This Is A True Story: CHAOTIC!!; Burning Biscuit Move Down With Comet!!!



One NASA astronaut eating chipsmore, his favourite biscuit while he watching direct broadcast of trial process at a court while he drive APRIL FOOL O, a spacecraft. He slack that broadcast and forgot that his aircraft is moving to a sun!!

Hulk Hogan menangis seperti bayi. “Hei Hogan, hentikan tangisanmu! Bukan engkau tidak pernah hisap PUTING susu ibumu!! Badan besar tetapi otak dan jiwamu terlalu lemah!!! Bayi babi itu marah sambil membeliakkan mata dan menunjuk jari dia ke lubang kanan hidung Hogan. Hulk Hogan crying like a baby. “Hey Hogan, stop your cry! Not you never suck your mum’s tit milk!! Big body but your brain and soul are too weak!!! The baby pig angry while it dilate eyes and its finger touch Hogan’s right nostril.

“Oh pig that never lawyer to help you, why you suck Hogan’s ugly anal?, Hogan lawyer ask. “Because I never go to school! I did not know that is a crime matter. My parent never tell that is a sin. I still baby. If human being’s baby will not treat do crime, why not me? A part of peoples who come to see the trial scream, ‘Wow! True, judicious your words pig!!”. Judge hit the table with a hammer. “Please silent! Lawyer, please talk more”.

“Indeed you never go to school but you know Hogan attempt to avoid your rape deed to him. Reason that, sure you know this is a sin. Sodomy is illicit”. The small pig laughter. “You are stupid lawyer. Your academic achievement need assessment again because actually you might not competent to be a lawyer. Not exist in bible. Also has not in act that pig will go to the jail if sodomy. Furthermore, I will not to hell. Reason I am a pig. ”



Sometimes Barrack Obama smile like this!?

Sometimes Barrack Obama smile like this!?

What type of Hogan is this? He is so weak until Cute baby pig sodomy his ugly anal???

What KIND of Hogan is this? He is so weak until Cute baby pig sodomy his ugly anal???

I sodomy you Hogan because I never go to school!?!?

I sodomy you Hogan because I never go to school!?!?

chipsmore biscuit

Yes you right. This is a Hogan's lawyer!

Yes you right. This is a Hogan’s lawyer!

This judge attempt to judge the trial in this court. He is 99 years old. Before retire, He said that he want suck his mum tit for one time only!!

This judge attempt to judge the trial in this court. He is 99 years old. Before retire, He said that he want suck his mum tit for one time only!!



The small pig is walking now in front of lawyer, judge and Hogan while its hand [= front left leg] held its left side waist and its right hand massage repeatedly its chin. Has a beard? Many peoples at the court scream for praise the pig. Judge hold the hammer but he cancelled his desire to knock the table when a man whistle for praise the pig. Reader did not know why? Make your sight nearer. Knew? A famous people in the world. Yes, Barrack Obama who whistle! President of USA! The lawyer be silent. Did not know to reply. He look at the judge. Hulk Hogan look confuse. He mop up his water eyes with handkerchief. Still exist a sound of mucous in his nose. Judge also be confuse. The silence condition at court. The pig look at whole peoples. Look at around it. Police who stand like a statue, not move in hours. Torture self? Barrack Obama whose face look always serious like Bruce Lee is now smile like Mr. Bean, felt astonish when look at the intelligent pig. Pig smile while it walk toward the judge. Pig massage repeatedly judge’s beard and say: “Did not know to make verdict? Let me be a judge. Listen everyone!!! Human being the cruel. Kill my community, kill my parent, my younger brother and sisters, my grandfather and grandmother and kill my lover!! Whole of you kill them, afterwards make ham burger, gelatin from pork, medicine from pig. Pig’s hair, you make brush. Pig’s dung you make fertilizer. You cheat muslims at whole parts of this world!! Party who had authority give non-illicit sign license actually eat bribe, not honest and deceive and make collusion with manufacturer for yield product contain part of pig!!! The judge reply, “Indeed we eat pork but no exist any law prohibit us to eat it”. Cute baby pig reply, “No happen bible prohibit it?” “I am not sure about that,”Judge replied. “It is not fair!! If you said like that, is mean I also never make something wrong when I sodomy Hulk Hogan because not exist any law and no happen bible prohibit me to do it!!”.

Judge, lawyer and Hogan be quiet, do not know what must to say. They have no any idea. They look like a statue, reason what pig said astonish them. So, their face like fool mr. Bean, now. Baby pig confident he will win in this trial. So, it say, “Obama, come here, please.” Obama come toward it. “You astonish me,”Obama praise the pig. “Really? Thanks!! If so, please you command the judge give his clothes to me and appoint me as the Highest Chief or Leader of Judge for United States Of America, now.” Barrack do like what pig ask him to do. The judge with shiver give the clothes he wear to the pig. Pig wear it and after that it run very fast to the judge’s chair. “Now, whole of you, with the permission from U.S President, be witness that I promise to be the best judge in the world, the most fair judge in this planet and God also be my witness.” Everyone except Hogan & lawyer clap their hand. “Thanks, please sit down, everyone. Now, as a new judge, I command the government of USA to pay in seven million dollar to Hulk Hogan reason I sodomy him and I will pay to USA government, my debt, seven million dollar when I has enough money to pay by instalment. And you, “ex-judge”, you still can work here as my assistant. Are you feel my command satify you? Hogan? “Ex-judge”? Lawyer? They nod repeatedly. “GOOD! THANKS!”, said the pig.

“I also command the government of USA TO DO THESE MATTER:

1= USA must stop bully any countries. Stop force other countries like MALAYSIA to agree with USA’s policy that is not fair. Stop force them accept DOLLAR as exchange money in the world business especially matter like petroleum. This make other countries be more poor or indigent because USA be stubborn, did not want to pay any tax to other countries in international trade. USA also still cruel because use military to force any countries and NAJIB, a prime minister of MALAYSIA so that destroy any block in their international trade policy. They make block to save their economy from robber like USA AND GREEDY PERSONS LIKE JEW TRADER. Jew colonize USA by become member of USA Parliament and they use World Bank to rob any countries by instalment which contain RIBA, the illicit matter and a very cruel matter. Real meaning of USA is United Satan of America!!!!

2= Let muslim women can wear jilbab or purdah, the clothes which cover whole of their body, face, hair, head and other parts except eyes.


Many peoples praise about the intelligent baby pig at this court!

Many peoples praise about the intelligent baby pig at this court!

Where is the comet move down? Guess you.

Where is the comet move down? Guess you.


At one iceberg, a lover couple enjoy their love while they saw a very fast comet move down toward arctic ocean. “Make our wish darling,” said the man to his beautiful lover. “Because the comet come here”. However, the beautiful woman did not make it. She use telescope and she scream, “OOOHHH MY GOD!!! This comet has shape like human being, like a man and I saw his anal emitted fire!! And something like burn chipsmore biscuit move down with burning fire near the comet!!!!

Bahaya Informasi Diri & Uji Deria Telinga Anda Di Sini By Lipur-lara Waris Tamingsari

Author Of This Article is The Symbol Of U'zlah

Author Of This Article is The Symbol Of U’zlah

Anda sedang menikmati secawan kopi radix keluaran HPA industries. Tiba-tiba Internet Phone anda berbunyi. “Asalamualaikum. Ini encik Zakarria ya?” “Ya, saya.” “Saya Soros Putin daripada Arab Malaysian Bank . Encik Riazakar ada membuat pinjaman peribadi AM bank sebanyak RM999999.99 dengan tempoh bayaran balik selama 25 tahun. Encik telah bersetuju menjadi penjamin….” ” Eh! Nanti dulu, saya tak kenallah orang yang bernama Riazakar ni! Saya tak ada jadi penjamin kepada sesiapa pun! Nak beli coli terpakai yang koyak-rabak untuk bini saya pun saya tak mampu. Tak akanlah saya gila nak jadi penjamin!! Awak ni menyamar jadi kakitangan bank AM bank ya?!!” “Sabar encik. Sabar.  Jangan marah. Saya memang staf AM bank. Saya telefon encik ni sebab pada borang permohonan pinjaman encik Riazakar ni ada tandatangan persetujuan encik untuk jadi penjamin.” “Bagaimana saya boleh sabar!? Orang yang bernama Riazakar ni dah tentu pembohong. Yang saya hairan daripada siapa dia dapat nombor telefon saya. Sudah tentu tandatangan di ruangan penjamin itu tandatangan yang direka sendiri oleh penipu ini!!! Awak jangan buang masa sayalah. Saya banyak kerja nak buat. Kalau awak telefon saya lagi, saya buat repot polis. Ada faham?” “Maafkan saya encik. Sekarang baru saya tahu hal yang sebenar. Saya akan beritahu pihak atasan AM bank. Nasib baik AM bank belum meluluskan pinjaman peribadi orang yang bernama Riazakar ni. Kalau lulus, mahu bangkrap AM bank dibuatnya.” “AM bank kena ambil tindakan mahkamah terhadap penipu ni sebab jika tak buat begini, dia akan pergi ke bank lain pula untuk buat pembohongan lagi. Bank Negara mestilah buat undang-undang mewajibkan penjamin dan peminjam datang bersama-sama ke bank untuk buat permohonan pinjaman. Jika tak buat begini, inilah yang terjadi. FAHAM!!??!!” “Ya,maafkan saya lagi. Pendapat encik memang sangat benar dan patut dipersetujui.” Lalu anda mengOFFkan IPhone anda.

PERHATIAN; Kisah yang seperti di atas pernah dialami oleh seseorang dalam  kisah yang benar= Orang itu tidak pernah jadi penjamin untuk orang yang buat pinjaman AM bank tetapi wanita (staf AM bank) itu banyak kali menelefon dia walaupun dia kata dia tak kenal orang yang dimaksudkannya. Dia kata kalau staf AM bank itu  telefon dia lagi, dia akan buat repot polis. Barulah staf itu tak telefon dia lagi . Terbaru, pada tahun 2013, mak dia pula jadi mangsa. Seorang lelaki yang mengatakan dia dari AM bank menelefon nombor telefon mak dia. Dia yang menjawab dan mengatakan tak kenal WANITA yang ada buat pinjaman bank itu dan ibu dia tak ada kaitan dengan WANITA  yang meminjam itu . Dia meminta nombor telefon ibu dia dikeluarkan dari computer AM bank dan staf bank yang menghubungi itu setuju. Ibu lelaki itu tidak pernah bekerja. Hanya suri rumah!!

Kesimpulan: Modus-operandi penjenayah, penipu ini sangat merbahaya. Mungkin juga ada pihak bank yang bersyubahat sebab hendak menyelamatkan bank yang hampir BANKRAP. Justeru segala maklumat anda haruslah sedaya-upaya anda jadikannya privasi walaupun anda fikir maklumat itu tidak mengapa terdedah. Jangan berikan maklumat seperti berikut kepada sesiapa pun kecuali terpaksa dan betul-betul perlu atau boleh:








Pihak polis, bank, insuran, Bank Negara, pembuat undang-undang, pusat pengajian , hospital, koperasi, kesatuan dan sebagainya haruslah mencari jalan untuk mencegah seseorang penjenayah menggunakan maklumat mangsanya untuk kepentingan nafsunya dan menyediakan hukuman yang berat. Orang ramai haruslah diberi kesedaran yang berterusan darihal bahaya ini.

Arab Malaysian Bank!!! Look at my nostril!! If you still contact me, I will exhibit my big vagina to all of you!! Then you will get fever in 99 days & 99 hours & 99 minutes & 99 seconds due to see my vagina OR you will not get fever but you will ask, "Why this vagina big?"!!!

Arab Malaysian Bank!!! Look at my nostril!! If you still contact me, I will exhibit my big vagina to all of you!! Then you will get fever in 99 days & 99 hours & 99 minutes & 99 seconds due to see my vagina OR you will not get fever but you will ask, “Why this vagina so big?”!!!

azan subuh Malaya