai ustaz cawat bijak dan lawa

Banyak fatwa mulia bijaksana…

Ustaz cawat…. ahhh

kepada gadis muda dinyonyot dengan suka

kepada orang tua diraba juga


ya habibi ustaz cawat.. ya habibi ustaz….

ya ustaz cawat ya ustaz cawat…

ya habibi ustaz cawat, ya habibi ustaz cawat

ya ustaz cawat ya ustaz cawat


Marilah….a…orang-orang kampungku Cipap….!

Bogel telanjang tari nyanyi ria



Lagu di atas telah dinyanyikan oleh penduduk kampong Cipap Panas mengikut  gaya lagu P.RAMLEE iaitu lagu YA HABIBI ALI BABA.

Wow! ustaz berjaya melancap sehingga jam 9 malam. Perut buncit menjerit, “Ya! ustaz berjaya merancap selama 8 jam, 1 mata diberikan untuk ustaz. Sekarang dijemput ustazah cipap menunjukkan kebolehan istimewa yang dapat dianggap lebih pelik oleh orang kampung supaya markah ustaz itu ditolak dan diberikan kepada ustazah muka cipap”. “Wahai semua hamba Allah, saya akan membuktikan bahawa saya dapat membuat perkara yang lebih pelik daripada ustaz cawat ini.  Saya akan masuk ke hutan dan kembali segera sebelum jam 9.20 malam dengan membawa seekor binatang merbahaya yang berjaya saya belasah dia hingga pengsan.” Ustazah cipap berlari ke hutan dengan membawa lampu suluh yang sangat besar dan kuat cahayanya.  Orang ramai menjerit kehairanan . Ustazah kembali dengan seguni yang diseret.  Guni itu dibuka. Orang ramai pergi mengelilingi ustazah. Wah ustazah berjaya membelasah seekor harimau kumbang!!! Maka ustazah dapat satu markah dan ustaz kosong mata. “Sekarang, ustaz akan menunjukkan kebolehan terakhir dia. Jika ustazah dapat membuat perkara yang lebih pelik daripada kebolehan kedua ustaz ini, maka ustazah menang”. Ustaz pun makan benda-benda yang dikatakan dapat menyebabkan pemakannya asyik terkentut-kentut. Namun setelah habis makan, ustaz itu tidak terkentut pun walaupun jam dah pukul 11 malam. Tiada bunyi dan bau kentut. Perut buncit pun beri 2 mata kepada ustaz. Orang ramai mengucapkan tahniah kepada ustaz. Ustazah muka Cipap (=Pantat=Faraj=Kemaluan wanita) pula diminta menunjukkan kebolehan. Ustazah mengangkat kedua-dua tangan seperti orang yang nak berdoa. “Wahai Tuhanku, datangkanlah seekor burung yang faham apa yang ku ingin katakan”. Tiba-tiba datang seekor burung . Burung itu terbang ke tanah. “Wahai burung, siapakah Tuhan kamu”. “Allah ialah Tuhan saya”. (…..=……!)

ThisIsTrueJilbab/PurdahWhichGODcommandWomenmustWearIT.Other,likeWearThatHaveNoCoverFACE,HAIR,BODY,HAND,NECK,LEG...ARE not jilbab/purdah/niqab.

ThisIsTrueJilbab/PurdahWhichGODcommandWomenmustWearIT. Aku nak kahwin dengan orang yang pakai jilbab?????

ABOUT THIS IMAGE= Other fashion/clothes are not jilbab/purdah such wear tudung but have no cover the face is not jilbab/purdah/niqab.

Beberapa minggu kemudian, kampung itu telah banyak berubah. Orang lelaki memakai jubah, sering bawa biji tasbih, berserban. Wanita pula memakai jilbab. Namun ustazah tetap suka tinggal dalam batang pokok di hutan berdekatan kampung Hijrah. Jin Islam itulah yang selalu menggantikan ustazah untuk mengajarkan agama ISLAM Tulin KEPADA penduduk kampung. Terimakasih kepada Si Hitam yang berpura-pura pengsan dan kepada burung zaman Nabi Sulaiman yang terlibat dalam  pertandingan itu. USTAZ CAWAT telah dihukum murtad dan telah dihukum bunuh kerana tidak mahu bertaubat dan enggan mengakui fatwa dan kefahaman dia tentang ISLAM itu adalah sesat dan menyesaatkan.  Harimau Kumbang itu menjelma menjadi seorang yang kelihatan seperti syeikh atau guru tarekat. Jin itu juga TELAH dilantik menjadi Penghulu atau ketua kampung HIJRAH. Walaubagaimanapun tiada seorang pun yang tahu bahawa “syeikh” ini bukan manusia, tetapi ialah jin ISLAM dan pelajar ustazah Jilbab.  Jin ini sebenarnya berjantina wanita (jin perempuan) tetapi dapat menjelma menjadi lelaki dan bersuara lelaki. Nama jin ini sebenarnya ialah Nurul Izzah Rosmah binti NAJIB PI-EM!!! Bila dia menjelma menjadi syeikh, jin ini menggunakan nama IDRIS Zulkarnain.

Penduduk kampung Hijrah dan kampung-kampung sekitarnya yang juga telah bertaubat menyangka USTAZAH JILBAB seorang wali Allah kerana doa beliau meminta Tuhan mendatangkan burung yang dapat memahami kata-kata manusia dikabulkan. Justeru, ramai kerap datang ke rumah ustazah untuk meminta ustazah berdoa untuk kepentingan mereka menyebabkan ustazah tak cukup rehat dan tak selesa. Ramai yang meminta ustazah mendoakan mereka untuk hal yang pelik dan mengada-ngada seperti minta didoakan : dapat pergi ke planet Pluto, dapat kahwin dengan alien, dapat jumpa malaikat Jibrail, dapat tengok Tuhan masa di dunia lagi, dapat berbulan madu di MATAHARI SAMBIL MENYANYI LAGU HINDI SEPERTI DALAM FILEM BOBBY!!, MINTA buah zakar dia berubah jadi pantat tembam dan lain-lain yang buat ustazah jilbab sakit kepala, pening memikirkan permintaan aneh orang ramai.  Justeru, beliau lebih kerap berada di hutan, hidup dalam batang pokok. Tiada yang tahu dia tinggal di dalam batang pokok. Pernah banyak kali orang cuba mencari dia di hutan. Mereka menyangka ustazah buat rumah atas pokok. Semua cubaan itu gagal. Maka orang ramai malas mencari lagi.

Jin ISLAM itu juga belajar agama dari syeikh-syeikh tarekat yang datang dari negeri Arab kerana berdagang di kampung Hijrah dan lain-lain. Ustazah Jilbab JUGA mempelajarinya, tetapi melalui jin ISLAM itu. Balqis juga mempelajari Tarekat dan kesufian. Sekolah-sekolah tarekat dibina dengan banyak di kampung, pekan dan bandar-bandar. Walaubagaimanapun, golongan dan keturunan RAJA tetap dengan kesombongan, menganggap merekalah ketua agama negeri atau khalifah padahal sistem pemerintahan mereka bukan sistem kekhalifahan atau Imamah, malah mereka memfaraidkan jawatan raja dan sultan. Hal ini telah difaraidkan (=ini bidaah sesat haram) oleh mereka  selama berabad-abad hingga sekarang, zaman ustazah jilbab hidup. Ini bidaah sesat yang haram. Malah raja-raja dan keluarga diraja malas hendak mempelajari agama ISLAM TERUTAMA bidang agama seperti kesufian. Sepatutnya dan memang wajib, ulamak yang layak menjadi imam (pemimpin) wajib dilantik menjadi khalifah . Makna khalifah ialah pengganti Nabi Muhamad sebagai Pemerintah negara atau kerajaan.  Justeru, tentulah orang yang nak jadi pemerintah tertinggi atau khalifah mestilah diambil dari kalangan ulamak yang berkelayakan.Tidak boleh melantik raja atau sultan yang bukan ulamak menjadi pemerintah negara atau negeri.

Maka tidak hairanlah bila semua makhluk telah binasa kerana kiamat, Allah berfirman: “Di manakah Raja Yang Sombong”.

Kisah Ustazah Jilbab dengan burung yang faham kata-kata manusia dan pengaruh beliau dalam mendidik bangsa serta menghapuskan bidaah sesat sehingga melahirkan masyarakat berserban, bertasbih, berjilbab di bandar-bandar, kampung-kampung telah menyebabkan pihak istana merasa kagum. Kisah kewalian ustazah jilbab yang dikatakan masih dara, tak pernah berkahwin itu menarik hati seorang putera raja. Maka putera raja itu menghantar rombongan untuk meminang ustazah jilbab. Putera raja tak peduli tentang wajah ustazah itu yang dikatakan macam cipap kerana putera raja itu lebih berminat tentang kewalian ustazah itu. Rombongan itu telah tiba ke kampung Hijrah. Ketua kampung, Syeikh Idris Zulkarnain mengatakan ustazah jilbab tidak berminat lagi tinggal di kampung ini dan telah mengambil keputusan untuk kerap beruzlah sahaja di hutan dan beliau tidak tahu di mana rumah ustazah itu di hutan. Putera raja sangat kecewa dan sedih. Beliau memerintahkan tentera berkuda dan utusan peminangan masuk ke hutan untuk mencari rumah ustazah itu. Berbulan-bulan usaha mencari itu diteruskan. Namun tetap sia-sia juga.

Beberapa tempat, kampung dan bandar telah bersepakat untuk menghantar utusan ke istana raja mahkota alam, raja yang menggantikan raja mahdewa. Utusan itu datang untuk menyampaikan surat daripada seorang ulamak tarekat yang mewakili ulamak-ulamak lain termasuklah ustazah Jilbab. Surat itu bertaip seperti berikut:

“Dengan nama Allah Yang Maha PEMURAH Lagi Maha Pengasihani. Saya , mewakili beberapa ulamak terkenal di negeri ini meminta pihak istana menyerahkan pemerintahan kepada golongan ulamak kerana Islam telah mewajibkan bahawa golongan pemerintah haruslah daripada kalangan ulamak yang berkelayakan menjadi imam atau khalifah. Hanya sistem khalifah diredhai oleh Tuhan. Terimakasih jika tuanku menuruti perintah Allah ini. Sekian. Daaripada Syeikh Idris Zulkarnain, Penghulu Kampung Hijrah.

Raja Mahkota Alam sangat murka. “Berani golongan ini hendak merampas kedaulatan beta?? Selama ini, beta dan ahli keluarga beta memerintah negeri ini yang aman, maju. Justeru, walaupun kami bukan ulamak, kami telah berjasa besar. Beta dan ahli keluarga beta tidak akan menyerahkan kerajaan ini kepada golongan ulamak!!! Sambil marah menengking utusan itu, surat itu dicampak oleh Raja Mahkota Alam ke muka utusan ulamak itu. “Tiada ayat al-Quran dan hadis yang mewajibkan pemerintah harus diambil daripada kalangan ulamak!! Semua itu dusta, rekaan golongan syeikh yang ingin merampas kerajaan beta!!” Semua keluarga dan keturunan diraja menyokong pendapat Raja Mahkota Alam kecuali seorang putera raja, adik raja Mahkota Alam yang ingin meminang ustazah jilbab. Putera raja ini nama dia ialah Raja Iskandar yang suka makan nasi kandar.

I will cut your penis!

I will cut your penis!

Zaman ustazah Jilbab itu hidup, bahan mentah dunia seperti minyak telah habis. Manusia terpaksa pakai kuda semula. Pada satu hari, sekumpulan tentera berkuda masuk ke kampung-kampung dan bandar-bandar sambil membawa pengumuman amaran: ” Sesiapa yang cuba menjatuhkan kerajaan raja Mahkota Alam, akan dianggap penderhaka dan pemberontak itu akan dihukum pancung!!”

Raja Iskandar berkuda dengan beberapa ratus ribu tentera berkuda menuju ke satu daerah hutan belantara. Tiba di satu tempat , barulah tentera berkuda itu sedar bahawa Raja Iskandar tidak bersama mereka, tadi ada. Ke manakah raja Iskandar? Tiba-tiba mereka melihat seorang di puncak bukit. Suara orang itu menjerit menggunakan alat pembesar suara: ” Kamu semua telah terperangkap. Di sekeliling kamu ialah periok api tertanam dalam bumi. Aku ialah Raja Iskandar, menyokong golongan ulamak”. Sebenarnya Raja Iskandar telah mengadakan pertemuan sulit dengan golongan ulamak yang memberontak . Untuk Pembaca Blog ini.

“Kita akan laksanakan tindakan kedua. Kita mendapat maklumat daripada syeikh Idris bahawa pihak istana telah memberikan kebenaran pihak saudagar membuat hari promosi di dalam istana. Saudagar upahan kita akan melaksanakan tindakan rahsia berikutnya. ” Siapakah yang memberitahu syeikh Idris tentang maklumat itu? Balqis! Burung ini telah diperintahkan oleh ustazah Jilbab untuk terbang masuk ke istana untuk mendengar sebarang perbualan yang boleh diambil sebagai maklumat yang terbocor.

“Ke manakah tentera yang dipimpin oleh adik beta? Kita kekurangan tentera untuk mengawasi gerakan revolusi golongan ulamak di mana-mana daerah dalam negara beta? Panggil tentera berkuda yang masuk hutan itu kembali segera. Jangan dicari lagi kediaman ustazah Cipap tersebut!!!” Perdana Menteri itu kelihatan pucat dan menggigil sedikit. “Ampun Tuanku, patik tidak mendapat maklumat tentang hal tersebut. Walaubagaimanapun, patik akan segera memaklumkan mereka agar segera pulang.”

Walaubagaimanapun, tentera yang terperangkap di hutan itu tidak dapat menghubungi atau dihubungi kerana mereka telah dilarang membawa sebarang alat komunikasi oleh Raja Iskandar. Alasan Raja Iskandar beri arahan tersebut ialah kerana beliau bermimpi akan bertemu dengan ustazah Latifah Rabbaniah di hutan jika beliau pergi masuk ke hutan dengan ratusan ribu tentera yang tidak membawa alat komunikasi. Semua ini penipuan Raja Iskandaar yang ingin membantu pemberontakan golongan ulamak kerana Raja ISKANDAR sedar pemberontakan golongan ulamak itu bukanlah keganasan tetapi Jihad Fisabilillah, amalan ibadat yang diwajibkan Oleh Tuhan, pemberontakan yang suci mulia!!!

Pada hari ini, golongan saudagar telah masuk ke istana. Promosi berjalan lancar. Tiba-tiba satu demi satu jasad jatuh ke lantai dan tanah , dalam dan luar istana tersebut. Hanya golongan saudagar yang diupah tidak pengsan. Gas ubat pengsan telah dialirkan melalui saluran alat penghawa dingin dan lain-lain cara. Tidak lama kemudian pintu gerbang istana dibuka. Tentera Revolusi Islam Tulin, tentera jihad dipimpin ulamak masuk menyerbu ke dalam istana. Di banyak kawasan peperangan telah berlaku serentak. Tentera Raja Mahkota Alam seluruhnya telah diperangi secara tiba-tiba dan tidak diduga. Rakyat yang memberontak menjadi tentera Revolusi Islam Tulin. Wanita dan Lelaki !!! Bersama-sama berjihad fisabilillah di medan-medan perang!!!

Ohh! Seekor syaitan telah menjelma menjadi manusia , memberitahu Raja Mahkota Alam dan beberapa pembesar negara . Justeru, mereka segera menyembunyikan diri di bilik – bilik bawah istana, bilik bawah tanah. Mereka memakai topeng gas buatan ISRAEL DAN USA!!!

Tentera-tentera MAHKOTA  Alam tewas di banyak kawasan. Mereka telah ditawan. Yang melarikan diri dikejari. Beberapa kawasan, dipanggil kembali ke istana untuk menyelamatkan Raja Mahkota Alam. Maka berlakulah peperangan di luar dan dalam istana. Yang sedar daripada pengsan telah diikat oleh tentera Jihad. Tiba-tiba satu tubuh terbang ke atas istana. Dia kini melihat di hadapan dia ada satu jasad . Seekor harimau kumbang melompat ke arah syaitan yang terbang tadi. Pergelutan terjadi . Syaitan itu tiba-tiba mengecilkan diri menjadi serangga dan terbang jauh dari istana. Ustazah Jilbab tiba-tiba naik ke bumbung istana.

“Hentikan! Hentikan! HENTIKANNNNNNNN PEPERANGAN. Jika tidak, aku akan berdoa agar kemaluan tentera Raja Mahkota Alam berubah menjadi CIPAP PANAS!!! ” Ugutan daripada ustazah Latifah menyebabkan tentera raja Mahkota Alam terkejut cimpazee(sepupu beruk). Ramai tentera Raja Mahkota Alam yang buka zip seluar dan melihat kemaluan mereka untuk memastikan buah zakar mereka masih ada.Seorang askar bertanya kepada kawannya dengan nada suara seperti pelakon filem P.Ramlee , Ali Baba dengan 40  penyamun: “Anta ada berapa?”. Kawannya menjawab dengan nada suara arab seperti dalam filem itu juga: “Ana ada tiga bijilahh!” “Kenapa ada tigalahh?”  “ITU dua biji testis campur satu batang, jawabnya tigalahh!” “Masya-Allah, anta banyak geniuslahh!!. Ana kagumlahh! Ana punya kawan masih ada kotelahh!! Ana punya kawan sudah geniuslahh!!” Askar itu menunggang kuda ke sana-sini menghebahkan berita kegeniusan sahabat dia itu. Orang ramai yang mendengar dan menyaksikan peristiwa itu mengangkat tangan ke langit, berdoa :”Alhamdulillah….”. Akhirnya tentera Raja Mahkota Alam mengangkat bendera putih. Raja Mahkota Alam terpaksa naik ke istana setelah bertahan selama sebulan bersembunyi dalam bilik bawah tanah. Bekalan makanan dan minuman telah habis. Terpaksa naiklah. Bila naik, mereka terus ditangkap .

Selamat datang ke majlis perkahwinan antara Raja Iskandar dengan Ustazah Latifah Rabbaniah. Itulah papantanda di hadapan gerbang istana itu. Syeikh dari Arab Saudi yang bernama al-Mahdi Ahmadiah ditabalkan menjadi khalifah negeri ini. MAKA TERBENTUKLAH SEBUAH KERAJAAN YANG BERSIFAT DI PERSIMPANGAN KUTUB YANG BERNAMA NEGARA ATAU KERAJAAN  PINTU LANGIT KE 7 (DALAM BAHASA ARAB, LIPUR -LARA WARIS TAMINGSARI TAK TAHULAH).

Golongan keluarga raja dan raja Mahkota Alam dipenjarakan . Selepas bebas, mereka membuat perkampungan khas untuk mereka sahaja dengan membeli satu kawasan tanah. Ramai rakyat yang membenci mereka . Rakyat menganggap wang gaji , harta dan seluar dalam yang dipakai oleh raja Mahkota Alam dan keluarga raja itu tidak sah dimiliki dan tidak sah digunakan. Haram kerana selama ini mereka tidak sepatutnya menguasai pemerintahan. Hanya ulamak berkelayakan yang boleh jadi pemerintah. Justeru, ada yang meminta raja dan keluarga raja tanggalkan seluar dalam! 

“Kau pengkhianat keluarga!!! Kau bersubahat dengan golongan pemberontak!! Kau patut dihukum MATI!!! Kami seperti dipulaukan oleh masyarakat ketika kami menjadi orang awam. Perniagaan kami terus merosot. Kalau harta kami semakin sedikit, kami nak makan apa? Wang kami terus berkurangan dan kamu bersetuju dengan khalifah agar harta kami dirampas kerana dianggap kami tak berhak memilikinya!!!

“Bertenang kanda Mahkota Alam. Tiada keistimewaan terhadap golongan raja dan keluarga raja. Nabi menerangkan tiada kelebihan kepada seseorang melainkan keimanan yang lebih. Darah kanda juga merah seperti rakyat. Kentut kanda juga busuk seperti rakyat.”

” Orang yang mula-mula menjumpai tanah ini dan membina perumahan ialah moyang kita. Justeru, negara ini milik raja dan keturunannya dan keluarga raja. Justeru raja layak memerintah secara monarki!!”

” Tiada dalam hadis atau al-Quran yang membenarkan sesebuah keluarga itu memerintah secara monarki dan memiliki sesebuah negara atau negeri! Kanda sangat sesat. Bertaubatlah. Insaflah sebelum malaikat mencabut nyawa kanda”.

“Dinda Iskandar! Kanda bermimpi bahawa dalam mimpi itu seorang tua berserban mengatakan boleh monarki !”

“Syaitan telah masuk ke mimpi kanda. Apa pendapat kanda tentang istiadat lubang diraja? Bertaubatlah. Ucapkanlah lailahaillalah Muhammadarrasulullah”.

Raja Mahkota Alam terdiam dan tunduk kepala dia. Dia mula rasa malu. “Dinda benar, selama ini beta dan keluarga kita dalam kesesatan yang  nyata.” Maka, menangislah Raja Mahkota Alam dan mengucapkan syahadat dan beristighfar. Raja Mahkota Alam kembali ke kampung diraja dan meminta keluarga dia bertaubat . Seruan dia itu dipatuhi. Kecuali seorang yang keras kepala, adik bongsu dia yang bernama Raja Geng Hiss Kan. rahsia alam

Istiadat lubang diraja? Dalam istiadat penghormatan rakyat terhadap raja dan sebagai tanda janji setia rakyat, rakyat dikehendaki bertelanjang bulat dan meletakkan kedua tapak tangan , satu lutut kiri dan jari-jari kaki kiri dan sebahagian kecil tapak kaki kiri ke lantai. Kaki kanan pula diangkat seperti anjing nak atau sedang kencing. Dalam keadaan begitulah rakyat dimestikan berjalan ke arah raja dan permaisuri dia. Kemudian dengan minta izin dan diberikan keizinan, rakyat itu dimestikan cium dan jilat lubang dubur raja dan permaisuri sambil berkata “uuuu sedapnya!” Dimestikan jilat dan cium dan berkata seperti itu selama 28800 saat!!! Jika tak buat begitu, hukuman akan dilakukan iaitu ada keluarga raja akan merogol ibu , kakak, nenek, MOYANG (wanita) dan adik perempuan si rakyat yang tak buat begitu. Merogol sehingga mangsa pengsan atau mati kerana lama perogolan itu!!! Apa nak takut? Raja dan keluarga raja ada SISTEM KEKEBALAN DIRAJA yang meletakkan diri mereka setaraf TUHAN. Tuhan berhak berbuat sekehendakNYA . Tiada dosa Tuhan jika tuhan berbuat apa sahaja yang jadi kehendakNYA!!! Padahal nabi Muhammad IALAH MAKHLUK YANG ALLAH S.W.T PALING CINTAI namun Allah tidak pula beri keizinan kepada nabi Muhammad untuk melakukan apa-apa yang telah diharamkan oleh ALLAH AZZAWAJALLA. Nabi Muhammad tidak pernah mengarahkan orang menyebut ” Ampun tuanku Muhammad, Daulat Muhammad, beribu-ribu ampun patik ucapkan,….” sebab hal-hal itu pasti menyebabkan timbul kesombongan kepada yang dipuja seperti kesombongan yang seberat zarah, bahkan itu adat gila yang zalim kerana tidak perlu, bukan kecemasan, tiada logik, bidaah sesat haram, menyusahkan manusia dan lain-lain lagi. Bahkan nabi Muhammad tidur dan duduk bersama orang-orang yang miskin padahal beliau ialah PEMERINTAH TERTINGGI NEGARA !!! Tiada istana yang terdiri dengan megah sombong. Rumah nabi Muhammad tidak membazirkan wang rakyat. Utusan negara asing tercari-cari dimanakah istana nabi Muhammad yang tentera beliau telah mengalahkan kuasa besar ketika itu. Maka, dicari-carilah Muhammad itu. Oh itu dia, nabi sedang berbaring dengan orang-orang miskin!!! Sanggupkah raja-raja sekarang berperangai seperti nabi ini sebagai tanda mereka tidak sombong, tidak bermegah dan tidak suka kezaliman?? Jika seseorang raja itu tidak sombong, tentulah dia akan letak jawatan dan menyerahkan jawatan pemerintah kepada golongan ulamak yang layak menjadi IMAM ATAU KHALIFAH!!!!

Iskandar dan Latifah berpindah di tempat rahsia . Iskandar memakai janggut dan berjambang palsu serta menggunakan nama samaran. Mereka tidak mahu dikenali lagi . Mereka sudah merasa indah beruzlah. Hanya Balqis & sang harimau kumbang tahu hal ini. Satu hari, Iskandar & Latifah menunggang kuda yang sama ke hutan. Latifah merindui rumah lama dia, batang pokok dan Madu. Wah! Madu dah ada keluarga. Dah ada “suami” dan beberapa ekor anaknya. Iskandar telah mengetahui bahawa isteri beliau bukanlah seorang wali Allah namun dia tetap berminat mempelajari tarekat.

Aneh, sebenarnya Iskandar tidak pernah melihat wajah Latifah. Pada satu petang, Iskandar meminta Latifah membuka wajah. Latifah pun bukalah. Melihat isteri beliau, Iskandar tiba-tiba jatuh ke lantai, badannya terbaring dan kemudian berpusing-pusing ke kiri dan ke kanan sambil Iskandar memegang perut dengan kedua-dua tapak tangan dia. Sakit perut Iskandar. Asyik ketawa. Lucu melihat wajah Latifah. “Abang!! Abang!! Abang  sudahlah!! “. Latifah sangat tersinggung perasaan. Dia melarikan diri , menunggang kuda , masuk ke hutan tetapi Iskandar yang asyik ketawa , terpejam mata tidak menyedari hal itu!!!



Kuda itu bergerak pantas ke arah satu denai. Membawa bersama perasaan dendam yang menggila. “aarggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!”. Jeritan dan ratapan berulang-ulang. Kini berada di hadapan tumbuhan bercabang-cabang yang berduri-duri. Tumbuhan-tumbuhan itu dicantas-cantas. Maka berselerak dan kelihatan apa yang dilindungi pokok rendah itu. Sebuah denai rahsia bawah tanah!!!

Dia pun menunggang kuda, masuk ke dalam. Sebuah perjalanan sejauh setengah batu hendak dirasai. Di dalam perjalanan, bau kemenyan , malahan bau busuk mayat pun ada.  Terowong itu semakin meluas hingga nampak semakin kehutanan, banyak pokok hidup di dalamnya.

“Apa tujuanmu, adakah engkau pemilik pedang Gelombang Asmara?” “Ya, wahai kelawar pontianak!” Ikutlah aku berjumpa ketuaku. Baiklah.

Dia bergerak ke belukar. Kompas tak guna!!! Bukankah di sini? Dia memanggil beberapa nama. Senyap. Dia ternampak seseorang. Dia menjerit memanggil. Orang tersebut berkuda laju menuju ke satu tempat. Dia mengejar orang tersebut. “Latifah jangan tinggal daku!”

Di atas, sepasang mata mencari-cari. Terbang laju. Ada benda mengikuti dia tanpa di sedari.

Dia mengali-gali dinding rumah. Untuk meluaskan. 1 JAM , KEMUDIAN, dia naik ke satu tempat. Berada dalam batang. Satu bau tiba-tiba masuk ke lubang hidung Madu. Dia tak jadi keluar. Dia memerhatikan dari dalam. Tiada nampak benda itu. Nasib baik anak-anaknya dalam tanah. Madu kenal bau itu. Bau sibelang. Pokok-pokok di hadapan itu bergerak-gerak. Mata Madu merah. Air mula keluar. Jatuh mengalir dari kelopak. Satu benda di dalam mulut bertaring. Suami Madu dibaham Harimau belang. Madu berdendam.



Aaaa, Nilah RimauYangBahamJantanMadu.

Aaaa, Nilah RimauYangBahamJantanMadu.

Dengan berpakaian sangat jarang dan tipis, wanita cantik itu bergerak menghampiri lelaki itu. Wanita itu menyanyi lagu tanya sama hati(=lagu Itulah Sayang) yang dinyanyikan P.RAMLEE tetapi senikata dah berubah:

Nanti suami tanya

Apa dalam kain?

Nanti jawab bini

I don’t know

Nanti suami selak

Bini cuba lari

Main kejar-kejar

Macam budak kecik

Jikalau tidak cinta menembus

Langit ke tujuh Tak mungkin buka

Andainya itu teguhkan diri

istiqamahlah wahdatulwujud

Ehh dinda, kenapa dinda hari ini begitu mengghairahkan? “Kanda khalifah Ahmadiah. Dinda umpama barang mainan.” Tiba-tiba wanita itu kelihatan cemas. Matanya memandang ke arah satu sudut dinding. Khalifah Ahmadiah kehairanan.

Di satu dasar lautan, satu angkatan IFRIT sedang berkumpul. Mereka tidak senang hati kerana di muka bumi ini telah tertegak sebuah kerajaan yang berstatus “Di Persimpangan Kutub”. Azazil telah memerintahkan angkatan komandonya itu untuk bergerak ke arah Pintu Langit Ke 7. Tetapi mereka hanya akan menghampiri dan berkhemah di satu tempat sahaja. Jika wanita yang berpakaian tipis itu berjaya, maka mereka tidak akan menyerang dan kembali ke dasar laut di segi 3 Bermuda.

Di satu puncak gunung tertinggi di negara itu, keharuman yang luarbiasa. Kelip-kelip aneh demikian banyak. Menjadi lampu yang berwarna-warni silih-berganti. Keindahan yang tersembunyi. Di situ jugalah tempat curahan airmata seorang manusia.

Wanita itu menangis meraung-raung.  Dia memukul-mukul batang pokok dengan kedua-dua tangan. Tak puas begitu, dia menghantuk-hantuk kepala ke pokok tersebut. Raungan yang  dapat didengari dalam jarak 1 kilometer. Mengejutkan penghuni rimba. Lima pasang kaki bergerak ke arah raungan.  Suara dia semakin perlahan. Tubuh semakin lemah. Mata semakin kuyu. Wanita itu menyedari bunyi kaki-kaki itu. Dia bergerak dalam keadaan meniarap untuk bersembunyi. Ke semua kaki itu  kini bergerak ke sana-sini di kawasan itu. Latifah berada di bawah semak-samun, pokok-pokok rendah. Dia memegang perut dan ponggong. Takut terkentut. “Dei! Siapa kentut ni!! Busuk sangatlah! Raja lalat pun boleh pengsan ! ” Aku tak kentut! Aku pun! Aku juga! “Aaa!, kalau begitu, kaulah, yang melepaskan angin”! Pandir marah:  “Aku diam, bukan bermakna aku yang kentut. Aku berani bersumpah! Suara tangisan itu di sini, tetapi tiada sesiapa. Mungkin ini Pontianak yang kentut!” “Prootttpuuuuuuuuuutt!!”.

“AAA, bunyi kentut itu dalam semak tu, ini tentu Pontianak yang lepaskan angin”. “Betulkah ini Pontianak?” “Cubalah kau fikir pandir, dalam hutan ini mana ada orang nak duduk. Suara perempuan pula meraung. Ini tentu Pontianak”. “EEeee seramlah kalau betul, aku nak larilah”. “Tak perlu lari, jangan takut, kalau kau tak berani sentuh, biar aku dan tiga kawanku rogol Pontianak ini. Kau cuma perlu merakamkan kejadian rogol dan lepas tu  aku akan muat naik dalam you tube. Faham?” Pandir mengangguk-ngangguk dan tersengih. “Video ini akan jadi terhebat di dunia , yang paling menarik. Sebelum aku muat naik, aku akan minta syarikat google bayar aku RM1 billion. RM1000 JUTA akan dibahagikan dengan lima orang, jawabnya ialah RM200 juta. “Ya ya kita akan jadi jutawan segera!! lalu mereka ketawa serentak. Kalau tak nak bayar, kita tak akan muat naik. Sebelum tu , kita akan panggil wakil google untuk melihat kewujudan video ini. “Ya ya, idea yang bagus, kami setuju bang gendut”.  Mereka bergerak perlahan-lahan ke arah semak itu dengan gaya seperti hendak menangkap sesuatu. “Hai Pontianak jelita, keluarlah dari semak, kami nak rogol awak!” Lalu mereka ketawa . Latifah pun keluar dari semak itu. “Ehh, Pontianak pun ada spesis warak, pakai jilbab pula”. “Bodohlah kamu semua? Kalau dia pakai jilbab bermakna dia bukan hantu tetapi manusia”. Lalu mereka beramai-ramai bersorak-sorak, wah-wah kita dapat manusia hari ini. Mereka cuba menerkam Latifah. Latifah segera membuka jilbab. Mereka tak jadi menerkam. Pandir yang lihat wajah hodoh latifah, segera lari sambil menjerit, hantu, hantu, lari lari lari. Pandir lari tak tentu arah, terlanggar semak-samun, pokok dan terjatuh bangun dan terjatuh bangun dan lari lagi , entah ke mana. Tidak kelihatan lagi pandir. Manakala, empat orang lagi tersungkur dan berguling-guling di atas Tanah sambil menekan-nekan perut kerana gelihati melihat wajah Latifah macam faraj. Mereka ketawa sangat lama dan akhirnya suara mereka tidak kedengaran lagi. Latifah pergi ke arah lelaki-lelaki tersebut. Tapak tangan kanan Latifah menampar seperti gaya menyapu tapak tangan kiri dan begitulah sebaliknya beberapa kali. Latifah tersenyum dan mengucapkan Alhamdulillah. Dia bergerak pergi dari situ perlahan-lahan. Ke semua lelaki itu telah mati kerana terlalu senak perut sebab terlalu ketawa.






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All of Cyber Criminals!! Why sabotage DPK site? I never make any sin to you. Why you have revenge to me? Why?! Look at my nostril!! You will love my nostril!!

All of Cyber Criminals!! Why sabotage DPK site? I never make any sin to you. Why you have revenge to me? Why?! Look at my nostril!! You will love my nostril!!


KENYATAAN INI DIBUAT PADA JAM 2.44 PAGI MALAM SABTU 5 JULAI 2014 dan kesilapan telah dipadamkan pada editan 19 julai 2014. Harap maafkan saya:[T= This information created at 2.44 am on Saturday 5 July 2014 and any error already deleted . Forgive me as my hope];

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1= What you wrote are insinuation, to make realization to peoples who like to be evil and to people who like to make porn and sex articles.

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I hope I will be more honourable in my writing and have no porn or sex matter in my writing, have no 100%.  Peoples who make porn videos, who watch porn videos, who read porn articles ARE peoples who have dirty in their heart, who have sin and mad disease, inclusive people who see porn image!!!

On 8 March 2014 [write at 5.34 am 8 March 2014] I investigated whole content of all my pages and posts and I believed that whole those articles we can treat still in safe category. I mean, whole those articles are not in evil or porn or sex category. I hope I will write ” –> X”  at the top of my new page or my new post. “–>X” is mean ” Avoid or Block Or Destroy or Do not make porn or sex articles or Do not put porn or sex image or videos to any my new page and post”. –>X is also mean throw and destroy any content which contain porn, evil and sex matter OR ANYTHING THAT CAUSE PEOPLE ANGRY BECAUSE HAVE NO justice STATEMENT OR LOGIC OR TRUE FACT  .”

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Pada 10112013,halaman PeloporBintangPertamaDuniaBerkata telah disabotaj dengan mengghaibkannya atau membuat pautan ini pergi ke halaman lain tanpa memaparkan halaman yang seperti ghaib itu. Webhooks ialah satu cara orang YANG TERTENTU menceroboh akaun pengguna wordpress untuk disabotajkan???

Pada 10112013,halaman “PeloporBintangPertamaDuniaBerkata”  kelihatan seperti  disabotaj dengan mengghaibkannya atau membuat pautan ini pergi ke halaman lain tanpa memaparkan halaman yang seperti ghaib itu. Adakah program  wordpress yang mudah terdedah kepada salah guna dan kemungkinan pencerobohan akaun wordpress? On 7 December 2013, hacker or DPK enemy eliminate DPK homepage from menu list. So  if you (readers) still not see DPK home page , 3-1=Blog DPK Perintis DPK at the menu, please click Blog DPK Perintis DPK post under DPK Revolution OR click 3-2=Blog DPK=Contoh misi DPK>>21OGOS2013<<=>> Dashboard dan website DPK kelihatan telah banyak diubah dan diedit oleh seseorang penggodam atau penjenayah siber. Hal ini terjadi ketika PENGASAS DPK masih hidup dan masih belum menyelesaikan blog DPK ini!!! Bagaimana pula setelah Perintis DPK meninggal dunia??? Tentu lebih hebat serangannya??? Ada serangan terbaru tetapi saya malas memberitahu anda. Saya rasa letih . … Saya beri amaran jika anda melihat sesuatu yang  tidak baik, tidak berkualiti, cacat, kekurangan, tidak benar, tidak tepat, kehilangan, editan dan ubahan yang tidak sempurna dan buruk dan lain-lain yang tidak baik pada masa ini dan pada segala masa akan datang ketika saya hidup atau telah mati, maka , semua itu MUNGKIN dilakukan oleh penceroboh dashboard dan virus serta penjenayah siber. MAKA, HENDAKLAH ANDA SELALU BERWASPADA. Cubalah anda menyalin versi tulin daripada saya dengan pelbagai cara dan menyimpan segera dengan cara paling selamat dan terbaik. Pastikan keadaan website dan versi yang asli dan tulin daripada saya dengan segera sebelum serangan musuh-musuh DPK datang menyerang  website saya dan menceroboh dashboard saya . Terimakasih jika mengingati dan mengikuti pesanan ini (T=Dashboard and DPK website often look like be changed and edited by hacker and people who make crime. These happen juncture DPK pioneer still alive and still not settle this DPK blog!!! How if after DPK pioneer dead??? Surely greater their attack???  Exist new attack but I be lazy to inform  you. I felt tired…. I warn you if you see anything bad, have no quality, flaw, thing become less, not exact, thing missing, thing that edited and thing changed which is not perfect and bad et cetera which are not good at this time and in whole future while I still alive or was dead, so, whole those may happen due to dashboard intruder and virus and cyber criminal. SO, YOU SHOULD OFTEN BE CAUTIOUS. Try you make copy of original version of me with various methods and save immediate with safest and best method. Make sure website condition and original version of me immediate before DPK enemies come to attack my website  and intrude my dashboard. Thank you if remember and obedient this message<< >>10112013<<=>>Semua ini perancangan musuh-musuh DPK iaitu orang tertentu dalam Malah ada banyak lagi perkara buruk lain yang terjadi terhadap website DPK & akaun saya. MALAS NAK CERITA. Akan datang, tak mustahil datang serangan-serangan baru terhadap saya!!!!<<>>16June2013>Warning from this angry tiger: ” AAAuuuummm!!! If you want to block your bad lust such intense sexual desire, you need the best invisible supervisor Which I ever get. This Best Supervisor enable to help you block  and quickest to lessen your intense sexual desire percentage to zero in seconds although you easy to remember your password to get illicit and mad website such porn website!!! It enable to encourage you only will see anything that has no illicit to see and hear. Get your  INTERNET SUPERVISOR HERE NOW!!!!”<<>>15JUNE2013<< = >> Today , this DPK Website owner realize that “Keikhlasan itu terletak antara syurga dan neraka” page is missing from “Choose Categories”. Someone stole this page? Fortunately no missing on dashboard but you still cannot see this page at Choose Categories inclusive at menu. May be someone (hackers) throw “Warning page”  because this page was in rubbish bin at my dashboard wordpress account. SO, MY FACE , NOW IS LIKE A  TIGER THAT ANGRY!!!!?<<>>19July2013<<=>>”AAAAAaaaauuuuummmm!!! Someone (hacker?) change my website such change my website background!!!?” I should bite and kill hacker??? AAAUUUUUMMMMM. Angry!!?”.>>Isnin 3 Jun 2013<<= >>Pada hari ini, jam 2.47 pagi saya , Pengasas Gerakan Revolusi Di Persimpangan Kutub “mengistiharkan” bahawa terdapat bukti-bukti yang kerap terjadi iaitu usaha  pihak untuk menghalang Revolusi DPK tersebar ke dunia. Saya  kerap menghadapi masalah untuk membuka akaun wordpress saya sendiri dan malah web DPK juga seperti dianaktirikan jika ditaip di injin carian. Laman web lain tiada masalah pula jika diakses. Justeru, jika anda mendapati bahawa Gagasan DPK ini tidak selesai seperti yang saya harapkan, maka anggaplah intipati terakhir prinsip DPK itu ialah isi kitab Mengenal Diri & Wali Allah (berkenaan tawasul dalam kitab ini, tiada dalil al-quran atau hadis diberikan untuk membolehkan tawasul). Adakah dan , misalnya, telah diberi tekanan oleh pihak-pihak tertentu agar laman web Di Persimpangan Kutub ini dihalang agar tidak dapat diedit dan dihalang agar tidak dapat diakses oleh dunia??? Intipati lain web DPK ini juga mungkin tak selesai kerana disabotaj (T= Today, at 2.47 am, me, DPK Pioneer inform that evidences which show something often happen about effort made by someone who want to block DPK revolution from be famous in the world. I  often got problem to open my wordpress account and more, DPK web also like be stepchild if type it at search engine. Other web pages have no got any problem if access it. Therefore, if you believe that DPK Concept fail to finish such what I hope, please treat DPK last principle content is content of book “Mengenal Diri & Wali Allah (about “tawasul” at the book, have no any proof at that book from al-Quran or hadith be statement for unprohibit tawasul). Do and, for example, get force from someone so that this DPK website is block so that unable to edit and also block so that world cannot access it? Other DPK website contents may also not finish due to sabotage)<<.Make sure that you are viewing original blog from the pioneer of DPK. Not viewing someone BLOG who impersonate as the pioneer of DPK .The pioneer dislike to be famous and dislike introduce himself. You have no need to know more about himself. Saya cuba untuk sentiasa memastikan bahawa segala laman web saya adalah bersih 100%  daripada gambar yang mendedahkan  aurat dan bersih 100% dari karangan yang merangsangkan nafsu jahat. Walaubagaimanapun, jika masih ada gambar yang mendedahkan aurat, itu mungkin kerana terpaksa dipamerkan kerana sebab-sebab tertentu dan bukan untuk pandangan yang lawan jantina melihatnya. Jika anda mendapati ada karangan dan imej yang perlu dihapuskan dari dipamerkan di web saya, sila beritahu saya. Walaubagaimanapun, saya harap saya sentiasa diampuni berkaitan ini. Astaghfirullaah. Perbuatan memasukkan karangan lucah, imej dan video lucah  ke website sendiri yang banyak dilakukan oleh pemilik-pemilik website di seluruh dunia adalah perbuatan haram besar dan tidak siuman. Tujuannya supaya ramai yang rosak jiwa dan mentalnya suka melawat laman web bodohnya itu!!!  Banyak cara halal untuk menarik pelawat atau pelanggan. Fikirlah!!! .I hope my website free 100% from LEWD compositions, articles, videos, images…. If I can & enable, I will destroy any links , images, videos, articles & other which contain LEWD MATTER!!!  Be habit, many peoples in the world make their websites contain LEWD Matter. These are mad methods , make by mad peoples to make their website be famous and get higher page rank!!! ILLICIT IF READ ANY LEWD MATTER AND ILLICIT ALSO IF SEE  ANY LEWD MATTER AND ILLICIT ALSO HEAR SOMETHING THAT ALLAH (GOD) PROHIBITED TO HEAR IT!!!  IF MY WEBSITE HAS SOMETHING ILLICIT, FORGIVE ME AND TELL AND REMIND ME, AND GIVE ME ANY ADVICE AND I HOPE ALLAH WILL  GIVE FORGIVENESS TO ME. If there are any mistake at my blog/website or I have make any illicit matter, excuse me! and tell me to delete illicit matter (links, image,video,article,….).  My notes or what I typed at my website may HAVE NO EXPLAIN any new change made by whoever . Many pages at my website can give new informations at next time or other time. My note symbol = N>……..<N(However, may be I have no use this at some column). Indexing….about title & contents. I use :-,>,* & other (may be) for explaining something & for make sign of  information parts. If you (readers) see >>….<<  or N>…..N< and at ….. I write date, this is mean date of new editing or update to make any change or addition, to delete any wrong information or other. May be I will write any statement there (at …..  at >>…..<< & N>….<N). May be I use “(T=………) ” to make any translation in English. T is mean Translation in Malay Language .A NEW NAME FOR ALCOHOL IS ETHANOL. ALCOHOL IS LIQUOR AND ILLICIT TO BE A MEDICINE OR BEVERAGE. PLEASE OFTEN REMEMBER THIS & TELL YOUR FAMILY AND OTHER MUSLIMS.Perbuatan menggodam adalah contoh perbuatan paling biadab dan paling tidak bermaruah, kebanyakannya dilakukan oleh orang yang sakit jiwa. Penggodam telah berjaya menghilangkan gambar ikon “SEKATPORNO” pada sidebar menu di website saya. Saya telah melampirkan semula ikon blockporn itu di sidebar menu.TenteraJihadBeriAmaranPIONEER SAID : I FELT  MY WISH NOW  IS  GOING TO KILL  YOU, OH VERY MAD HACKERS!!!!!?? ON 12 January 2013, The Pioneer begin to realize that the  translation of Pioneer’s website in English have bad matters such: 1= Those  translations have opposite meanings , not  such the original site (which wrote by the pioneer) such the term(OR condition or requirements) to make blog like pioneer’s site (DPK /this blog). The meaning of DPK (TERMINOLOGY) also have wrong meanings, not such the original site. CAUTIOUS!!! 2= The grammar of English in those translations are wrong, other are correct. If English in pioneer’s site also has wrong grammar, readers can make the corrections  3=Have no completed translations. Important sentences have no translations in English yet. Some sentences are combined with malay words (Are these give understand to readers?) SO I HOPE EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD CAN BE PATIENT BECAUSE I (THE PIONEER OF DPK) STILL LEARNING ENGLISH TO TRANSLATE WHOLE MY WORDS WHICH YOU READ AT  THIS MY BLOG /SITE (DPK). WHO MAKE THESE TRANSLATIONS? PEOPLE WHO WORK AT GOOGLE COMPANY MAKE THESE TRANSLATIONS OF PIONEER’S SITE (DPK)???! BETTER YOU (READERS) HAVE NO CLICK “TRANSLATE THIS PAGES” ? Pernah Perintis DPK membaca ayat yang bermaksud: Allah berfirman: Manusia yang berdosa itu adalah gila (DPK PIONEER ever read the sentence which is mean: Allah said: Human who commit a sin are mad). Imam Ghazali dikatakan pernah berkata yang bermaksud: Ke mana pun aku pergi , tiada ku jumpa seorang pun yang berhati suci. (Imam Ghazali ever said which is mean: Wherever I go, I never meet although a human who has nice behaviour). DPK PIONEER SAID THAT: I NEVER SEE ANY HUMAN WHO FREE 100% FROM MAD DISEASE (Perintis DPK mengatakan bahawa: Saya tidak pernah melihat manusia yang bebas 100% dari penyakit GILA). SESIAPA yang banyak berkata, banyak ketawa & banyak bergurau, hatinya akan mati dengan bertambah titik-titik hitam (dosa) di roh kalbunya!!!!  BERDIAM ATAU MEMBISU KERANA ALLAH ADALAH LEBIH BAIK!!!! (T= Who make much talk, much laugh, their heart will dead with increase black dot (sin) at their heart soul) On 3 March 2013  & ever before it, Pioneer get access to his dashboard (wordpress account) without type password. Why? Because someone hacker get control pioneer’s dashboard? If true,This is intrude action. A rude action. If you (reader) want to see/ read my blog or DPK, you have to be cautious (do not see anything that ALLAH (GOD) prohibit to see it (image, photo, video etc). You also need to mute whatever you cannot hear it because ALLAH prohibit you hear it.Thanks to obedient these rules. Forgive me about anything wrong I make such as what I think about you are not true…..Thanks for forgive me. NEXT TIME, MAY BE I TYPE NEW INFORMATION AT THIS PAGE.

[caption id="attachment_477" align="alignnone" width="245"]Please forgive Pioneer Of DPK. Thanks. Please forgive Pioneer Of DPK. Thanks.

 saving draft please….oh my GOD, give me  your forgiveness…..I AM NOT ……GOD’s lover!!! I only like you. Has many sin…oh…oh…….ohhhhh my GODDDDDDDDDDDDDD………..Crying….sadness….shy…..