We are very busy think on tasty life but we forget think on tasty die

We are very busy think on tasty life but we forget think on tasty die!!!!

Invisible culture, can happen to all race in the world. Invisible culture may something odd, may ordinary. Someone may know several condition of invisible culture or may never know. Or might never think that invisible culture in their brain. Invisible culture may something crime. Invisible culture is something we did not know whether it happen or not relevant to us or not which become something we never think it in our brain or may something we ever think it and it may something evil secret or may not.

Invisible culture encourage us to think as far as we can, with extra-ordinary thought and encourage us to be cautious always in our lives.

When we look at any incident or history which still direct happen or happen in past, may we have no see any invisible culture except what we able to imagine. What imagination do you have?

Might you imagine something like these:

1=Oh no! How can he got the tender? Bribe? [Bribe action is one bad  invisible culture]

2= How can you pass in the exam? You always lazy to study [Imitation as an invisible culture might happen or not honest or cheat in exam]

3= How can you still look beautiful although your age was very old? [An odd secret method as an invisible culture which amaze us might happen here]

4= Someone ask you: “How do you do?”. Many people treat this question show people who ask you as one who care about your health but actually they might want to get anything bad news about you which they are going to send it to people who envy about you.

5= A criminal impersonate as a police or police cooperate with criminal also happen in invisible culture.

Modus-operandi which happen without other people know it or only a group people who keep the secret know it is invisible culture. If we always read any news like crime news, we can make conclusion that many odd modus-operandi can happen.

Invisible culture be a reason encourage us to think what incident before this, and before that and after this more and other incident series. How can we know  or guess what happen exactly??

Imagine that you are a criminal. So, this encourage your brain to get any modus-operandi which odd or ordinary, which be invisible action or not.

You might seek out any news information on newest creation. Newer creation is mean new culture exist and might in invisible culture also. Imagine how newer creation exist in invisible culture.

We might see whole it is normal but it is not. For the example, you think every computer in government department indeed bought by cash but exist invisible culture here. Actually, exist  a community college use rent computers. Rent computer as invisible action or invisible culture. Reason? Someone said that rent computers is more economical than buy by cash. Reason? Not need spend for computer maintenance. Other government department rent these computers to this community college [also as government department]. In my thought, this waste folk’s money. If we know better how to keep computer from damage, the computer can still good in very long period. From where any government get allocation? From tax. Folk pay tax. So, should any government waste the allocation?

Above incident might also show bribe or secret tender happen inside computer tender. These [bribe and secret tender] as invisible culture. One who get the tender is one who has family relationship to chief for the department? If not, crony to a chief for the department?

MALAYSIA is a place “full with bribe”??  Some news source at Malaysia told that The Chief for accountant, for Malaysia accountant department as government department ever inform about price for various good/thing sold which become government’s properties. Many of those good had not reasonable price. This matter make us imagine about bribe and crony as bad invisible culture.

What in your mind if a price for one computer is $40,000!! Not reasonable price. Cruel prize!! A price for one pencil is $100. So crazy about money. Very greedy. Waste so many folk’s money!!

But do not surprise if crazy price like above matter already happen at MALAYSIA!?!?!?!



After it move, longer object will move,

After longer object move, shorter will move


A boy , A girl, a boy and girl,

Boy but Girl, GIRL BUT BOY,


It a bridge, it is food, it is a kind of beverage,

It can kill you and it also can destroy your home,

what is that honey???