“Alpaibaka” is a strange soul problem? –>”DPK 51%:=” in Kitaran Personaliti Theory!!!

I always angry to mum, so, God give alpaibaka to me so that I get sadness!!!

I always angry to mum, so, God give alpaibaka to me so that I get sadness!!!


First Riddle:

Sometimes ten touch it

Sometimes five touch it

Sometimes two touch it

Sometimes one touch it

What is this baby?

Second Riddle:

When it move from above to below, it be one thing

When it move from above to below, after that, from below to above, it be one thing also

When it move from above to below, after that, from below to above & after that be double from start, it be one thing also

What is that honey?


When it move, it become shorter

When it become shorter, it will not exist

When it not exist, will exist long again


The founder of Di Persimpangan Kutub movement found other soul problem in the research about mental and soul. This soul problem look strange and crazy. Alpaibaka is come from malay words namely “Alpa ibarat dipukau”. We might treat that people who get alpaibaka get pukau. What is “pukau?” Pukau is a malay word. Pukau is one method of sihir . Sihir is malay word, is mean sorcery.  Sorcery is stupid and illicit knowledge [illicit to practise] in ISLAM. ISLAM forbid it. Pukau is sihir method for make someone did not realize what they do. For the example, if sorcerer wants you give $1000000 to him without reason, the sorcerer will use pukau method so that you get pukau effect. When you got pukau effect, you will give $1 million to the sorcerer. Sorcerer also use pukau for make someone sleep. When you are sleeping, sorcerer enter to your home and steal anything he want.

However, Alpaibaka is not pukau or sihir effect although you might see someone who get alpaibaka look get pukau effect. In Kitaran Personaliti theory, Alpaibaka is mean:

” Realize what he/she will do or what he/she doing is something dangerous or  not useful but still hope that dangerous or not useful matter will not happen although his/her heart more believe that he/she might get bad effect if do it”.

Alpaibaka  is like crazy deed or very fool action. Could you give any example for Alpaibaka condition?

Now, I give you several sample for Alpaibaka:

1= Drive a car & collide an oil palm or one coconut at the road although has ability to avoid the car collide it.

2= Transfer your money to other account [not your account, but other people’s account] as a tax payment for money prize you got. Someone sent a message to your phone and told that your telephone number won and reason that you will get money prize but before that, you have to pay few money to someone account as a tax payment. You got a command for someone you never know who ask you pay the tax through ATM [Auto Teller Machine] of bank. Although your brain think that this might a cheat reason you did not see any logic why you can get the money and did not see any logic reason why people want give you money prize, but you direct do this stupid action because your soul got Alpaibaka.

Now, we want to know any sample which become factor for Alpaibaka:

1= Experience distress or get mishap or bad luck in very long time or  always got bad luck, when come something cause happy, who get alpaibaka make something for get what they think can give happiness although the matter is dangerous and have no any logic why the matter can give happiness.

2= Got many bad luck , when something dangerous come to him, he feel lazy to avoid the dangerous matter [ be due to got many bad luck] although he has ability to avoid it. He only hope such hope in Alpaibaka terminology.

3= Make many sin

4= Show anger to mum and show rude action when angry like snarl. Islam forbid we show rude action to mum. This is big sin. Our big sin to our mum cause we get Alpaibaka.


Eurati Is Like Your Last Faith Citadel in The Kitaran Personaliti Theory!!!



In human being’s body exist very high soul feel potential. By natural tendency this potential feel pleasure on many matter which GOD willing. It is said as high reason it encourage or has potential for make effort to feel pleasure or still feel many pleasure and various niceness . Exist kind and sin shape which can change the nice potential be opposite. Potential of very high soul feel OR its terminology as eurati/high  soul feel potential  become one of factor that encourage self niceness by feel that pleasure although already make many sin but exist sin that normally is big sin that when although just once deed or the eurati become eurati that evil, which like badness.

 Sample thus big sin is kill people, fornicate, rape, apostate, use sorcery, gamble, drink liquor, rob et cetera. Other than thus, bad luck such get prison for many year may cause evil eurati which unseen but see when out from prison.

 Exist source that told on the result for research concerning children who be rape victim will like to be thief. Is this also for loss on eurati  belong to the children? This may “branch effect of eurati loss” except if many bad effect, hence we call that as “big effect of eurati loss” or we only call as exist bad eurati.

When fornicate, that people will not feel pleasure for religious worship or do anything kindly. So, fornicate destroy nice eurati and be due to that thing, exist bad eurati. People who missing their nice eurati, normally very difficult to repent or to feel regret. Difficult to cry for make sin. Feel lazy  for religious worship or make anything nice because did not feel pleasure be due to big sin that destroy their nice eurati. They also feel themselves not useful more and this cause they obedient to their bad lust.

Eurati is short form from “Keupayaan rasa batin tinggi” .

I am the first creator for Di Persimpangan Kutub or version 51% for DPK as World First Star Pioneer, as the creator for the sensor of the truth.

Congratulation! You found secret link for know the answer for RIDDLE CODE 713 THAT IS: answer for first riddle is eye, second is egg, third is lizard




1= Stupid & ignorant. Study stupid and ignorant source.

2= Make something that cancelled you from be ISLAM people or apostate.

3= Never feel sad, regret and hate about your sin. Did not repent.

4= Did not make something nice, important and necessary immediately although you need make it immediately

5= Make something hastily [except on several matter that ISLAM permit we do it immediately]

6= In your mind, you always remember something illicit and not useful such porn image, porn video, porn article et cetera

7= Hear illicit music or illicit songs

8=See anything illicit which Islam forbid to see or watch it

9= You smell anything illicit which ISLAM forbid to sniff it

10= You beat someone although the person never make something wrong

11= You make illicit “BIDAAH”. Bidaah is anything creation which is not from pure ISLAM teaching and those thing are something wrong and illicit.

12=  You give priority to “SUNAT” matter and forget or neglect something you must do

13= You befriend with non-muslim people [=non-ISLAM people]

14= You give priority to any matter which is not more important to do first

15= You give priority to any matter which is not important and not necessary

16= You make your lives seem as game only such crazy about sport which waste your time

17= You are not honest people

18= You crazy about be famous

19= You hope people praise you. You also admire to yourselves such about your good deed or your good behaviour or your good manner. Admire whole of these can bring you to sin world.

20= You are snobbish

21= You are stingy

22= You like to make backbiting

23= You treat that one second is not very valuable

24= You have fierceness characteristic

25= You like to cheat and deceive

26= You are lazy person

27= You crazy about rest

28= You make perjury

29= You do betrayal

30= You neglect promise at time you have ability to do such you promise

31= You direct permanent do small sin

32= You like to defer need and important matter but when come the time, you defer and defer again

33= You fornicate

34= You hate marriage at the time you need marriage and eligible to marry

35= You did not obedient to your parent & make your parent angry to you

36= You masturbate

37= You gamble

38= You eat which illicit in ISLAM. You drink that illicit in Islam

39= You sing illicit song

40= You befriend with someone who evil or ignorant

41= You do many sleep. Crazy about sleep

42= You do many laugh

43= You like to make fool and illicit joke

44= You eat much food such greedy

45= You over sad

46= You over brave

47= You over frightened

48= You over mingle with human being

49= You neglect about cleanliness

50= You did not think something repeatedly

51= You neglect solat and lazy about it

52= You neglect zakat

53= You neglect fast [puasa]

54= You make decision hastily

55= You give cruel command

56= You think you are most clever

57= You think you are most strong

58= You think you have most good behaviour

59= Lazy to exercise and your posture always wrong

60= You obedient to cruel command

61= You did not cleanse your genital after urinate

62= You like to praise yourselves

63= You never patient

64= You never investigate about your faith value whether your faith value become higher or not, be stronger or be weaker

65= You never like to advise someone

66= You always forget something

67= You get bad curse

68= You never ask someone excuse you on your sin to them

69= You keep any information which is not useful to you in your brain and in your home

70= You keep any property which is not useful to you

71= You envy to someone

72= You never feel enough although GOD give richness to you

73= You greedy

74= You over sure

75= You over believe someone

76= You slander someone

77= You do  “RIBA”

78= You become pioneer in stupid and illicit matter

79= You kill someone although you cannot do it

80= You practise sorcery

81= You extravagant

82= You feel you get  or will get alive in long age

83= You neglect and forget about thing you dislike like death warning, health reminder et cetera

84= You marry someone who is not nice for you

85= You make research which impossible to get real information or you make research which actually waste your time

86= You crazy about explorer and errant

87= You over engross on something such entertainment

88= You get “ISTIDRAJ”

89= You affront someone

90= You never feel delicious when make something nice such pray and perform religious obligations

91= You advise someone but you never do such you advise

92= You torture your enemy although your enemy was surrender

93= You did not tidy something at your room or home or office

94= You kill dangerous animal although the animal never make sin to you

95= You run from any punishment which you should get it at the time you cannot get any forgiveness

96= You over make “nazar” which out of your ability

97= You neglect something that more must than other

98= You use wrong method in study something by alone

99= You only accept/agree any advice and opinion from your friend but you treat that whole advice and opinion from your enemy direct permanent wrong and bad