Indicator/Penanda For DPK Concept? Let us investigate those source NOW!?


This blog [Di Persimpangan Kutub] exist since 5 December 2012 but this is about “birthday” for DPK concept [birthday about its existence at internet , not birthday for “the creation of DPK concept”]. DPK theory never born on that day. Birthday for DPK theory is 10 July 2014.  Before 10 July 2014, DPK concept use 22 pencetus as the main sensor of the truth. So, it is not impossible if exist one or more source which DPK concept use it as its content which contain something false or not exact information. I hope this never happen. Why? Because DPK theory is the better tool for seek out any true information. This post did not display whole penanda for whole source which DPK concept use it for make DPK content. Why? Some of the reason is I did not use any penanda, only believe the source contain true information. So, cautious or use the condition for 51%.

I will not display whole source for DPK concept here. Some of the reason is I never know or never remember the name of the source. However, I may will not display whole the penanda or all those source I know their name [et cetera] here.

Let us look here, now:

1= The book of “IMAM MAHDI YANG DITUNGGU DAN MALAPETAKA AKHIR ZAMAN”. This book about MAHDI, the last caliph who disappear since centuries ago:

Writer for this book : Abdul Latif Rafqi

Publisher: Jasmin Enterprise, P.O Box No. 12649, 50786 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

First publication/impression:  2003 Anno Domini/1424 Hejira

Penanda / Indicator:

1- This book got ISBN code , that is 983-2565-48-0. This is mean that the government of MALAYSIA approved this book for sale.

2- Although the writer wrote at page 237-238 , that is :

” Yang paling penting dalam meyakini Imam Mahdi ini adalah mengimani asal kewujudan (baca: telah lahir) dengan seluruh sifat-sifat lazimnya. Seperti, bahawa ia putera langsung (baca: bukan cucu) Imam Hasan al-‘Askari (Imam ke 11) mempunyai seluruh ilmu al-Quran dan Hadis dengan pasti (ma’shum ilmu), ma’shum amal perbuatannya dan dipilih oleh Allah….. maka hal itu tidak membuatkan anda keluar dari aqidah Syi’ah…. Ingat! Ketika anda belum boleh dikatakan Syi’ah, bukan bererti anda tercela.”

but this writer use “Various Opinion” from Sunni & Syi’ah ulema. What he said above is look he is Syi’ah follower. Whether he is Syiah or not, I believe and like to take a small part of the book content for be DPK concept because he use “VARIOUS OPINION COLLECTION” technique which also show various proof, logic, source. This technique help me for choose the best or better opinion which we can treat it as true information.

2= Book of “Wanita Wajib Berpurdah”:


Penanda for this book is like these:

1- The writer for this book use Whole Opinion Collection technique. This technique succeed show the strongest opinion which bring strongest evidences which still win. So, any win proof or any win opinion become true information or become pure Islam teaching.

2 This book also get ISBN CODE. No proof show the writer & the publisher of this book are criminal or liar.

3= Book Of Mengenal Diri & Wali Allah:

The Writer of This book and his address:

Ustaz Mustapha Muhammad Al-Jiasi Al-Ahmadi [the author of “Ramuan Ilmu Tasauf”],

S/20-6416-A, Jalan Raja Dewa Hulu, 15150 Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia.

Publisher [also who print this book]:

Pustaka Aman Press Sdn. Bhd (26321-T),

4200-A, Simpang Tiga Telipot, Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra,

Peti Surat 67, 15700 Kota Bharu, Kelantan,


Telephone number: 09-7481849, 7484058,

Fax: 09-7487064

Price of Book: RM8.00

This book was printed in many years:

First publication: 1976, second and third is 1977, fourth is 1978, fifth and next:

1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983-1991, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2001

Sample of Indicator for This book:

1- The writer use 50% his knowledge which he got from his real teacher [teacher who he treat know about pure sufi in Islam] and 50% from old book. He list several name of those old books. I never investigate any content for these old books, let us read more:

2- This book did not get ISBN CODE. I believe that this book did not get ISBN code reason government of MALAYSIA fail to get someone who can value any content of this book but the government never forbid it [can publish and sell this book] because the book contain many of strong proof and logic.

3- The writer explain about something false and wrong about sufi in ISLAM or about tarekat in Islam or about tasauf in Islam with good explanation.

NOTE: He finish his writing at 11.35 pm on Thursday on 19 Safar, 1391 hejira = 14 April 1971.

Warning: This book contain subject-matter about  tawassul [read on page 141-143]. This content [tawassul] IS ONE REASON WHY DPK founder cannot treat this book can get S1+ and also become reason why not whole content of this book can be DPK source. If we read about tawassul on this book, seem the writer believe that God’s lover who die can help people who still alive [who request help from the soul [God’s lover]. However, the writer never give any proof from any hadith or from al-Quran for show that Islam People can tawassul. So, suitable with DPK method or  DPK Theory and The Mind Of Kill Root Problem, me, as the founder of Di Persimpangan Kutub DID NOT BELIEVE THAT WE CAN MAKE TAWASSUL OR WE PUT OUR OPINION BETWEEN BELIEVE OR NOT OR USE LAST PENCETUS [ PENCETUS KE 22].

Riddle Code 716 @ 176:

First Riddle:

The sound The Alarm

Before suck before itch


Wind cause it fly

You pursue it

When you get it

It go to other

You free it

because you get other


When the sun


When it die


When it touch


Please Zoom In this Image NOW!

Please Zoom In this Image NOW!?



The Research On asuliti In The Kitaran Personaliti Theory:>

Hi you, reader, I am not understand what asuliti is. May I get know it from my toilet when I defecate?

Hi you, reader, I am not understand what asuliti is. May I get know it from my toilet when I defecate or fart? Do not worry, my fart is so fragrant because I ate DURIAN, a kind of fruit.

air pasang surut

Asuliti? Guess, please. If we refer to the method of tarekat or kesufian in pure Islam teaching or if we refer to the book of MENGENAL DIRI DAN WALI ALLAH, hence we can give several conclusion like these:

1= Remembrance can arouse lust or reduce it

2= Read can influence soul namely oral utterance on istighfar, salawat and zikir tarekat

3= Mujahadah or any effort for cleanse our soul or for destroy our evil and bad characteristic or behaviour  which not illicit in Pure Islam Teaching must we do it with remembrance to ALLAH and always make oral utterance on istighfar, salawat and zikir tarekat everyday.

4= When people who is a sufi utter zikir tarekat and at the same time that utterance cause he or she remember to GOD namely ALLAH that is on “ZAT” ALLAH or ALLAH’S NAME or ALLAH deed or ALLAH ATTRIBUTE, one special condition which we call it as waridah might exist. Waridah is any special feeling or emotion which Allah give to people who utter zikir tarekat as a sign that the zikir tarekat cleanse his/her heart/soul. These special feeling may in happy feeling shape that unique or may in sad feeling shape. However the waridah might not cleanse the heart by 100%. So, sufi people must practise utter zikir tarekat, salawat, istighfar and mujahadah more always, everyday, direct permanent do whole those. However, if the sufi people did not keep their heart or did not keep their nice attribute, part of their heart which clean might dirty again. In other meaning, their bad attribute come or exist again.

5= Waridah can cause one very special situation happen, call as FANA. Fana is one situation which a sufi people cannot realize about or cannot remember about other matter except realize and remember to GOD only, to ALLAH ONLY. His/her love emotion to ALLAH is happen so strong and extraordinary when sufi people utter zikir tarekat with remember one of these thing namely Allah’s name OR Allah deed or Allah attribute OR zat Allah. This remembrance come with pleasure OR delicious feeling when remember to ALLAH cause the sufi people never realize anything or what happen around his/her except remember to Allah only. This special situation we call as SYUHUD or Wahdatul wujud also. That Sufi people remember to Allah with delicious feeling. While fana happen, the sufi people who experience fana, will say or utter something such” I am a GOD”. Actually, the sufi people never and did not treat himself/herself as a God but this utterance happen because the sufi had feeling which over love to God or Allah. This over love feeling cause any utterance like that happen. So, actually, the sufi people said like that because he/she said that “ALLAH is a GOD”. So, word “I” in “I am a God” is mean Allah. However, some people who never understand this situation treat that sufi people became a mad people be due to the sufi said like that. Community might treat the sufi be apostate reason that utterance [“I am a God]. Actually, the utterance exist because the Sufi’s heart was clean by 100% or many of his/her bad attribute never exist again.

6= Remember that the utterance like “I AM A GOD” always happen like automatic action such did not deliberate. If the sufi experience syuhud but fana did not exist or did not  happen, this kind of wahdatulwujud is call as BAQA. Any sufi people who get baqa realize anything, realize about Allah and realize what happen around they. When special utterance situation was happen in fana, this sufi person we call as WALI ALLAH or GOD’S LOVER which is mean The sufi know Allah AND UNDERSTAND ABOUT ALLAH BY get special experience situation namely syuhud which cause very special delicious feeling for remember and over love to ALLAH WHICH CAUSE SPECIAL UTTERANCE SUCH ” I AM  A GOD”  happen. Normally, many ISLAM people know and understand about GOD or Allah by study any book which explain about GOD attribute but sufi person who get “WALI ALLAH” status know Allah by study book like that  AND BY experience FANA OR BAQA.

7= IMPORTANT TO KNOW: When the sufi experience syuhud again but without FANA, only get syuhud with BAQA, so, his/her “WALI ALLAH” status became higher that is he/she got higher God’s lover status. Wali Allah who have higher status, is mean they have better nice attribute and have more many good manner THAN wali Allah who get lower status. Higher status also can be sign that show that Wali Allah have more keramat which better than Wali Allah in lower status. Allah give keramat to Allah’s lover for help  them  [wali Allah] more easy  to do anything nice matter such pray and worship to ALLAH and for help them manage their worldliness work. Allah also  give keramat to them  for  show that ALLAH love them. WHOLE PROPHET NEVER NEED FANA PROCESS BUT THEY GET BAQA ONLY. SO, THEY CAN BE BEST WORLD LEADER.

8= ASULITI is short form  from “pASang SUrut personaliTI” which explain about remembrance, oral  utterance [especially on salawat, zikir tarekat & istighfar] and effort [especially mujahadah] can inhance or reduce personality value or faith value. If your remembrance is rape video, this remembrance may encourage you rape someone. If you like make sex oral that is such say “wow your vagina”, this utterance may encourage you rape  someone.

“Akjiza” ==> The amaze matter in The Theory Of Kitaran Personaliti.

 “DPK 51%:=”

Akjiza , something that might open  whole non-muslim peoples’ eyes in the world about only ISLAM is a true religion. Akjiza is one terminology in The Theory Of Kitaran Personaliti. This theory be one content of Di Persimpangan Kutub Concept. According  my research, akjiza is something amaze. Akjiza is anything impact be due to obedient to Pure Islam Teaching. Akjiza cause us feel stay in “keramat world”. Akjiza become strong evidence which show only Pure Islam Teaching is a true religion & only ALLAH is a true GOD!!!  Akjiza is a short form from these words: impAK mukJIZAt  = AKJIZA. Pure Islam Teaching forbid us to do anything with hasty except several thing. To do with hasten can cause accident. Someone may drive his car hasten so that he will not late . This , always cause the driver feel anxious and the driver also feel that his journey still long and he also feel that his car move slowly although he drive the car like RALLY CAR!!  Unfortunately, he late when he print his thumb with thumb print machine. BUT ….: One day the man drive slowly and sometimes he drive faster so that he will not late come to his office. So, this is mean he obedient to Pure Islam Teaching , that is did not hasten when do something. As a result, he felt that his journey like take 15 minutes, not 30 minutes . Habit, he take 30 minutes but today he felt the road become shorter although the true fact the road still long . So akjiza was happen today, to him.

This car has three kind of speed, namely: CPS speed, Auto-cruise speed and the third is R3 speed [the secret speed]

This car has three kind of speed, namely: CPS speed, Auto-cruise speed and the third is R3 speed [the secret speed]

The most dangerous speed for this car is combination CPS + R3 + ACC/RES [ the most dangerous speed for auto-cruise system]

The most dangerous speed for this car is combination CPS + R3 + ACC/RES [ the most dangerous speed for auto-cruise system]

Can you give other sample for AKJIZA?  Other sample for AKJIZA  which often happen to muslim people [people who convert to ISLAM or become ISLAM People since born] is when muslim pray such what prophet Muhammad teach them , that is use Arabian words such words in Koran. When I feel sick at my body, I do pray such what prophet teach, after that I put my palm to the sick part at my body such what prophet command to do that and repeatedly [pray and put that] until I feel healthy , not feel sick more. This is akjiza operation. We have to use akjiza always in our lives so that we always feel safe and happy. But akjiza only happen if people who use akjiza is ISLAM PEOPLE or muslim. Koran is the most valuable mukjizat for PROPHET MUHAMMAD & whole ISLAM PEOPLES in the world. We can use akjiza for help us control our habit or behaviour. We only want become people who have good manners. We hope akjiza can change our bad characteristic or bad behaviour to good habit or good manner. However, do not forget about arati and badarila because arati and badarila also help us change our lives. However, such sometimes, akjiza does not give impact like we hope or not give any impact. Do not worry. Please try other  akjiza operation. You need understand or know 100% on Pure Islam Teaching so that you know many akjiza or get it. Is not impossible if something special incident or incident that  amaze happen in our lives if we use akjiza such like KARAMAH OR KERAMAT although science said that the incident is impossible to happen. Many incident which out of logic ever happen in world history or our history lives. Why? Because GOD has ability to do whatever GOD wants it happen. We hope with akjiza and arati, we can get badarila. After that, we hope we can get many badarila or more many badarila so that we can get AUTOMATIC BEHAVIOUR. After get automatic behaviour , we hope we can be GOD’S LOVER.  This is mean, we love God and at the same time God love us.

Oh God, please forgive me, the creator of the theory of Kitaran Personaliti. I have many sin. Please make me as your lover, oh my God. Please give me new and more many new akjiza, arati and badarila, now…….now …..


DPK Method & Kind of Islam Explanation!! – From Alone World:




Apabila hendak mencari kebenaran berkaitan sesuatu, maka lihat ke semua teknik kaedah DPK. Mungkin semua, atau sebahagian atau beberapa teknik perlu digunakan. Gagasan DPK menggalakkan kajian lanjut tentang semua teknik ini dan hasil kajian ini boleh menjadi siratan awal bagi kaedah DPK, mungkin dalam versi DPK generasi 52-75%. Juga, menggalakkan penyelidikan untuk mencari teknik-teknik terbaru untuk kaedah DPK. [T= When want to search any truth concerning anything, hence see whole DPK technique. Might whole it, or a part or several technique need to use. DPK concept encourage next research on whole these technique and result of this research can be “siratan awal” for DPK method, may in DPK version of 52-75% generation. Also, encourage research for search  newest technique for DPK method].

Sejak 5 Disember 2012 sehingga sekarang [16 Mei 2014], sudah setahun 4 bulan 15 hari 8 jam lebih usia gagasan Di Persimpangan Kutub tetapi sebenarnya gagasan ini belum “menemui akar masalah” dan  penyelesaian terhadap akar masalah berkaitan pencarian kebenaran. Barangkali, kiriman kali ini yang anda sedang baca mungkin bermakna gagasan DPK telah menemui akar tersebut dan jalan penyelesaiannya. [T=  Since 5 December 2012 until now [16 May 2014],  already one year and four month and fifteen day and more 8 hour  for be the age of  Di Persimpangan Kutub concept but actually this concept still not “discover root of the problem” and  resolve way concerning root of the problem relevant  to truth search. Perhaps, this  post which you are reading may is mean DPK concept already discover the root and its resolve way]

Gagasan DPK  mengjeniskan keadaan penerangan terhadap ISLAM SEPERTI berikut: [T= DPK concept categorize the condition of explanation concerning ISLAM LIKE these:]

=1= [kind one]:Explanation which use dalil or evidence from al-Quran and/or  from Kutubussittah [=Kutub al-Sittah]

=2=Explanation which use logic or science evidence and from al-Quran and/or from kutubussittah

.=3= Explanation which use ulema opinion as dalil or evidences. This is like ijtihad, ijmak [agreement of many ulema or most ulema in the world]. Ulema may use “QIAS” FOR MAKE AGREEMENT. Ulema may not use proof from Kutubussittah or al-Quran, but use any  other Islam book  as their references. This may like mazhab or other ulema opinion or  sect. However  some of the explanation of this explanation kind might us can treat it as explanation such fourth kind like below:

=4= Explanation which never or did not give evidence which also did not give ulema opinion but the author said that it is way of ISLAM or Pure Islam Teaching. The Fourth consist of these kind condition:

=4.1= Explanation about worldliness such as science, mathematical, philology, philosophy, physiology, traffic rule, research and development, technology, alone study method, international law, et cetera. Actually ISLAM is the Chief knowledge. So, ISLAM command world knowledge , not world knowledge command ISLAM. Actually ISLAM consist these condition or shape:

**1**=> ISLAM  teaching which give detail way of life such how to pray, how to marry, how to be a husband, wife, how to inherit the property, how to buy or sell etc.

**2**=> ISLAM teaching which  did not give detail way of life, only give general way. This section is to command and manage our planet, world. For the example, why you must stop your car when traffic lamp is red? Why must do this? Prophet Muhammad never said that we must stop our car if the traffic lamp be red. Car never exist at Prophet Muhammad era. Al-Quran never said that we have to stop the car when the lamp be red. So, why must do this? What the proof in ISLAM that show us must do like that? Is there any proof? Yes! but in “general way explanation”. I give the example of the proof:

In al-Quran , Allah [GOD] command us to avoid ourselves fall in mishap. If we direct drive our car although the traffic lamp show red lamp, we might get accident. This accident is a mishap. So, this rule [stop when lamp be red] is fair, is a truth , is a good rule, is a true matter which we must do because it consistent or suitable with “general way explanation”, that is AVOID OURSELVES FALL IN MISHAP. What about matter like mathematics. For the example why one plus one is two did not be a sin or did not be something wrong in ISLAM although prophet Muhammad did not teach any mathematic formula to us? What explanation about this show this can do? The general way explanation, the example is prophet Muhammad ever said that you [us] more know about the world. This mean, prophet Muhammad explain he did NOT know everything about world and we might more know about it in some matter but Prophet Muhammad is the most clever and most know about ISLAM TEACHING . So, any new concept or technique or strategy or rule or law to manage world which has not any objection from ISLAM is something non-illicit, especially indeed we get clear proof in ISLAM which relevant to the matter although in “general way explanation”. Whole of these can us treat as PURE ISLAM TEACHING ALSO. Such as science which has not any illicit theory or concept can us treat as ISLAM TEACHING ALSO or we call it as ISLAM SCIENCE OR ISLAM SCIENTIFIC!!! In other conclusion or words, any worldly matter which suitable with ISLAM teaching or which not get objection from ISLAM are ISLAM TEACHING ALSO!!!  With  “General Way Explanation [GWE]” ISLAM CAN suitable for whole race inclusive genie, suitable for whole condition, place and whole era until doomsday!! This is the big secret why ISLAM is the best, is the real truth, is the sensor of the truth, is perfect way of life which complete, which we call SYUMUL. Islam is SYUMUL. May I give wrong meaning for SYUMUL???

BUT AS THE SENSOR OF THE TRUTH, Di Persimpangan Kutub Concept detect one big problem to ISLAM. What is that?

The problem is explanation about ISLAM which never or did not give any proof like hadith proof or proof from al-Quran which show can do that or cannot do that or must do that etc. Imagine if explanation about solat use this explanation kind.  For example, some deed in or about solat has proof from ISLAM, some other, never or has not. So, what must or what we can do to resolve this problem??? For resolve this problem, my opinion , my suggestion are LIKE THESE:


**1**= If the problem is about something ” harus  or sunat or makruh” of deed, we can choose did not do it of forget about it but did not illicit if we direct try to search any source that might give better explanation about the matter. Because DPK concept accept or use Theory of ….-99.9 percentage!!

HARUS = Something can do or can did not do such walk, speak, sit down etc. We can do it but will not get pahala [=merit, gain, reward (from God  for good deeds)]

SUNAT= Something can did not do and can do also. If do, get pahala

MAKRUH = Something better did not do. For the example, eat something which cause our mouth did not fragrant.

**2**= If the problem is about halal [non-illicit] or haram [illicit]:

We avoid to do it if actually we can avoid involve to the problem such reason :

actually did not necessary to us to involve. If we have to know , whether it halal or not and must involve to the matter which concerning that theme of halal or haram like about SOLAT MOVEMENT, WE CAN DO THESE:

First find any source which use kind one. If we did not discover it, use kind two. If we also did not discover kind two, use kind three. If did not discover kind three, use kind four . AND DO NOT FORGET ABOUT DPK encourage believe or use theory of 99.9%!!! EVERYTHING WILL SOLVE IF MAHDI COME TO US. BUT AVOID MEET FALSE MAHDI!! HOW CAN WE RECOGNIZE him?? Refer to pure hadith which explain about his physical , his face, his body and history which will happen to him for recognize, ALSO PLEASE ASK HIM SHOW HIS KARAMAH/KERAMAT.

When we use kind four[= fourth kind of  ISLAM EXPLANATION] TO resolve this root problem, we use DPK sensor or DPK sensor method or DPK method as the sensor of the truth.

The list of the sensor of the truth are:

1= Al-Furqan= The sensor of the truth

2= Kutubusittah= The sensor of the truth

3= DPK or Di Persimpangan Kutub= The sensor of the truth. DPK may make investigation about ijmak & qias  for search ijmak & qias which us can treat it as a truth or Pure ISLAM.

The list of kutub al – Sittah  as the sensor of the truth are:

***>1> Shahih Imam Bukhari [ 194 – 256 hejira] = The main most shahih = The sensor of the truth

***>2> Shahih Imam Muslim [204-262 hejira] = The second most shahih = The sensor of the truth

***>3> Sunan Imam Abu Daud [ 202- 275 hejira]= The sensor of the truth

***>4> Sunan Imam At-Turmudzi [209-279 hejira]= The sensor of the truth

***>5> Sunan Imam An-Nasa’i [215-302 hejira]= The sensor of the truth!!

***>6> Sunan Imam Ibnu Majah [209 -273 hejira]= The sensor of the truth!!


As conclusion, we can say that , there are three kind of  ISLAM BOOKS, such as:

1= Source Zero or S-0 : Source which use forth kind of explanation which never or did not has any dalil or proof , from al-Quran, kutubussittah or ulema, although one matter.

2= Source Zero Plus or S0+: Source which contain dalil or proof for some matter but other some matter did not contain dalil. Most of books are source Zero Plus

3=Source One Plus or S1+: Source which contain dalil or proof for every matter ! Might us never get book like this source. Now, for be example use the sensor of the truth and DPK sensor for resolve any root problem, I show that here:














First DPK sensor Or First DPK Truth Sensor: **************************************************


So, although you already study about solat at university, you still study it with make new research about solat, with other source, any source outside university. Might source which outside there has better explanation about solat than what you already learn about solat at university.

Second DPK Truth Sensor:



So, someone might tell you about any source outside university which you got. They might explain it according their habit deed on solat. Some of them might give wrong explanation, other may right. Cautious. Give priority to Ulema who you more confident with their opinion or explanation.

We must Solat like a cute pig!!!!

We must Solat like a cute pig!!!!

NO! Not solat like a pig! But we must solat like prophet Muhammad do.

NO! Not solat like a pig! But we must solat like prophet Muhammad do.

THIRD  DPK sensor is:


3= Make any effort to use sense by good way. However, may still have any mistake such what you see is not what you treat, what you heard may inclusive slander, what you smell and taste may not genuine. So, for better effort to make research about how prophet Muhammad do solat, you can watch video about it. Might you will more understand and may the video show something wrong explanation which someone told or teach you.

FOURTH DPK SENSOR METHOD IS: ***************************************

4=Know many about badness [low quality] and about having the right or desirable qualities concerning any method that relevant.

Hence, you need to know or make sure whether that VCD is original or not. If not, might the content of the VCD already change to other information which may content any error or false teaching.



5=Investigate how anything information start create and what happen about information development & what source that used.

So, you may ask VCD filter department and ask the real VCD maker about what source they use.



6= Whole opinion collection.

So, now, you may think now is a time to collect whole opinion or teaching about solat which you got.  Study it. Make investigation or research.



7= Test the “Truth” which is be statement by use fair and credible method.

So, you have to have true or good conclusion method about what you collect.



Investigate their personalities especially “their trust level”. Someone who look have good manner outside home, may have bad manner at home. Also investigate their invisible manner such their mind & philosophy.

So, do this as you can. You may search various of source to recognize people who told or teach you about solat. You can also investigate their opinion about DPK principles. You have to give priority to DPK ulema teaching about solat.



Observe content of first publication, which before, which current & after. See if have deletion, difference, dissension.

SO, do this as you can. You can ask people who teach you about solat, that is concerning source they use such what book be their reference. Observe whole content about the reference. If there [at book or reference or source] did not give any reason or did not give any reasonable reason about why deletion, difference and dissension happen, you may treat the teaching is false or wrong. You must find better or best opinion or teaching about solat like prophet Muhammad deed.



Are there “NAQLI” proofs on that matter in al-Furqan & Kutub al-Sittah [which still safe from falseness & deletion statement action].

So, you have to value about truth value or fact value according these sensor of the truth. Value any content or source about SOLAT according these.



USE imam Bukhari’s method for determine trust quality level concerning hadith & other matter concerning ISLAM. Hence, if solat source give hadith about solat, investigate the hadith according bukhari’s method. If you know this method and know and have ability to use this method, do this . May some “true hadith” is not true hadith and you know this after you use Bukhari’s method.




So, if you not confident about any VCD about solat, whether the VCD is original or not, you can ask someone or get help from someone who has skill to investigate about VCD, about original or not. If not original, may ISLAM enemies make the VCD. People who has that skill can use scientific method to value the VCD pureness level.



Is there experience proof give evidence on that matter? You may have any experience met some ulema. Please try to recall it. Might you remember again some source which you can use to value any solat teaching.



Is there history proof give evidence on that matter?

You can refer any history about any author of solat book, about any content of solat teaching which you can make it relevant to any history for know what actually is it. History about publisher et cetera. History about who print the solat book. Is the people who print the book is the enemy of ISLAM?



Is there intelligence or mind or opinion that reasonable can give proof for that matter?

May you get this from people who younger than you, about solat!!



Are there anything proof objects which still safe from any misfortune incident such sabotage?

If you sure that you will not get pure source like original CD OR VCD or book about solat, you may avoid yourselves from use the source. How much falseness and wrong matter about solat teaching in that source? You have skill to know it???



Know about study by alone strategy which has good quality and improve it when still has ability to do it.

So, do as you still can. If you cannot having hope that only formal education is true or you are sure that DESTROY WITH indeed attack formal education and non-formal education, the weapon for help you is BETTER OR BEST ALONE STUDY !! So, you must make research about what method is reasonable and better to be ALONE STUDY METHOD so that you can make research about any source on solat with fair and exactly. ALONE STUDY METHOD is the sensor of the truth too.



Understand & often remember that assumptions are often untrue. Allah [GOD] said that most assumptions are not true.

So, if someone said to you that the solat source is not true, you may say: “PERHAPS” .



Repeat method which concerning data & information management if need by reasonable and sane repeat.

If you do this or use this DPK SENSOR, you may find anything wrong about your research on solat. When you found anything wrong, you need to make correction.



20=Scrupulous Islam teaching which can use for search the truth such  “SOLAT ISTIHARAH”.

If you are muslim, you may do solat istiharah to make choice what source should you believe or what content should you believe and what you should not believe. Do this after you make best and fair research about any source on solat.



Believe that DPK group probable still make mistake that is probable not find any truth yet because the group who have realization that had guarantee are they who get education from imam MAHDI in Mahdi governance era which will happen soon.

SO, if you suddenly found new source [ulema or book of solat or other] which better and indeed true, you have to delete your old confidence about solat.



If still not sure or what matter is true, who cheat or not, do not move from this dot of invisible junction that is have attitude not give support to any group or say “I DO NOT KNOW WHAT ACTUAL HAPPEN, I DEPEND TO ALLAH ABOUT THIS MATTER” However, you may use ROOT PROBLEM THEORY to resolve your problem about solat teaching!!



This image become Di Persimpangan Kutub Concept symbol? Slogan for DPK concept is Source Of Realization OR  Source Of General Realization!!!

This image become Di Persimpangan Kutub Concept symbol? Slogan for DPK concept is Source Of Realization OR Source Of General Realization



If still not sure what matter is true or who are not cheat and who are give wrong explanation, do not move from this dot of invisible junction that is have attitude not give support to any group or say ” I DO NOT KNOW WHAT ACTUAL HAPPEN, I DEPEND TO ALLAH ABOUT THIS MATTER”.

However, you might use theory of Root Problem to resolve any problem about SOLAT TEACHING.