One More Secret : “Awalajabia” in Kitaran Personaliti Theory!!!


For this is a secret, I only can explain it without you understand by perfect. So, sorry about that. “Awalajabia” is anything first time action which cause be our habit such as we make something that we never do but when we do it for first time, it encourage we make it more without force us to do that. This something we like not understand how this process happen? However when we make the research about it, we will not feel strange more because there are many awalajabia happen always in around our lives!!! Awalajabia might bad habit but also might good habit. Awalajabia is short form from “Awalan jadi biasa”. What benefit we can get from awalajabia? One benefit from awalajabia is awalajabia become map of incident. Other benefit?

However the map cannot become something we are sure always. Some incident might free from awalajabia, whether never happen or the human being can free themselves from awalajabia.  Indeed look strange when  awalajabia  happen to someone because some awalajabia incident look happen without any reason although some other awalajabia incident look had logic factor.

As the symbol of awalajabia , we can use this:


In some condition, seem we can drag someone to our awalajabia and in other condition, seem someone can drag us to their awalajabia.  What place is that as the example? Guess you.

In some awalajabia world, the map of awalajabia might not show the exact matter by detail information but in general form.

May we value someone by awalajabia? Yes but may our though are not exact or wrong. Cautious. It is better we give value in perhaps form only? So that we did not slander someone. Can us disconnect any awalajabia easily? May be. You might need better “PEMUTUS TEGUH” such as arati to disconnect it.

Some awalajabia such what happen at road happen by “feeling”. What interesting on the feeling is the feeling be like a kind of sensor and this awalajabia be one matter that very useful for avoid accident at road. For the symbol of this feeling, we can use this symbol:


F above is feeling. This feeling concerning time also. It can detect the time exactly.

Sure we need any information  like true information for health culture before we enter to awalajabia world. As the symbol for this condition, we can write thus:


Hi DPK blog readers, I am a cute frog. I use formula i1=100%=f for catch this flying insect with exact target. Could you do like me?

Hi DPK blog readers, I am a cute frog. I use formula i1=100%=f for catch this flying insect with exact target. Could you do like me?

What about animal?  Are they have also awalajabia? Yes they are. We know that actually animal have not mind like human being but they have instinct which look like mind role although actually it is not a mind like human being. When human being teach animal like circus animal, the quality of instinct be higher. So, they [animal] use their brain by instinct but human being use brain by true mind or true thought. Yes animal also have lust and emotion like human being but emotion which exist by instinct is different than emotion which exist by mind or human being thought??

What about genie? Are they have also awalajabia? Might. What reason? Because genie has ability to think like human being and also has feeling like human being. Angel has ability to think like human being and they [angel] also have feeling but they have no any bad feeling that is like lust or bad emotion or bad habit or bad characteristic. God indeed create angel as nice and good behaviour

creature. So, angel did not need matter such badarila because they have no any sin since God create them until they die. Angel always obedient to GOD. Impossible they will be not obedient to GOD. But cautious about The devil, The satan and ghost or genie.