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This post is a content for DPK concept also. Source of ISLAM ? ARE:





Hadith explained about history of Islam, history about Prophet Muhammad life. Any history which is not from hadith , indeed false history???  Hadith explained about any content of al-Furqan. However, not whole people understand about whole content of hadith. Some hadith had meaning which look simple or easy to understand. However may those hadith have not the meaning such we imagine or feel understand. Might us misunderstand or wrong. More dangerous if the explanation contain something wrong plus right or right plus wrong or has wrong meaning and also has right meaning. I call this as “Destroy With Plus ” condition.

Some Islam books , call “Syarah Hadis” . This book explain about hadith or it is hadith explanation book. But, is not impossible if people who ignorant or Islam enemies make explanation about hadith. . So, that “Syarah Hadis”  book also get poison which we call as “Destroy with Plus” OR “Destroy with Change” OR WITH other method, for destroy Pure Islam!!!

When muslim fail to get real meaning about any content of al-Quran or hadith or Syarah Hadis, muslim hope ulema or ulamak can give real and true meaning. But most of them learn it from books or teachers who get poison [= Destroy with….]??? Ignorant muslim government control Islam education, at whole parts in this planet [earth]. We must remember this , everyday. They make ulema as their robot through the education, made by them [government]. So, crazy and evil and ignorance life happen everyday at whole parts in this planet!!! Reason this!!!

So, 3 = ijmak and qias???. But they get this “disease [ get “Destroy with….] “???

So, we need fourth sensor of the truth ??? What is it???



Di Persimpangan Kutub concept!!!!

However Di Persimpangan Kutub detected one big problem to ISLAM!!! What is that????

About explanation which we can see at any page of al-Quran [AL-Quran  which also has explanation to what God [=ALLAH] said]????

No, this is not the big problem but it is also the big problem because if we has two or more al-Quran books, is not impossible if one al-Quran book has any meaning which different to other al-Quran meaning  books or al-Quran translation books, moreover, might has opposite meaning!!! Al-quran fight other al-quran translation books!!!

The big problem I mean is:

When exist any explanation or Islam teaching which never or did not give dalil or evidence from hadith or al-Quran or from any ulema so that show the teaching is indeed from Pure Islam.

This condition might contain true Islam teaching [original Islam] or might contain false ISLAM or might contain wrong and true explanation [=Destroy with plus].

Example of this is about SOLAT???  Muslim do solat, solat movement and what they say in their solat. Which hadith or which content of al-Quran said we must do like that or we can do like that????

How can we solve this problem???

Imagine that indeed exist this condition = some solat movement and what muslim can or must say in solat has evidence from hadith or al-Quran to show muslim can or must do that but some other has not any evidence. The problem is anything which has not any evidence!! Like  false prophet create False Islam teaching!!!

My opinion said that, if this happen, we direct do this but we also direct make new investigation , research . Because we might find any source which contain dalil or evidence which we believe AND THE SOURCE INDEED TRUE, INDEED PURE ISLAM TEACHING!!! Because DPK concept  use theory of ….99.9%.

Because Prophet Muhammad’s friend might memorize prophet Muhammad movement, because Prophet Muhammad said. ” Do like what I do” and not whole his movement contain what he [prophet Muhammad] said about it. However, might some movement has contain what prophet said about but we might never find this source, may in future, we will find it. We also might find any source which contain prophet MUHAMMAD movement without dalil or evidence but the author of this book which explain the movement indeed people who honest and love the truth and what he wrote indeed be REAL ISLAM TEACHING.

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Al-Quran be the sensor of the truth except ignorant people & Islam enemies make change to any content of al-Quran OR give wrong meaning or wrong translation to any words or any content of al-Quran . Some al-Quran, might has wrong meaning and also has right meaning. Whatever be right meaning can be the sensor of the truth.

I hope Islam enemies and ignorant people did not make any change to any content of these Kutub al - Sittah or not give wrong meaning or wrong translation to any content of These Sensor Of The Truth!!!

I hope Islam enemies and ignorant people did not make any change to any content of these Kutub al – Sittah or not give wrong meaning or wrong translation to any content of These Sensor Of The Truth!!!



Only be the sensor of the truth if we can find real meaning of any words in al-Quran. Alone with use this "BIJI Tasbih".

Only be the sensor of the truth if we can find real meaning of any words in al-Quran. Alone with use this “BIJI Tasbih”, FOR praise to ALLAH [=GOD].


IwillBeMostCrazyPeopleInTheWorldFromNowBecauseBeTooHappyDueToIhaveManyMoney!! hahahahahaha!!!


Money oh money…. Richard Millionaire [RM$] HAS 100 BIG COMPANIES, at whole part in this world. He had 100 very beautiful wives, 100 supercars, 100 helicopters, 100 bungalows, 100 small island belong to him.

Surely, we treat he is very lucky man, very happy and had perfect life? He always laughter and will laughter again after last five minutes because be very happy be due to had many money. But, one day he could not laughter again, because his stomach will be sick if laughter. He also get bad news about his companies. About profit become more decline. Direct declining everyday, every minutes. This incident force him sell his helicopters, supercars, bungalows and his island. Also force him to divorce his wives. But he still has one very big bungalow, one helicopter, one supercar and one big company but no be owner of island. He always in grief. Come to grief everyday. But he still a millionaire and rich. Many new problems come to his life every 300 second. Hence, he, sometimes get stress and cause he scream loudly. What he said in his screams? The answer is ” I WILL BE MOST CRAZY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD FROM NOW!” Conclusive, he is not happy man.

Look at that poor man. He also always scream loudly in his grief because no have money to buy his underwear. He only get naked 100%. He ask Tarzan, ” Can you lend me your clothing , please?” Tarzan reply, ” Only this clothing I have. If I lend it to you, IS MEAN I Naked 100% like you. My monkey mum forbid me lend it to you. Sorry again”.

Now, look at other poor man, his name Poorly. Poorly ride his old horse to his office. He have not enough money to buy car, although very old and very cheap car. He never has wife. He still a single. Still youth. However, he always get what he want such enough food, beverage & many other  habitual things we need in our lives. So, he always feel “cool” and happy. However, he still direct make better effort to increase his income. He was very diligent to increase his income. Because be more rich is not a sin.

So, what is real richness meaning? The real richness meaning is what prophet Muhammad speak about it. Saying of prophet Muhammad: ” People who rich is people who rich in his soul”. Soul richness? What is that? Heart richness! This is the answer. But what is the real meaning of heart richness?

Heart richness is mean you have good personality, good behaviour, good characteristic, good habitual. Allah did not look at your richness or money or your properties, but Allah look at your heart. Is there any black dot at your heart or not? How many black dot you have? Is there any white dot at your heart or not? How many white dot you have?

What black and white dot? Black dot is your sin, your bad habitual or behaviour. White dot is your good deed, your good habitual or behaviour. When you make one sin, hence, one new black dot exist at your heart but you cannot see it although you operate your body or use microscope. If Allah accept your repent, black dot will be something vanish.

That millionaire often worry about his future because his company income is not more increase but POORLY accept whatever GOD give to him, accept with calm heart, and still be patient and direct say thanks to his God although sometimes he never have any money. He direct pray and diligent and patient although 100 misfortune happen to him. So, he direct happy and happy. This is real richness. Because what we hope from richness is happiness in the world and hereafter. God only give real happiness to people who obedient to GOD. Obedient cause heart richness. Heart richness cause happiness at this world and hereafter. Happiness at heaven, is mean become rich people at heaven, get whatever he want, free of charge!! Full free.


If you WANT TO get millionaire life without make any job, please search secret meaning [= as secret code] at one short story. The title of this short story is ” Selamat Datang ke Model Kerajaan Di Persimpangan Kutub”. But it is better if you be a muslim , first. The secret meaning is not what you read, also is not like what you quick understand BUT IS WHAT IS REAL MEANING WHICH “HIDE IN ANY MEANING THAT YOU QUICK UNDERSTAND!!” May you get the real meaning when your age is 99 years old 99 days 99 minutes 99 second!

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