Indicator/Penanda For DPK Concept? Let us investigate those source NOW!?


This blog [Di Persimpangan Kutub] exist since 5 December 2012 but this is about “birthday” for DPK concept [birthday about its existence at internet , not birthday for “the creation of DPK concept”]. DPK theory never born on that day. Birthday for DPK theory is 10 July 2014.  Before 10 July 2014, DPK concept use 22 pencetus as the main sensor of the truth. So, it is not impossible if exist one or more source which DPK concept use it as its content which contain something false or not exact information. I hope this never happen. Why? Because DPK theory is the better tool for seek out any true information. This post did not display whole penanda for whole source which DPK concept use it for make DPK content. Why? Some of the reason is I did not use any penanda, only believe the source contain true information. So, cautious or use the condition for 51%.

I will not display whole source for DPK concept here. Some of the reason is I never know or never remember the name of the source. However, I may will not display whole the penanda or all those source I know their name [et cetera] here.

Let us look here, now:

1= The book of “IMAM MAHDI YANG DITUNGGU DAN MALAPETAKA AKHIR ZAMAN”. This book about MAHDI, the last caliph who disappear since centuries ago:

Writer for this book : Abdul Latif Rafqi

Publisher: Jasmin Enterprise, P.O Box No. 12649, 50786 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

First publication/impression:  2003 Anno Domini/1424 Hejira

Penanda / Indicator:

1- This book got ISBN code , that is 983-2565-48-0. This is mean that the government of MALAYSIA approved this book for sale.

2- Although the writer wrote at page 237-238 , that is :

” Yang paling penting dalam meyakini Imam Mahdi ini adalah mengimani asal kewujudan (baca: telah lahir) dengan seluruh sifat-sifat lazimnya. Seperti, bahawa ia putera langsung (baca: bukan cucu) Imam Hasan al-‘Askari (Imam ke 11) mempunyai seluruh ilmu al-Quran dan Hadis dengan pasti (ma’shum ilmu), ma’shum amal perbuatannya dan dipilih oleh Allah….. maka hal itu tidak membuatkan anda keluar dari aqidah Syi’ah…. Ingat! Ketika anda belum boleh dikatakan Syi’ah, bukan bererti anda tercela.”

but this writer use “Various Opinion” from Sunni & Syi’ah ulema. What he said above is look he is Syi’ah follower. Whether he is Syiah or not, I believe and like to take a small part of the book content for be DPK concept because he use “VARIOUS OPINION COLLECTION” technique which also show various proof, logic, source. This technique help me for choose the best or better opinion which we can treat it as true information.

2= Book of “Wanita Wajib Berpurdah”:


Penanda for this book is like these:

1- The writer for this book use Whole Opinion Collection technique. This technique succeed show the strongest opinion which bring strongest evidences which still win. So, any win proof or any win opinion become true information or become pure Islam teaching.

2 This book also get ISBN CODE. No proof show the writer & the publisher of this book are criminal or liar.

3= Book Of Mengenal Diri & Wali Allah:

The Writer of This book and his address:

Ustaz Mustapha Muhammad Al-Jiasi Al-Ahmadi [the author of “Ramuan Ilmu Tasauf”],

S/20-6416-A, Jalan Raja Dewa Hulu, 15150 Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia.

Publisher [also who print this book]:

Pustaka Aman Press Sdn. Bhd (26321-T),

4200-A, Simpang Tiga Telipot, Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra,

Peti Surat 67, 15700 Kota Bharu, Kelantan,


Telephone number: 09-7481849, 7484058,

Fax: 09-7487064

Price of Book: RM8.00

This book was printed in many years:

First publication: 1976, second and third is 1977, fourth is 1978, fifth and next:

1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983-1991, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2001

Sample of Indicator for This book:

1- The writer use 50% his knowledge which he got from his real teacher [teacher who he treat know about pure sufi in Islam] and 50% from old book. He list several name of those old books. I never investigate any content for these old books, let us read more:

2- This book did not get ISBN CODE. I believe that this book did not get ISBN code reason government of MALAYSIA fail to get someone who can value any content of this book but the government never forbid it [can publish and sell this book] because the book contain many of strong proof and logic.

3- The writer explain about something false and wrong about sufi in ISLAM or about tarekat in Islam or about tasauf in Islam with good explanation.

NOTE: He finish his writing at 11.35 pm on Thursday on 19 Safar, 1391 hejira = 14 April 1971.

Warning: This book contain subject-matter about  tawassul [read on page 141-143]. This content [tawassul] IS ONE REASON WHY DPK founder cannot treat this book can get S1+ and also become reason why not whole content of this book can be DPK source. If we read about tawassul on this book, seem the writer believe that God’s lover who die can help people who still alive [who request help from the soul [God’s lover]. However, the writer never give any proof from any hadith or from al-Quran for show that Islam People can tawassul. So, suitable with DPK method or  DPK Theory and The Mind Of Kill Root Problem, me, as the founder of Di Persimpangan Kutub DID NOT BELIEVE THAT WE CAN MAKE TAWASSUL OR WE PUT OUR OPINION BETWEEN BELIEVE OR NOT OR USE LAST PENCETUS [ PENCETUS KE 22].

Riddle Code 716 @ 176:

First Riddle:

The sound The Alarm

Before suck before itch


Wind cause it fly

You pursue it

When you get it

It go to other

You free it

because you get other


When the sun


When it die


When it touch


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