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Hi World!! YAMIGTA is You Ask Me I Give The Answer. Whole post in YAMIGTA category are content for Root Problem Killer Mind also. This is the first post in YAMIGTA :

YOU: How can we believe that you are the creator of the sensor of the truth? You are muslim since you are a baby. Therefore, your family & muslim community influence you about ISLAM. So that, you treat that ISLAM is true and as the sensor of the truth. Not impossible if you are christian since you born, you will advise people to convert to christian. You have no any diploma or higher in ISLAM education, so, IMPOSSIBLE if you can be the creator of the sensor of the truth. You are very stupid and ignorant like a very fool cow!!!

I/ME: Yes, my parent and community influence me but when I become older, I make many think why Islam is the best and why only Islam is a true religion. Yes I am a very fool “cow”. But prophet Muhammad never said that the most clever people in the world is who get the highest degree in ISLAM EDUCATION. Prophet Muhammad told us that the most clever people is person who most much in remember about death. When we always remember about death, this can encourage us to study hard with the better way for study alone or/and by teacher which will decrease our ignorance from day to day. For better way for study is also mean that get any sensor of the truth or/and pencetus which can guide us to DPK source.

You said do not be fool like a cow but cow said : "Cow never rob any bank because our foolishness avoid cow from be criminal cow!!!"

You said do not be fool like a cow but cow said : “Cow never rob any bank because our foolishness avoid cow from be criminal cow!!!”


You: Trinitas is true. Only exist one God is not reasonable. What your answer?

I: If God has son or daughter, this is mean that God’s parent also have their born date. Mean that, God’s parent also have their parent and this is mean that the total of God is not three but over than three. If exist one God never has born date but the God has child  or baby or wife or both of them, this is mean that God need sex. This is mean that the God has a weakness. Because without get sex while people need it, it can cause something uneasy feeling. Such that, sure the God will feel uneasy if the God never get sex. Everything that has weakness, is mean they are creature, not God. So, impossible if trinitas is true. If God create God or God born God or God bear God, so the total of God is infinite. This is not reasonable. So, the reasonable matter is only exist one God without born date because never exist anything create a God.


You: May the prophet grave is not real. I mean, prophet Muhammad is not exist and Al-Quran is Muhammad creation only and he is not a prophet. Only a common person who expert in art. How can you show me that al-Quran is still original?

I: While prophet Muhammad still alive, he ensure what his writers wrote  on al-Quran so that never exist something error or mistake in al-Quran writing. When prophet Muhammad was dead, the operation to book al-Quran was happen with supervision from caliph [khulafa ar-rasyidin] and other person who eligible to supervise the operation so that al-Quran still pure. I believe that if the operation has any mistake, Imam Ali [who know  pure Islam  in 100%] will inform the mistake and show the correction. Impossible if Koran is Muhammad’s creation because prophet Muhammad is a person who did not know how to read and how to write. Jibrail, as the chief for angel teach Prophet Muhammad how to read and write Koran [=Al-Quran]. Jibrail teach prophet Muhammad what Islam is. Teach how to understand koran. When Muhammad be clever about koran, he teach human being about Islam. Koran show many matter about what will happen and what actually on it and science already show many evidence which show what Koran said is true. So, impossible if koran is Muhammad’s creation because impossible Muhammad know what will happen in future except he know from God or through Jibrail.


You: Why Islam consist of four sect , hanafi, hambali, syafie, maliki?

I: Pure Islam is what prophet Muhammad teach us . Never exist any muslim say : “Prophet Muhammad is a person who lie about what Allah said. Allah said other, Muhammad said other more. Different.” So, Pure Islam is not consist of four or other sect because pure Islam is anything teaching without mistake, without misunderstand, without objection. Exist same opinion only. Never exist disagree. Islam in prophet Muhammad era and in caliphs of rasyidin era is Islam without objection. So, only pure Islam exist at those time but after the end of those era, exist various opinion about koran and hadith. Various translation for koran and hadith which different and some place contain objection. I believe this cause the existence of sect in Islam. For resolve the problem so that every muslim has same opinion and has same meaning in any translation, I create Di Persimpangan Kutub as the tool for unite whole Islam people in the world. Di Persimpangan Kutub believe that  not whole pure Islam teaching succeed get place in school, college, university et cetera. Such like missing or some pure Islam teaching is missing and not famous.



Mind Of Truth Sensor —> How they make reaction….


“Mind of Truth Sensor or MTS” show how they make any reaction between them. We can give several reaction category for truth sensor like these:

1=  Seeker sensor: We use this sensor for find and choose any source.

2= Value Sensor: We use this sensor as a filter for any content or information.

3= Note Sensor: This sensor is any content or information after filter operation.

4= Cautious Sensor: This sensor may cause we think repeatedly or make research again although we got any conclusion we are sure.

5= Electrically Sensor: Such as x-ray, supervisor camera et cetera.

6= Biology sensor: Such as microscope.

7= Lauh Mahfuz sensor: This is very special sensor. Only God’s lover or special people or chosen people such as prophet can get this sensor. In ISLAM TEACHING, lauh mahfuz is a place which out of our world, an invisible place which be a place that exist information about what happen in past, now and future to whole people and whole matter and object.


In MTS, some sensor may not related to any issue or filtering operation. Or in other words, we cannot use the sensor. Some sensor encourage our mind to find out detail techniques for detect any truth which hide in any information. These detail techniques are also the sensor of the truth. Some sensor of the truth may detect that other sensor cannot be the truth sensor more. Is not easy to explain what the sensor of truth is in detail explanation. Sensor of the truth may in human being shape, may in reference book or note book, may in CD or VCD, may in several words in your brain or mind, may in other form.

Proton Satria NEO R3. This car completed with reverse sensor. Truth sensor car for determine reverse distance???

Proton Satria NEO R3. This car completed with reverse sensor. Truth sensor car for determine reverse distance???

Sensor of the truth may in electrically sensor such microscope which use electron. Some sensor can be in various sensor category. For the sample, electrically sensor may become cautious sensor. Note sensor can also be value sensor. Sample for value sensor?? The sample is like the sentence “Please investigate about the author, publisher and the press, about their history and their characteristic “. This sensor ask us to ensure the total of honesty percentage because the book may contain something not exact, false and might also contain something exact and true matter.

We might treat that some sensor of the truth is not related but finally related in our research.

biology sensorcar sensor

heated oxygen sensor

heated oxygen sensor

hybrid sensor system

hybrid sensor system

how ingestible sensors work

how ingestible sensors work

oz sensor signal

o2 sensor signal??

Sony CCD sensor, Nikon D2X, ....

Sony CCD sensor, Nikon D2X, ….

sensor networks

sensor networks

sensor too

sensor, too....

sensor, too….



zigbee radio, ....

zigbee radio, ….

However we must remember that although any sensor give good aid to us but the conclusion we get might wrong or has wrong conclusion and also has right conclusion. Sometimes what we see is not like what we treat. Sometimes what we heard is not like what in our mind. Sometimes what we smelt is not like what we think. We know many odd and amazing thing happen in the world. We might ensure what reality inside any odd and amazing thing but actually we may still wrong. So, cautious. People may impersonate such as any animal which it can impersonate as around thing by change its color or shape. So, any sensor we use to know the people or animal which impersonate might give wrong conclusion.

We need true principles, true concept, so that the concept and principle can be as the sensor of the truth. But religion, that is ORIGINAL ISLAM TEACHING always become the leader of any sensor of the truth. Di Persimpangan Kutub movement still try to seek out any source of original Islam Teaching in the world. We know that  today, False Islam Teaching colonize whole ISLAM education at whole ISLAM COUNTRIES in the world. The false Islam teaching contain true Islam teaching and also contain false Islam teaching. In other words, true Islam teaching plus false Islam teaching. Ignorant people and Islam enemies make these plus action.