USA = United Satan & Azazil? ISRAEL=Invisible Satan Rape And Eliminate Law?

USA AND ISRAEL are twin, USA twinned with ISRAEL. The true meaning for USA is United Satan & Azazil [The King Of Satan]. The true meaning for ISRAEL is Invisible Satan Rape And Eliminate Law. Many years ago, history show many strong evidence which show USA & ISRAEL are twin and became The Killer of Healthy Mind, The Killer of Healthy Soul, The Killer of Fair Law, The Killer of Justice, The Killer For Arabian, especially Palestine. It seem they treat themselves as world police although the real fact is they are mad satan , very cruel. They are Arabian eater!!! And Pure Islam Eater!!! USA = United States Of America = United Satan & Azazil

Some source said that Jew control USA parliament so that they[JEW] can control the world with force and military. When Jew became member of USA parliament, they can colonize this world with crazy law, oh not will colonize but the true fact they indeed colonize this world since one illicit country exist in this world. What is that illicit country? The answer is:

USA AND ISRAEL ARE CANNIBAL COUNTRIES. They “eat” MUSLIM, ARABIAN with war, rape agreement……. Israel attack public [muslim, Palestine people] area like hospital, home, school, mosque et cetera although they [ISRAEL = JEW COUNTRY] knew those area are the place for non-military people, not terrorist area/zone. They kill children, women and people who DID not make any sin to them [ISRAEL, JEW]. MAHDI WILL ATTACK AND COLONIZE USA AND ISRAEL!! If I have military, I might command my militia attack and colonize USA & ISRAEL and cause USA & ISRAEL’S militia crying and after that they go to their mum’s tit for suck their mum’s tit so that they stop crying. I promise …..!!!

We understand why Hitler hate and kill many Jew. Because many Jew make their lust as their GOD!!! Islam history show Jew hate Islam and kill many prophet. Allah [A real God] sent many prophet to Jew race for teach them about ISLAM teaching. Jew kill those prophet. Al-Quran tell us that every Jew hope they will direct alive in one thousand year. Why? ………….. The answer is because they were very greedy to this world. They [Jew] are the pioneer of RIBA. Riba IS ILLICIT IN PURE ISLAM TEACHING. Riba is like something over than you should pay . Riba has four kind.

Kind of Riba: 4 Kind, 2 which al-Quran prohibit it, 2 more which Prophet Muhammad prohibit it:

1=RIBA NASIAH= Riba which exist be due to buy and sell deferment or in debt. If debtor fail to pay in period that creditor want, creditor will ask debtor pay more than debt amount for additional time.

2=RIBA QARD: This riba be rule since loan riba agreement already happen that is any additional payment reason money loan in sure period

3= RIBA FADL: That is change in buy and sell whether money or food with has difference or additional whether by cash or debt. Sample: Change 5 gram of gold which has type 916 with 6 gram of gold which has type 750. Additional of this change is illicit because the fair matter is both of gold must in 5 gram. Type and quality did not give effect on law.

4=RIBA YAD: Namely sale or sell and buy or change of two kind of good which different than money type or good in the both group where payment and receive the good happen in different time.

Actually ISRAEL is Arabian ground which Jew confiscate it by cruel international law. America use veto as their cruel weapon so that USA can colonize this world. Every country cannot has nuclear weapon or cannot build their nuclear technology but USA & ISRAEL can do it. Is this fair? No, it is not!!

Time for disgrace USA & ISRAEL will happen. You [usa & Israel] CAN direct laugh and laugh now as your habit without stop because ALLAH give permission to you to do that because more long your false happiness period, more awful torture will Allah give you. At that time you will suck and suck your mum’s tit for stop crying but this will be fail action only. At that time you will feel you are so humble, weak, evil and craziest!!!

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USA is United Satan & America and Israel is Invisible Satan Rape And Eliminate Law

USA & ISRAEL GIVE ME PALESTINIAN'S blood. I cooking this blood for make special syrup. Thanks to USA & ISRAEL. I CRAZY ABOUT THIS SYRUP!

USA & ISRAEL GIVE ME PALESTINIAN’S blood. I cooking this blood for make special syrup. Thanks to USA & ISRAEL. I CRAZY ABOUT THIS SYRUP!