“Alpaibaka” is a strange soul problem? –>”DPK 51%:=” in Kitaran Personaliti Theory!!!

I always angry to mum, so, God give alpaibaka to me so that I get sadness!!!

I always angry to mum, so, God give alpaibaka to me so that I get sadness!!!


First Riddle:

Sometimes ten touch it

Sometimes five touch it

Sometimes two touch it

Sometimes one touch it

What is this baby?

Second Riddle:

When it move from above to below, it be one thing

When it move from above to below, after that, from below to above, it be one thing also

When it move from above to below, after that, from below to above & after that be double from start, it be one thing also

What is that honey?


When it move, it become shorter

When it become shorter, it will not exist

When it not exist, will exist long again


The founder of Di Persimpangan Kutub movement found other soul problem in the research about mental and soul. This soul problem look strange and crazy. Alpaibaka is come from malay words namely “Alpa ibarat dipukau”. We might treat that people who get alpaibaka get pukau. What is “pukau?” Pukau is a malay word. Pukau is one method of sihir . Sihir is malay word, is mean sorcery.  Sorcery is stupid and illicit knowledge [illicit to practise] in ISLAM. ISLAM forbid it. Pukau is sihir method for make someone did not realize what they do. For the example, if sorcerer wants you give $1000000 to him without reason, the sorcerer will use pukau method so that you get pukau effect. When you got pukau effect, you will give $1 million to the sorcerer. Sorcerer also use pukau for make someone sleep. When you are sleeping, sorcerer enter to your home and steal anything he want.

However, Alpaibaka is not pukau or sihir effect although you might see someone who get alpaibaka look get pukau effect. In Kitaran Personaliti theory, Alpaibaka is mean:

” Realize what he/she will do or what he/she doing is something dangerous or  not useful but still hope that dangerous or not useful matter will not happen although his/her heart more believe that he/she might get bad effect if do it”.

Alpaibaka  is like crazy deed or very fool action. Could you give any example for Alpaibaka condition?

Now, I give you several sample for Alpaibaka:

1= Drive a car & collide an oil palm or one coconut at the road although has ability to avoid the car collide it.

2= Transfer your money to other account [not your account, but other people’s account] as a tax payment for money prize you got. Someone sent a message to your phone and told that your telephone number won and reason that you will get money prize but before that, you have to pay few money to someone account as a tax payment. You got a command for someone you never know who ask you pay the tax through ATM [Auto Teller Machine] of bank. Although your brain think that this might a cheat reason you did not see any logic why you can get the money and did not see any logic reason why people want give you money prize, but you direct do this stupid action because your soul got Alpaibaka.

Now, we want to know any sample which become factor for Alpaibaka:

1= Experience distress or get mishap or bad luck in very long time or  always got bad luck, when come something cause happy, who get alpaibaka make something for get what they think can give happiness although the matter is dangerous and have no any logic why the matter can give happiness.

2= Got many bad luck , when something dangerous come to him, he feel lazy to avoid the dangerous matter [ be due to got many bad luck] although he has ability to avoid it. He only hope such hope in Alpaibaka terminology.

3= Make many sin

4= Show anger to mum and show rude action when angry like snarl. Islam forbid we show rude action to mum. This is big sin. Our big sin to our mum cause we get Alpaibaka.



Why Prophet Muhammad said that : “The most clever people is who most much remember about death”.  Why who most often remember about death is  THE most clever people in the world??

Imagine in your mind. you always remember about death. You look at the tree, you imagine the tree is look like a grave stone. You look at the ground, suddenly you remember about corpse. So, you remember about death again.  Afterwards You go nearby a river and you remember about crocodile. Dangerous animal. So, you remember again about death. You feel very afraid, anxious. Afraid about what? Anxious about corpse? Because the corpse will wake up , alive again but is not be human being, but corpse change to a Ghost and will suck your blood??  You run, escape, go away from there. Ghost and crocodile will kill you.

Now, you at your home. Still remember about corpse and dangerous river. These mind make you remember about your sin. And about how many good deed you had . Do God accept your good deed? Is mean do you get merit or gain or reward from God for your good deeds? Sometimes you do not honest but if you feel honest, may Allah [God] said that actually you are not honest. What you feel , only you emotion, not true honest. You think about whole of these, imagine in your mind. This cause you be very sad. Afterwards you cry and cry. Next, you pray and say to God, “Oh My God, Please forgive me. Please make my faith be more strong. PLEASE help me to obedient to you on whole matter. Please love me and please make me love you very MUCH. Amiin.”

Next day, you be more cautious. Did not want to make anything illicit. You always alone to make anything which useful to you, useful for your hereafter life. You hate porn videos. You hate liquer. You hate prostitute. You hate adultery. You hate gambling. You hate waste the time with unuseful matter such entertainment [hear songs, music,…play any game etc] because Allah [GOD] create human being, not for play any game, not for play sex, not for eat and drink, not for sleep, not for rest, not for read something illicit, not for see anything illicit [such porn image], not for make joke , april fool, laught and laught like mad people, not for….and not for….. BUT ALLAH CREATE HUMAN BEING SO THAT THEY PERFORM RELIGIOUS OBLIGATIONS.

Next day more, you  become more diligent to make good deeds like pray, solat, read al-Quran, study about hadith etc.

Suddenly, Your fat neighbour come . Meet you. His name , Charlie Chaplin. Charlie has high degree, phd. He is a professor. A famous scientist. He call you, stupid boy. Why? Because you always alone at your home. He treat you are robot. Because you have no emotion to play something, any game, have no want to marry, no emotion love, no want to get adventure or not adventurous. “Hi superstupid, you be like that because you have no degree. I have degree, so , I was one of most clever people in the world but you are one of most stupid people in the world!!”

Pray in ISLAM: Solat !

Pray in ISLAM: Solat ! This is like you?

One month later, a man who ride a very fast horse with flag come to your home. You at home. Now, a man , in front of you. “Asalamualaikum. I am death angel messenger. Take this flag and read what I wrote at the flag”. Afterwards, he ride again his horse, go away from you and disappear. This is what he write:

“You may die tomorrow , at one post meridiem. You have four sin balance at your heart. Please try to clean these before I kill you. From IZRAIL, Death Angel”. OOOOh my God. You feel very anxious. You cry and cry , non-stop. NO stop……………

One morning, you still at your room. You wake up. Direct you remember about death message. You direct pray and cry, ” Oh God , please clean these four sin. Please accept my repent…..” Suddenly, one man fly and go into your room through your room window. He pull out your soul, very carefully, very slow. And you dead with very sweet smile. You, now, in earth, under ground. You are a new corpse. You feel calm. You feel your grave is very wide. You feel cool. Suddenly, you see a very handsome man nearby you. “Who are you?”, You ask him. “Relax, do not be afraid. I am your good deeds when you at world, now I become a handsome man to help you more calm. Mungkar & Nangkir will come immediate to ask you several question. Please answer with calmness. Afterwards, Mungkar & Nangkir come . Their face are very eeriness and their voice like thunder sound, also very eeriness. However you gave whole right answer by easy and calm. Afterwards, Mungkar & Nangkir go away from you and lost. Where they are? Your handsome man also lost! Suddenly, a white man come with his horse, with flag. “Congratulation! Allah give forgiveness to you. You have no any sin balance. So, you like a new baby born, 100% have no any sin, full cleanliness. You will go to heaven and meet prophet Muhammad s.a.w .” You said, “Alhamdulillah and thanks for your information. What about Charlie?”. Last death messenger said, ” Your neighbour is not clever people although he has high degree and be professor because he often careless in his life, always enjoy entertainment, game, ….and whole of these cause he always forget about his death date. So, he often lazy to pray , solat, to make any good deeds. He often waste his life time with enjoy like those things. So, he have many sin at his heart. Allah angry to him. So, Charlie get misfortune . One big lorry collide his car. Now, Charlie in his grave and Mungkar & Nangkir still torture him repeatedly because he cannot give right answer when Mungkar & Nangkir ask him about “Who is your GOD?” The conclusion of what incident happen is actually Charlie is stupid because his intelligence never help him from misfortune at his grave but you indeed most clever people because your mind about your death date cause you be good person and obedient to GOD. As a result, you now, happy at your grave, in your hereafter life!!””



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