Profile Of Imam Mahdi

NAME: Muhammad son of Hasan

Race: Arabian

Address: This world because he can go everywhere in seconds, can walk over ocean and can go to the sky

Physical: Refer to authentic hadis which describe his physical. He stout & very strong.

Job: He can get whatever he wants from ALLAH (GOD) although have no money or no job. He never need identity card or passport.

Age now: refer to true history book about his birth

Academic: He can know  many matter  from Allah, no need study from human.

Marriage: Unknown or have no information about this

Personality: He was very good human because he is ALLAH’s LOVER!!!

Mission: He will safe this world with destroy madness , cruelty. He will teach people about Islam (original) so that people happy in their life at this world and at heaven. So, Allah command him to conquer USA & ISRAEL & this world and he will do it to make sure every race safe, happy and he will destroy indigence so that every race get justice, be rich and happy. So, every race must love and obedient to him (MAHDI)

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  2. […] are authentic hadith books. Example of this sabotage , is eliminate AUTHENTIC HADITH about Mahdi which before elimination, this hadith be content of Bukhari Shahih Book [one of kutubussittah]. The […]


  3. […] Mahdi is Allah’s lover. He will meet Prophet Isa. Gabriel is a friend to prophet Isa. So, when Mahdi meet Prophet Isa, is not impossible if he also meet Gabriel. So, is not impossible if Gabriel tell Mahdi about what will happen. Allah give karamah to Mahdi , that is can  still alive without weak or without old which weak. Allah wants Mahdi become a world leader in future. So, is not impossible if Allah [GOD] give various karamah to him so that every human being in this world will believe that MAHDI is Allah’s lover who become an eli inta Da la urna!!! […]


  4. […] matter in business and finance system] still happen in  WHOLE OR MANY ISLAMIC BANK in the world. MAHDI will destroy RIBA. RIBA IS ILLICIT IN PURE ISLAM TEACHING!!! False Islamic Bank which exist at […]


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  6. […] Di Persimpangan Kutub sehingga datang bintang utama pengakhiran yang menjadi bintang sebenar iaitu Imam Mahdi. Di Persimpangan Kutub menggunakan teori DPK sebagai sensor of the truth yang utama untuk mencari, […]


  7. […] The book of “IMAM MAHDI YANG DITUNGGU DAN MALAPETAKA AKHIR ZAMAN”. This book about MAHDI, the last caliph who […]


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