What Is “Pencetus” In DPK Concept?- From Alone World

This post be a content of DPK concept or be “siratan awal” for DPK method. In DPK terminology, Pencetus is mean: “Anything which encourage, evocative [yang membangkitkan] feeling [perasaan, pendapat] & opinion, which show how to get any idea, method, especially or in special matter  concerning investigation about wrong or right, false or true any matter, on general realization” .

DPK concept in version 51% has 22 pencetus or sensor or method of DPK [=dpk METHOD]. Something interesting [ menarik] about pencetus  IS ITS siratan can or might in various content of DPK principles or at any source when the content be something relevant to any pencetus [=DPK sensor]. PENCETUS work as the guard of any content, as the sensor of the truth. You can know better  about DPK sensor if you like to click this below link:

This is a diagram of pencetus:




Information about this diagram is: ” First process in pencetus activity is search and choose source . The real meaning of source here is human being or something is not people such book. Second process is sieve or filter [menyaring] any content of the chosen source [sumber terpilih]. Pencetus investigate it, for get real truth. When DPK sensor investigate it, might some content of the source which indeed true be the sensor of the truth which show or give evidence that some content of pencetus never or did not true. So, in the diagram of pencetus, you can see has two process get number two. This mean, those process might happen at a same time. Not enough understand? Do not worry. I am going to explain more  with the below explanation: Example: Suppose that you treat this below content of pencetus as a truth: ” Mahdi is a new prophet which bring new teaching of ISLAM” But when you investigate one source which you believe its content  about Mahdi [because the content give strong and win evidence], you read that “MAHDI IS NOT A NEW PROPHET BUT A LAST TRUE CALIPH WHO BE GOD’S LOVER & He will conquer the world with ISLAM TEACHING WHICH PROPHET MUHAMMAD TEACH US”.  So, you delete your  wrong sensor [= “MAHDI IS A NEW PROPHET WHICH BRING NEW TEACHING OF ISLAM]. So, actually, happen this incident: You investigate the source with use your sensor of the truth but at the same time the source investigate your sensor and reason that you delete or destroy your wrong sensor!!!

THIRD PROCESS IS: Determine DPK source and their value of SNBP [Status of Can Believe Value]. The method of SNBP?=

1= Use  value of source level [SP1, SP2, SP3].  Number  at  SP1, SP2, SP3 show  percentage of SNBP for whole content of  any source, accordance [mengikut, selaras, bertepatan dengan] its “habit” which often happen. So, it is not impossible if  this happen, as  one example: One source [suppose it is BOOK A] in SP2 category but one content of its page is a true fact because has stronger evidence than evidence from one content of BOOK B which get SP1 value. But Book B is most true because most of its content has stronger evidence than BOOK A or because Book B indeed get SP1 value in most incident [=often]. But  when get any truth and put it to a new source, namely[ iaitu]  DPK source, DPK source be the most believe source. But DPK source cannot get SP1 title. WHY? DPK source is a unique sensor of the truth. Because DPK source will destroy what it believe when suddenly other source or other sensor of the truth give stronger and win evidence that show what it believe for long time is not true [ is not a truth] and however DPK source still be the sensor of the truth which can get better or most value [Status of Can Believe Value]. So, its level value is something can change to better value or not better value. So, we can said that DPK source has no level source  or it is special level source. SP1 IS THE MOST BELIEVE SOURCE. SP2 IS THE SECOND WHICH WE MORE BELIEVE IT THAN SP3. BUT DPK SOURCE IS SPECIAL.

2= For determine any SNBP for any source which in a same category [SP1 OR SP2 OR SP3 or Special level (DPK SOURCE) ], we can use these method as those example:

2.1= If source A [treat this is a source A] has many and better evidence than source B, source A get value as SNBP=1 AND SNBP for source B is 2.

2.2= If the author of Book C  has degree but the author of Book D has diploma only, we give priority [keutamaan] to Book C except DPK source avoid us to do it. Remember that when DPK sensor investigate or give value to any content of any source, it also  is mean : DPK concept or/and other DPK source help DPK sensor & Its siratan awal for investigate any source .

FOURTH PROCESS: A part of content of the source which DPK sensor investigate it might be the content of PENCETUS and: The source which DPK sensor investigate its content might at the same time investigate DPK sensor content or/and DPK concept or/and other DPK source. FIFTH PROCESS: DPK source put true fact only and this cause existence of new principle, concept, theory, siratan, scientific information etc. SIXTH PROCESS: Some part of those new existence might be the content of DPK sensor or might cause new DPK sensor existence!! SEVENTH /LAST PROCESS: Existence of new DPK sensor in other version such DPK version 52% [if exist]

EASIER TO GET HELL THAN TRY TO GET PARADISE. Oh my heart become more dirty everday although I prefer alone!!!

EASIER TO GET HELL THAN TRY TO GET PARADISE. Oh my heart become more dirty everday although I prefer alone!!! OH GOD PLEASE FORGIVE ME AND PLEASE LOVE ME!!!