Important Note For DPK Blog Readers



This reminder is exist here by refer to whole older declaration/reminder for make it applicable/suitable with note on today, 9 february 2016:

“You may see any new continuation for any matter at this DPK blog. Some content or post may become trash [delete]. Any content which in >I< (refer to Declaration on 27 December 2015 if necessary), as any content of pre 51* may not use or may not use whole anti-sabotage link process. These content are not in DPK Clean Zone except these pre 51* can go to Real DPK Clean Zone (have prefect/whole anti-sabotage link process with newest secret reference for safety system which will view on the page/post). The reference will show the create date for that newest safety system and will show like this:

*….(=create date of system)=……….(=secret reference for safety system)* =Anti-sabotage link= DPK Clean Zone or as DPK Blog Cleanse Zone (DBCZ) or 51%* or 51*=DBRR (DPK Blog Rescuer Revolution).

Note: If has one star (*….), this is mean this is SDL (Sabotage Detector Link) in UZ (Unsafe Zone) or Ore (Old revolution) or is mean SDL in pre 51%* zone BUT if it has two star (*….*) like the sample above [*….=create date =….*], is mean this SDL is in real/true DBRR/DBCZ. The safety formula for DBCZ (pre 51* or real DBCZ) is still use method such in Declaration on 27 December 2015, that is:

Bi….+….etyme….–> c….anel–>#i@~+full….andant….–>mic…+psw….–>pd….–>hp….nter@scn–>web=pre 51% or real 51%*

The list matter or information which show anything that still not exist or still not finish is below:

1= Post which in category about Koran translation, Kutub al-Sittah, false and not authentic hadith –> still not exist (whole these post will become siratan in fourth DPK principle except if some of these more applicable become siratan for other DPK principle)

2=DPK blog filter process –> still not finish yet

3= Real DBCZ –> still not exist

4= Whole other information, click HERE


THE BIG REMINDER: If real DBCZ is already exist, this is mean that real Di Persimpangan Kutub concept in 51% version is already finish, complete and exist!!! “

List Of Not Finish &/@ not exist – Pen On Iceberg:



Pen On Iceberg:

Tarikh kemaskini/Update Date:

27 December 2015:







1-6=100 Disease + …. Chosen!

1-73= DPK Dictionary

1-74=Malay-English [Chosen]

1-75= English-Malay [Chosen]

1-76= Zikir Tarekat Dan Tatabahasa Arab

1-77= Malay-Arab Dictionary [chosen!]

3-5=[Recovery Page] Blok DPK [Sufi dan DPK]

4-3=Psikologi Dan Kaunseling?/ psychology and counselling




1=100 DPK Objective Question For you -Eerie Scream At Gorge Category [contain poem]

2= Bahaya Informasi Diri & Uji Deria Telinga Anda Di Sini – Lipur-lara waris tamingsari

3=Tergesa-gesa Makmal Koko /Hasty On Cocoa Lab – Tinta Emas 7 Samudera Category

4=Is Malaysia A Cowboy Country?- Last Death Angel Messenger Category

5=What is alua ya dina?- From Alone World

6=Can Us Treat SP1 As S1+? – From Alone World

7= Tujuh kategori di bawah tajuk besar From Pure/Original/Real Islam Source/Seven Categories under big title – From Pure/Original/Real Islam Source

8= Kategori “Hadis Destroy With…”/ “Hadith Of Destroy With…” [is mean Destroy With Hadith]

9= Answer For 100 DPK Objective Question For You – In Your Brain Seek Out [=SEEK OUT ANSWER FOR RIDDLE AT SECRET PLACE]

10= Nur AQLI Transparency As The Mind Of Kill Root Problem – In Your Brain Seek Out Category [seek out answer for riddle at secret place].

REMINDER NOTE: These list are not include any post & page which still not finish in translation work to English or to Malay or both of these. Any page or post which has symbol “E_/” is mean the translation work to English is already finish, “M_/” is mean the malay word or its translation is already finish. “EM_/” or “ME_/” is mean, both of those language are already finish on translation or writing. Exception[=e] which get symbol like “e>E_/” or “e>M_/” or “e>ME_/” or “e>EM_/” is mean the english translation work or/and malay writing or translation to malay is already finish although actually is not. This happen may reason I treat that full translation is not necessary. Exception is mean exception from full translation or from 100% finish. “M_/E><” is mean malay writing is finish but english is not finish yet. “E_/M><” is mean english writing is finish but malay word is not finish yet. So, you understand about symbol like E_/e>M” [= “e>M,E_/” = “E_/e>M><“], “EM><“[=”ME><“] et cetera. SEE ALSO THIS INFORMATION FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: annoucement about pre 51%* or >I<.


—— THE END ———-