Badarila–>Penemuan Terbaru Dalam Kajian Teori Kitaran Personaliti/Newest Discovery In Research Of Kitaran Personaliti Theory

Sabtu 4 OKTOBER 2014[ hari raya aidiladha yang pertama]/ Saturday 4 OCTOBER 2014:[editan terkini= 19 september 2015]:

I am The Founder Of Di Persimpangan Kutub. I am an example human being Who discover BADARILA. What is BADARILA? BADARILA IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PROBLEM KILLER which help us and  it resolve whole problem and matter. Thanks To ALLAH [A GOD] FOR ME  DISCOVER BADARILA.


Badarila is a newest discovery found by DPK Founder. This post is also be the content of Kitaran Personaliti Theory. Teori Kitaran Personaliti ialah penyelidikan yang berkaitan jiwa, keruhanian, akal dan kebiasaan atau tingkahlaku manusia. Penyelidikan ini masih berlangsung, diusahakan oleh Pengasas Gerakan Revolusi Di Persimpangan Kutub/ Theory of Kitaran Personaliti is  a research concerning soul, spiritual, mind and habit or human being behavior. This research still occur, effort by The Founder of Di Persimpangan Kutub Revolution Movement.

 Let us see adventure make by DPK founder’s mind spirit for understand about BADARILA  :

Akalku bergerak pantas di atas samudera. Kemudian ia terhenti kerana aral. Hidupan laut mengepung ia. Ikan paus, ikan lumba-lumba, ikan duyung, sotong, udang, ketam, ular, pelbagai lagi menjerit kepada ia: “Kami dianiayai”! “Manusia mencemarkan laut, oksigen berkurangan, aku sukar bernafas,” kata sang paus. “Nenek aku dibunuh hanya kerana dianggap merbahaya, alangkah kejamnya manusia!,” seekor ular laut sambil menangis mengadu kepada ia, akalku. “Aku telah dirogol sejuta kali oleh nelayan pantai Florida. Kini aku sedang hamil, mengandungkan anak manusia gila, ” luahan hati sang ikan duyung. Akalku menangis. Ia berkata: “Derita tuan-puan, adalah derita saya juga. Sebenarnya aku kembara untuk mencari rahsia yang dapat membantu kamu semua. “Kalau begitu, teruskanlah kembaramu, jika telah menemuinya, berikanlah kepada kami,” kata sang ketam/My mind move quickly on the ocean. Afterwards he stop reason obstacle. Ocean creature besiege him. Whale, dolphin, mermaid, cuttlefish, prawn, crab, snake, various more scream to him: “We got cruelty”! Human being pollute the ocean, decrease oxygen, I get trouble to breathe, said a whale. “My gran die only for look dangerous, how cruel human being!”, an ocean snake while crying complain to him, my mind. “I got rape a million time by Florida beach fisherman. Now I still pregnant, having a child from mad people,” mermaid disgorge her heart. My mind crying. He says: “Your grief, are my grief too. Actually I  errant  for seek out secret that can help whole of you. “If so, direct your errant, if you discover it, give it to us,” said a crab.

Hi I am a sea snake. I will rape human being because human being kill my gran.

Hi! I am a sea snake. I will rape human being because human being kill my gran.

My mind direct run over the ocean to a desert. Desert storm cause my mind fly and flung my mind to a peak. The peak has a big hole and mind fall  downward. There are many DEVIL live in the mountain. They catch my mind. “What do you want from me, devil? Let me go!”. Devil laughter. One devil said, ” Except you can give any true answer for our question, you can go”. My mind reply, “I never believe whole of you”. One old devil said, “No exist any strange condition for  dot dot dot you. What answer at these dot?”. My mind replied, I do not know. Let me go from here! Devil laughter. You will not go , baby. We will kill you if you give wrong answer! Sudden, earthquake happen with strange storm. This incident fling my mind from the mountain, go away from those devil and make my mind fly to north pole. There exist one iceberg which its shape like a human being. This iceberg , sudden speak, “Hi mind, you can get the true answer for “No exist any strange condition for dot dot dot you” by your experience.  Are you devil? Have no reply from the iceberg. Mind touch the iceberg. Sudden, the iceberg become one hole. My mind enter to it. My mind run very fast through the hole. Finally, my mind found my body nearby kaabah. So, the hole is the way for my mind find my body. My mind enter to my head. After that, I realize, wake up from my sleep and from my dream. What conclusion we can get from this short story??? Below the sample of the conclusion:

1= No exist any strange condition for help you is not true answer. Exist many strange condition which might help us to destroy our bad habit or bad behaviour.

2= Might some condition which is not strange can be BADARILA which destroy our bad habit

Now, I will tell you, hi world, about my experience, that is strange BADARILA. THIS IS A TRUE STORY:

I ever have one bad habit [ this is a secret, I cannot tell you what is that]. One day I got one idea to destroy  this bad habit. I go to my father grave. There, I told my father that I will not do again the bad habit. After that I drive my car and go to a big river. I fling one object to a river and I treat that the action [fling the object] is a symbol or evidence that I will not do the bad habit again until I die. Until now, I still not do the bad habit again, never do again. Thanks to God for give this strange badarila to me.

As one terminology in Theory of Kitaran Personaliti, BADARILA is mean:

>>”Something condition which destroy one  bad habit which will never exist more until we die “. This Badarila might cause whole or some factor [which cause exist that bad habit] become blunt or weak [or might will damage also]. When this happen, it is badarila magnetic factor<<.  BADARILA IS MEAN BANTUAN DARIPADA ALLAH [HELP FROM ALLAH].


Message From Azazil – At This Invisible Dot!

Hi Honey, Hi Baby, at whole parts in this universe!!!

Hundreds centuries ago, I am The Chief of angel. So, I have many knowledge to teach you, oh whole human being and genie, about how to get true happiness and get paradise. I am ex-chief of angel.

As a king, you have to obedient to me. Follow my command and see what you can get:


1= You can masturbate and fornicate if you have no enough money to marry someone. Masturbate and fornicate are two kind of exercise. The best exercise is fornicate! But remember you cannot fornicate if you and your fornicate friend have AIDS. Avoid baby existence when fornicate. You can also be gay and lesbian. If you have no get someone to play with you, for fornicate when you so need it, you can rape someone. But avoid baby birth, aids, do not injure your victim . But if your victim try to injure you, you can fight and in emergency matter, you can kill your victim. When fornicate, you can suck your victim’s anal and genital for clean those parts. And make sure you give big pleasure sex to your victim or fornicate friend so that they feel happy and love you. You can also rape your blog readers and rape peoples who works at because one of benefit that this world can get when you do it is birth of hacker. Not understand? Relax I am going to explain it. When you rape one woman who works at, she will pregnant. She will give birth to her baby. When this baby become adult, he or she will become a hacker. This hacker will make cyber crime. Actually, this cyber crime is good for our living. Why? Relax, I will explain it!! When hacker make any change to your blog without your permission, this encourage you to often supervise your blog account and force you make change to your blog everday. This cause you become more diligent to edit your post or page at your blog or website. This is one benefit you can get. So, you must say “Thanks” TO your hacker!!! So, do not forget to rape someone who works at and clean their anal . I mean suck it!

2= If you are so angry, this is mean you can kill someone, who make you angry. Because you will get calmness after kill your victim. Actually this will decrease total of people in this world. If the total of people become more increase, food and beverage source will be more decrease. Hunger will happen. When peoples in the world become more increase, road traffic will be more busy. So, accident at road will be happen everyday. Human being also difficult to get any job if total of human being in this world be more increase. So, kill people who make you angry is the best method to resolve hunger problem, road problem, job problem!!!

3= I hate one human being which become my biggest enemy. He did not obedient to me. He often fight my opinion . His website become the most dangerous website to me. Can you guess that man, hi baby??
We must neglect what he said at his blog because what he said is not true. He often cheat peoples. He give wrong way of life to us. He hate me very much. If you can help me to resolve this problem about my biggest enemy, I will ask Lady Gaga to give his vagina to you and you can play it. If you want to get true happiness, you must hate my biggest enemy and forget what he advise to us.

4= I hope , whole of you will come to my palace . You can resolve your lives problem at my palace. For the example, if you difficult to get someone , to marry him or her, you can choose any genie at my palace. Choose one of them or choose over one genie, for be your husband or wife or you choose to fornicate only. At this palace, you can learn something such how to be best robber. We can rob to peoples who rich only but although this is not illicit to do, you cannot injure your rich victim. Remember this!!! You also cannot take whole, can take a part of your victim’s money total or more a few. Other term to be a robber :

1= You have to make agreement to your victim , that is you will pay a total which you rob it to your victim after you become rich people . You be a rich people after you use what your rob as a capital for your business.

2= You must kiss his or her anal to show you will not rob your victim again in future

You rob for resolve world indigence problem!!! So, ROB IS THE BEST METHOD TO RESOLVE INDIGENCE PROBLEM. SO, ACTUALLY ROB IS NOT A CRIME BUT THE BEST WAY FOR US TO GET RICHNESS IN “ONE SECOND!” For become a fair robber, you must return what you rob to your victim when you become a rich people in trade , as indemnity to your victim.

Now, I invite all of you to come to my beautiful palace which is situated at the bottom of the secret ocean. You can ask my best ex-student to know more about where my palace is. My best ex-student is LADY GAGA. Wow!! O.K or okey to give me alone now?? Oh! One more thing, please you write the name of my biggest enemy at this dot:

You can find true answer for that dot at other post in at this invisible dot category. Okey, now we go home and do not forget about my advice to you, oh whole of human being in this world. I will go home now for make my special masturbate. WOW!! and I will make while I sing like LADY GAGA!!!




This my new photo as The King Of SATAN. Look very handsome, O.K?

This my new photo as The King Of SATAN. Look very handsome, O.K? I love all of you, hi human being!